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Sequence of Play
« on: May 05, 2007, 07:47:54 AM »
Basic Sequence of Play

Check Conditional Orders: (if any conditions are met, immediately create the associated order at the top of the order list)

Movement Phase (This section repeats a number of times equal to the number of movement sub-pulses. This may just be one sub-pulse for the whole increment or many sub-pulses. If an event is generated during a sub-pulse, that becomes the last sub-pulse and the time for the increment is reduced accordingly)
- Fleets Move
- Fighter Groups Move
- Fighter Groups Reload (remaining rearm time is reduced)
- Monsters Move (including precursors)
- Missile Salvos move (including intercept, point blank point defence and damage allocation\planetary bombardment)
- Life pod Endurance Check (any lifepods that have exhausted their endurance are removed)
- Sensor Update (all sensors are checked for new contacts)
End of Movement Sub-pulses
Check Primary Special Orders (If a fleet has no move orders, its primary special orders are checked
Check Secondary Special Orders. (If a fleet still has no move orders, its secondary special orders are checked
Ion Storms are updated
Damage Control takes place

Fire Phase
- Weapons are recharged or reloaded
- Shields are recharged
- Point Defence in area mode is assigned targets
- Ships fire weapons
- Planets launch missiles
- Fighters launch missiles
- Combat results from energy weapons are applied
- Monsters (including precursors) fire weapons. Damage is applied as each monster fires
End of Fire Phase

Construction Cycle (This only takes place within an increment if a sufficient number of seconds has passed since the last Construction Cycle)
Worker Availability (The distribution of workers within all populations is checked and any shortages affect efficiency)
Population Growth
Orbital Motion
Comet Motion
System Failure Check (maintenance check for ships)
Mining Production
Harvester Production
Ordnance Production
Fighter Production
Installation Construction
Fuel Production
Ground Unit Training
Creation of Officers and Academy Graduates
Crew Grade Increase (due to commander training)
Monster Shipbuilding
Ruins Check (for new tech and exploitation)
Abandoned Installation Check (to see if any have been recovered by cybernetic teams)
Radiation Reduction (including Dust)
Ground Combat
Complete Sensor Check
Communication Check (for attempts to communicate)
Reduce Negotiation Modifiers
Check for loss of Commanders in accidents
Check for Commander medical problems
Check for increases in Commander attributes due to experience
Check for Inactive Research Facilities
Check for Low Fuel
Check for New Ion Storms
Check for Ion Damage to Populations
End of Construction Cycle
Update Time
Update Economics, Events and System Map if loaded.

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