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Brief Description of Mineral Uses
« on: May 30, 2007, 12:17:02 PM »
The minerals are as follows:

1) Duranium ? Most common ore and used to build factories, mines and ship structures.
2) Neutronium. Very dense material used for shipyards, advanced armors and kinetic weapons such as railguns or orbital bombardment systems
3) Corbomite. Used for advanced shields, stealth systems and electronic warfare systems
4) Tritanium. The primary material used in many missile technologies and in the construction of ordnance factories
5) Boronide. The primary material used in the construction of power systems and capacitors and also for the creation of Terraforming facilities
6) Sorium. Used for construction of jump drives and jump gates
7) Uridium. Used in sensors and fire control systems
8) Corundium. The primary material used in almost all energy weapons
9) Mercassium. Used for Research Facilities, life support systems and tractor beams
10) Vendarite. Used in the construction of fighters, fighter factories and fighter bases
11) Gallicite. Used in the construction of engines, including missile and fighter engines

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