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As it seems, Maharava is MIA. Since I know that many of us would like to continue or at least play a similar game, I've been in contact with Nightstar. And, while I'm handling the votes and signup, it it him that will play SM and play the game. So, basically:

The game will go on!

Currently, it looks like one turn of about a year per week, with combat done through chat and the game distributed through dropbox. The question is, which start should be taken? There are several options both for starting situation and player distribution. Those are the following:


* Earth centric: Basically 7 Dictators. A stronger earth connecting everyone, with Sol stronger than the others.
* Earth destroyed: 7 Dictators after I pushed the trigger. Earth is destroyed (radioactive) and all that remains are the colonies, connected through Sol.
* Sleeper Ships: Everyone starts separately in random systems, as sleeper ships sent out from earth. You do not know each other.
* Sleeper Ships II: Everyone starts separately in random systems, as sleeper ships sent out from earth. You do know each other, probably starting nearby, too.

* Everyone vs the SM: The SM takes a faction (like Earth), and we are all small colonies under his ruthless rule. For now...
* 4-6 factions: Basically as in 7 Dictators. Each faction run by two people to compensate absence, with possible Vice-Admirals/Whatever for other players.
* One faction per player: As many factions as players. Probably not going to happen because of the much, much higher load on the SM.
* Two factions: Each player's in one of two factions. That will probably end in war. See Empire/Rebels, Manticore/Haven, North/South or typical children's games.
Players signed up:
- me (3_14159)
- coco146
- kks
- Cripes almighty
- Panopticon
- Gidoran
- Admiral666 (Gidoran's subordinate)
- icecoldblood (not intercontinental ballistic missile)
- oldark
- Sublight

Voting closed now. Result: Destroyed Earth, 4-6 factions

Sure, I'd like to take part, sign me up.

Sign me up, too, please.

I like the Sleeper Ships scenario style if we do one/two players per faction(really different factions),
but the earth-colony start with one race would be suited best for an officier-RP game.

Cripes Amighty:
I'm still in this as well.

I'm in


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