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Earth. Our home. Birthplace of humanity. Suddenly destroyed in the first trans-newtonian war. Remnants fled to the surrounding systems, and built up their capabilities. Now the colonies are reaching back to the stars. Will it be a new golden age? Or another war?
Blah Blah. :) Six factions around a dead earth. Earth is irradiated and useless, but Sol is still wealthy.

The goal of the game is power. Either through war, or total diplomatic control. War is probably easier. Skirmishes, backstabbing, and total war encouraged.

The stars are pretty much even, though not identical. Don't worry too much, just pick the one with the name you like best.

Setup details:

No NPRs. No SS. Manually controlled precursors. The precursors will get some of my more fun designs, bwahaha. Precursors will be guarding caches of useful stuff, to say nothing of the potential tech gains. On the other hand, you might not be able to win. Pick your fights wisely.

Planets are 1 billion pop, normal stuff. You have a ten year supply of duranium to mine, other minerals are somewhat randomized. Shipyards look like so:

Six factions, six stars, with luck, twelve players.

Alpha Centauri. (Panopticon)
Barnards Star. (sublight)
Lalande. (coco146, second icecoldblood)
Proxima Centauri. (kks)
Sirius. (Gidoran, second admiral666)
Wolf. (3_14159, second Cripes almighty)

Signed up players without an assignment:
- oldark

Signups are still open by the way.

To claim a star, post here. Two to a star is fine! But whoever picks first is in charge.

Stars claimed! Need seconds! Team up with whoever you like.

Can you explain what you mean by including 40kRP of designs?

Small point - I'm with Gidoran!

By 40k RP, I mean like you'd use in instants to start your game.

I wish to give you all a trans-newtonian start with a decent amount of RP. I'd rather not assign it myself. Random gives sort of ridiculous stuff frequently. Giving you each separate research would unbalance things off the bat, because you'd trade it all. So, each star gets to choose 40k RP. Racial tech, armor, construction rate, engines, whatever. As an amusing bonus, this simulates a government pretty well. :p

Since we haven't assigned people to stars yet, and I need this before we go forward, the first people to give me a list of tech to put in get priority control of a star.

Never mind. Stupid idea. Forget it. Anyone who wants in, just post here and pick a star. Remember that two people to a star is fine. :)

I'll snag Alpha Centauri.


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