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So you're about to have editing access to the database. Before you screw anything up, lets get some things clear: If you make changes, and someone else starts making changes before you're done, one of you two is going to lose all their work. This is bad.
Don't edit while someone else is also editing.
To avoid this, there will be an empty text file.

When you start taking your turn, change the name of the text file to "[name] taking turn". This should make it very clear when not to start editing.

When you're done, change the name of the file to "Turn free", and mark the "turns taken" file. That'll simply be a text file to check to see who's done.

Get in chat while you're taking your turn. ( #7dictators) This makes you be in chat at least for a little while, it lets someone in a rush beg you for a quick turn, and more. Being in chat can prevent any screwups by itself!

Don't hog the database. Don't take more than a few hours for your turn. There will be at least six of you trying to get your orders in in a three day period, and some of you may not be very flexible about when you can take your turns.

I think that's it, and with any luck, we won't have any problems. :)

When you're done, switch the default race to " Empty"! Ctrl-R, return! If you don't, anyone will be able to see your stuff. You probably don't want that.


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