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Anything you can't do through the interface, you PM to me. Anything. You also need to set up basic standing orders. I'll try to get you in chat for major battles, but that can't happen for every little skirmish. Pi has a lovely sample of what this can look like:

--- Code: ---January 1, 1 FC,
Doctrine introduction for Capital sector.
From: Kepler, Alan. Lord Protector of Earth.
To: Subordinates over clearance Beta (Capital Sector), Admirals

I. Designations
a) Systems:
Systems will be designated in the following way:
- BLUE: System secured; Human population.
- GREEN: System secured;
- YELLOW: System not secured. No civilians allowed. All unknown systems are treated as YELLOW.
- RED: Enemy fleet in system. No civilians allowed.

b) Ships:
Ships will be designated depending on operational radius and size:
Independent With Fleet
Small: Corvette Frigate
Medium: Cruiser Destroyer
Big: Battlecruiser Battleship

II. Exploration
a) Exploration is done by grav- and geo-scouts in GREEN systems. YELLOW systems need to be explored by warship first to make sure no enemy is present in-system.

b) Exploring new JPs is done by a group of warships.

c) Contact with potential enemies or aliens: Initiate protocol PATHOGEN.

III. Contingency plans
a) Global Alert System, Defcon:
5: No danger: Standard peaceful operations. Pickets on jump points, PD active sensors on planets online. Refits and overhauls with higher frequency (All that are available are getting overhauled). Two reloads of ordnance in stores.
4: Low danger: Peaceful operation with dangers, like pirates or possible contacts due to unexplored systems. Refits and overhauls with normal frequency, at least one JPDefense Vessel deployed per jump point. Three reloads of ordnance in stores.
3: Medium danger: Contacts or stronger tensions. Produce four reloads. Refits and overhauls when necessary, but with keeping parts of the fleet in store.
2: High danger: Recall all survey vessels. Deploy forward scouts, recall all expeditionary forces where possible and not resulting in a weaker strategic position. Six reloads producing.
1: War: Recall all civilians. All battle fleets not on active operations return to their bases. Producing as much ordnance as possible.

b) Battle Plans:
- KEROSINE, TENURE, CIRCLET, POSITRON: Escalating attack protocols.
- PATHOGEN: Do not return to any known system, instead retreat to save systems. DO NOT RETURN TO HUMAN SYSTEMS! Wait for relief by battle groups.

c) Plans:
- Alien contact: Launch KEROSINE on the system to evaluate. Initiate PATHOGEN for the contacted ships
--- End code ---
Further things to plan for:
Tactics. What do you do in any given situation? In a battle, do you use all your AMMs as needed? Do you keep a reserve? Do you stop firing them if the enemy is targeting an unimportant ship? Who do you target first? When do your fighters launch? Do they stay nearby for point defense, or go forward immediately? What distance do you try to stay at? If they outrange you? If you outrange them? Do you want to try to lure enemies into a minefield? When do you try to retreat? Do you charge in after you run out of ASMs?

I'll make guesses if you don't specify something, but I won't do much in the way of tactical brilliance without specific orders. I know what ships of both sides of the battle look like, so I have a hard time making unbiased decisions. So to be fair I won't do anything complex on my own. Happily, much of the combat in aurora in simple enough that even AI doesn't really screw it up.

Player conflict. Plans or some sort of response to inevitable betrayals would be a good idea. Detailed plans for defense of your home system would be an excellent idea. I'll generally assume that when warships jump into your home system, you want them destroyed. If you want otherwise, telling me may be a good idea.

Survey ships getting blown up by unknown forces. It'll happen sooner or later.

Etc. etc. Stuff happens. Again, I'll make simple guesses at what you'd do if I have no orders (like not sending any more survey ships to get destroyed), but anything interesting (like 'start dropping mines on my homeworld if an enemy fleet makes it past the JP') is up to you.


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