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None of this should be news to any of you, but some bits of advice:

Your main crunch will be money. Be careful where it goes.

Trade trade trade. Tech, minerals, information, trade goods, whatever. You'll regret it if you don't.

Be careful when making a new design. This bug seems to be popping up a lot. Restart aurora to fix it.

Duranium is going to be very scarce in about a decade. Try not to get caught by surprise.

I shared the folder with the emails you gave me, tell me if there's any problems. I'll be PMing you your passwords in a couple minutes.

You have a week to get your first orders in.

Good luck, have fun!

What rules/restrictions are there on trading?
For example, I imagine that we will need cargo ships to physically travel to a destination to exchange minerals/facilities, but are there any similar restrictions on information/tech?

Courier vessels I imagine, ooh I wonder if that means we could potentially intercept tech transfers.

FTL comms are assumed out of simplicity in this game. I had not planned for any restrictions on tech/info trading.

That said, requiring a transport ship for such trades is a wonderful recipe for conflict and betrayal, and makes trades a little more dangerous. I love it. Does anyone have an objection to needing courier ships to trade tech? (Possibly an entire fleet for valuable tech...)

I like the idea of couriers for both techs and teams


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