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I thought I would start a thread here to talk about my Astra Imperia game for those reading it. I would love to answer questions or hear what people have to say about it. I am really big on feedback as an author and on top of that I would love to see interest in Astra Imperia go up and have other people writing AI Fiction. So consider this an open forum to talk about my story.

I'm still waiting for Erik to finish the AI Aide,  too many games of Starfire before I discovered Steves work have made me reluctant without electronic aides  ;)

I'd like to see some more of your AAR's though,  it was very interesting


Erik L:
I'm still waiting for that lazy bum to finish it also. lol

The current version generates systems and races.

My Astra Imperia is still going, I just don't have as much time as I'd like to do the game and write it up and still do other things too. I have a job where I have 12 hour shifts. I am glad you like my AAR, can I ask which parts you like the most?

As for the aide, I have found that practice has cut down the time a lot. Though if Erik would upload the newest version that would be such a boon for everyone. Generating systems is what takes the longest by far.

Erik L:
I'll make a new install tonight and upload it.


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