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To all:

I have completed all my video tutorials and have posted them on YouTube.  It's been a hell of a journey for me.  They're up, they're Spartan, not edited, not fancy.  They're not even pretty, let alone beautiful, but they get the job done.  All the way done--which is what I set out to do.

I'm exhausted now.  I have a midterm tomorrow for which I'm not even close to prepared.  I didn't want to waste anytime getting them up though, most of us have seen what happens when we wait around and let things lapse.  They get forgotten, they get abandoned.  That was my fear: that these videos get abandoned, left to waste in the unhelpful "unfinished" category.  But I also wanted to be quick about things, give the bare bones to spark an appetite.  

Will I make more? Maybe, sure.  Did I have plans to do so? Yeah, a few small things I wish I had gotten to, but these tutorials are enough to get you the answer you need for those things I did not cover, even if I didn't touch on it expressly.

Thus ends a goal I have had since 2012.  There are 6 hours of tutorials: each I tried to keep between 10-15 minutes long, some more or less than that goal.  Each has a plain title, and I delve into everything that I do, while sometimes glossing over my reasons with "um. . . educational purposes. " There are 30 videos plus one quickly showing this website.

I am a better writer than speaker (as will become apparent from watching), but I realize that seeing *how* something is done is better than reading it.  That's why I did these videos, that, and a few other reasons.  First, I wish I had these videos when I was learning this game.  Second, I wanted to be a part of the game; I wanted to contribute to her.  This contribution, albeit small, I hope pays dividends in the future for the game.

My last reason for these videos? To show Steve my deepest, most sincere gratitude for a game so beautiful.  Thank you.  I hope you continue on the march towards perfecting Aurora, and I hope these videos attract or maintain players that this game wouldn't otherwise have.

I hope you all enjoy my videos.  Or at least find them helpful: that's all I ever wanted.  


skimmed a few so far, looks pretty cool :)

Thanks, DeadlyShoe, you were not only an inspiration, but your tutorials long ago taught me to play the game. I offer my humble gratitude.

#31 also gives you a mention, by the way

I wanted to wait for 6.4 before giving Aurora some more of my time, but I think you just convinced me to start a new campaign, and have a look at your tutorials while waiting for "end of turn".
Good job.

Andrea, I hope you enjoy them, and I hope they work for you! But I hope you don't have to watch my tutorials for too long while waiting!

DeadlyShoe, Andrea, and really everyone else in the community: if I misstate anything, or screw up some information, let me know so I can get an annotation up.


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