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In the late 21st Century and the early 22nd Century the North American Federation, Russia, the Middle Kingdom, and the Pacific Federation started colonization and terraforming of several celestial bodies. The main settlements became Mars for the NAF; Cheron, a moon of Pluto, for Russia; the Chinese settled Europa around Jupiter; and an ANZAC and Japano-Korean colony program settled Prometheus one of Saturn’s moons.

Human civilization on Earth began its final chapter in 2157 when the Republic of Africa took most of Africa from the Saharan Commonwealth. After that first major offensive the two powers skirmished for three years before the Commonwealth of Greater Europe decided to aid the Commonwealth possibly out of a desire to keep the factions too weak to be a threat. By 2163 Saharan and European forces had retaken most of the Commonwealth’s old territory back and started deep attacks into the Republic of Africa’s homeland.

The next year marked another change in the war as the Middle Kingdom joined the war on the side of the Republic of Africa making Russia a battleground as both sides did everything they could to avoid the nuclear wasteland that was the Middle East. Superior numbers meant that the Chinese forces wintered just inside the border of Poland and the Commonwealth of Greater Europe invoked the NATO pact having the North American Federation and the Pacific Federation join the war that was now spiraling out of control.

The Republica de Bolivar is eventually drawn into the war on the side of the Republic of Africa and its largest contribution was the Antarctic Campaign where South American forces fought an increasingly large and bitter fight against Australian forces after the Australians attempted to cross Antarctica to set up secret forward air bases to attack Southern South America and Southern Africa.

All nations agreed that the colonies were off limits regarding military action but the war did make it harder and harder for the nations to first keep up terraforming and then to even supply their colonies.

In 2179 the Middle Kingdom used limited nuclear strikes against Soul, Pyongyang, Kyoto, Kochi, Darwin, and Java. The Pacific Federation retaliated immediately destroying Nanjing, Beijing, Taipei, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hanoi, the Three Gorges Dam, Phom Penh, Dhaka, and Nagpur.

Soon after that a small convoy of ships is launched from deep in the Amazon and travels out to Uranus before engaging primitive FTL drives. By 2182 two more launches have happened, one from France and one from deep in the Sahara. After those launches Earth starts going dark and by 2190 all communications and lights have gone dark. As for as everyone on the colonies know they are the last humans alive and they all enter a dark age as the lack of supplies and self sufficiency causes technology to start failing. The four major colonies come out of the dark ages in the late 2200s and start surpassing Earth technology in limited ways while still being behind in others.

It is now the dawn of the 24th Century and as it begins each major power has started building defensive installations and ships to defend themselves from each other. Will the colonies see each other as the last remaining vestiges of Humanity or did the wounds of World War IV cut too deeply to be overcome?

[ooc]I will be giving each of the players more information a little later today to firm up how each of you stand and give some more information that only your faction knows. [/ooc]