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Upcoming "Grand Strategy" real-time Space 4x game by Paradox Interactive:

And it's released, and top seller on Steam:

Played it all night last night and it's basically RTS Civ5 in Space with a touch of light RPG. Wonderful music and atmosphere + fun early game at least.

Coolest feature so far is probably that it looks like you can never colonize all planets with you main species, so you either need to capture/enslave aliens, Genetically engineer your species or develop robots that can live everywhere and eat energy instead of food...

Seems they managed to cover almost all Sci-Fi tropes :)

Erik L:
The custom racial creation is pretty cool. Fairly in-depth too.

I somehow limited myself to only 5 planets to start, which is nearly crippling when the 29 other races are not so limited.

You can only govern 5 planets directly, for the otehrs you need to create sectors witha governor. Defence is still your concern, but the civilian stuff is done by the sector.

Erik L:
Hmm. now I need to figure out how to create a sector....


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