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Teaser for Unification of Earth campaign


Some teasers for my Unification of Earth campaign,  otherwise known as jamming 11 BIG empires on a single planet in a game that at the time had no rules for multi-empires on a single planet!

a quick list of the factions;

Commonwealth of Nations (COM) Pretty much the entire commonwealth, less India, Canada and Pakistan
Confederation of African States (C.A.S.) Most of Africa, less the Commonwealth countries, but including Libya
Empire of Japan (JAP) Japan
European Union (E.U.) Mostly the current EU, without the UK but including Ukraine
Islamic Caliphate (I.C.) Most of the Middle East, excluding Israel, Palestine and Libya, but including Indonesia and Pakistan
North American Union (N.A.U.) the US, Canada and Mexico
Reborn Empire of China  (CHN) China
Republic of India  (R.I.) India
Russian Federation (R.F.) Russian Federation
South American Confederation (Confederación Sudamericana) (C.S.) Brazil, Peru, Argentina
Unified Republic of Korea (KOR) all of Korea as a single entity


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