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Erik L:
Have at it.

Conditional orders/conditions. Condition; No Orders, Cannot Complete Primary/Secondary Order. Order; Land at Mothership, Transit Nearest Unexplored JP (Nearest unex JP with JG).

*Moved from v6.X suggestion thread.

Since larger compressed fuel storage systems have recently been added, what about also adding smaller versions (ie small, tiny compressed fuel storage) for use on fighters?

Option to randomly select a name from a list instead of going in list order.

Theres many suggestions in the old thread I would love implemented, however the first new one is related to the system image pack I'm working on. I would like asteroid and comet images to be randomly selected from a pool like the other types, perhaps anything named ast1, ast2, ast3, etc.
And then theres a problem with the default images for the solar system, most glaringly obvious is I don't see an image for the moon and also that titan uses the same image as mars, several other planets use incorrect images, or even lower quality correct images than others already in the pack. And finally there's inconsistent use of what I think the default naming scheme is.
I have noticed that in random systems moons listed as chunk use the aXX.jpg, and non ideal terrestrial bodies and dwarf planets use the bXX.jpeg series, but in the solar system many terrestrial planets use the aXX images. This is a problem because in real life the 'chunk' bodies are generally either lumpy rock and ice bodies that haven't managed to become spherical or generally if they're larger than 1000 kilometers like the larger dwarf and terrestrial bodies theyre spherical, this applies to asteroids too, just take a look at vesta or ceres. So when my image pack puts pictures of asteroids and small moons as aXX.jpg several larger bodies in sol end up with images of smaller bodies. also i should note that there is no visual difference between 'chunk' moons and asteroids so perhaps asteroids should use thalle aXX.jpg series anyway.
Actually I notice a wide diameter range between chunk bodies and asteroids, perhaps any of these under 1000 kilometers should use the astXX.jpg lumpy images and the larger ones should use the aXX.jpg which would be the rounder but still dead grey bodies.

 I suppose I'm suggesting a complete overhaul of the images for the solar system so that at least the large terrestrial bodies everyone colonize will have the correct images, and that everything else could just have generic placeholder images.
I'm prepared to make such a pack myself if it will be integrated into a future version. Or at least I could suggest how the current images could be used more effectively.


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