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Race name:

Willpower: 25
Arrogance: 40
Aggressiveness: 74
Xenophobia: 77
Tainted Atmosphere: Oxygen
Free Spirit
Increased Base Grade Crack

The government for the Argonaks is a national representative government with the following bonuses of +25% research, -30% espionage, +10% combat, +40% tax. The maximum tax rate is 65%.

The Argonaks are a reptillian species, and they stand around 1.4 meters tall. They have several scale colors, Green, Red, Muddy Brown, and Blue. The Argonakis are a militant race with a long history of military conflicts with each other.
Starting techs:
Physics 1, Chemistry 1, Construction 1, Electronics 1, Fission 1, Fission 2, Shield 1, Shield 2, FTL 1, Inertial Comp 1, Inertial Comp 2, Engine 1, Engine 2, Sensor 1, Sensor 2, Science Instrument 1, Science Instrument 2, Laser 1, Laser 2, Laser ROF 2, Laser Frequency 2 with 200 leftover

Erik L:
Just going to point out that you need to buy FTL I, II, and III to get FTL IV... And so on with the other techs :)

Ohhh, ok. That makes much more sense, I thought that was a lot of RP.


--- Code: ---Elver Picket 685 tons 3845 BP cost
FTL 1 150 Tons Jump Delay 5 turns, BP cost 15, insertion power: 50
Standard Nuclear Pulse Engine 45 power per 1000 tons per thrust, 325 tons, BP 1200
Basic Fission(10) 400 power, 100 tons, 2000 BP cost
Class 2 Sensors, 20 channels,  active sig 40, passive sig 10, standard resolution 50M
5 PD 5 CM aperture, MID-Infrared, ROF 1 per turn. power use 15 if all used at once, cost 150 BP, 45 tons
3 25 CM aperture, MID-Infrared, ROF 1 per turn. power use 24 if all used at once, cost 450 BP, 45 tons
2 beta shields, EM protection 6, Thermal protection 14, kinetic protection 10, collapse 45, regen 5, sig 12, cost 30 BP, 20 tons
--- End code ---

So did I do this correctly, I think its kind of small for the amount of stuff on it.

Erik L:
I think your power plant calcs are off. I've got a cold at the moment, so the brain isn't fully operational. @boggo2300 Wanna check this over? :)


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