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Game FAQ (Updated 4/5/16)


Welcome to the FAQ of the "Race to the Stars" Game.

1.  How is this community game played.

I (Drgong) will run the game on my PC.   I will take instructions (both detailed and general) from the teams and put them into the game.   I will then Run the game till a major event happens that needs one of the teams attentions.

2.  How many teams are in the game?

There are three teams.    One is the Free State Alliance.  This team is operated by myself (Drgong).   In addition, there are two teams run by posters on the forum.

Team 1 - Russians - for now called the "Russian Confederation"  as of 4/5/16
Team 2 - North America Union

3.  Can I join one of the teams.

Yes, you can join team 1 or 2.   We will love to have players to play.  You will also be assigned a person in your team Administration, Military, or science establishment.  This is to help role play as you might be the commander of a flagship, or some small sensor platform in the deep void. 

4. Do I know how to play Aurora?   

No, there is a range of experienced players to newbies.   Even if you never played there will be roles for those who play.  As there will be Role playing aspects ranging from policy to diplomacy?

5.  How do teams make choices?

As long as the teams have  less then five players, each team member will have a vote.

Once teams exceed five players, a council of 5 will make the final choices, However if the team decides to do some other way of handling choices that will be fine.  I am setting up the council of 5 more to provide a baseline then as a requirement.

6.  What will be the pace of the game.

community Aurora games are not fast.   Even if it takes a week to finalize a choice it will take a while to play.   In addition, one team may have their order in but the other team does not, the game will wait within reason (1-week max) for both teams to make choices.

In addition, teams can stagger orders or make standing orders to handle cases to allow a speedup of the game.  (For example, after X technology research is finished, start researching Y technology with Z number of research facilities.   Or "Once X research is complete pause so we can make a choice" are all simple standing orders.   

7.  What will be the game start.

800 million population, 25 research labs with a conventional start.  .    In addition each empire will be given 2 shipyards (one naval, one conventional), have 2 Military academies, and 200 mines (180 normal and 20 automines) to speed up production.    The Empires will be able to talk to each other at the start of the game.

8.  Will you alter the solar system?

Earth will be given sizable boost in resources.  In addition, since the early game will be in the solar system, I may or may not have a surprise or two in system.   

9. Do you want Role playing to happen?

Yes!   In fact I plan to have the empires be giving small boosts (Such as additional conventional industry) for good play.   I want this to be fun.   In addition, since all three sides are human players, you can try to hammer out treaties with the powers.   

10.  What is the background.

The year is 2100 - the World is split between 3 major powers.  Russia, North American Union, and The Free State Alliance.   They are locked in a cold war.   In addition there are a number of countries who are unaligned (off screen).  Trans-Newtonian technology has just been discovered, and in a stroke of madness, the information was transmitted to all three major powers, who now must start a crash course to reach the planets, and later stars.

(Histories of the three powers I will allow the teams to write)

11. How will we keep team information private. 

Anything posted on the forum is public.  If a thread is listed as a Team only thread, players are under their honor to not look(Which also means I as the game runner will not look, as I am running a team).   In addition, if you have some information that do do want private, feel free to use the messaging, of if it information to your team, let me know to privately message you.

Anything posted in the non-team threads, or "press releases" and the like are fair game for the other team to read.   Of course, the teams will be able to collect information by spies and sensors...

(Added 4/5/16)
12.  Why prevents one side from launching a massive land war.

First off, each side will start with a number of ICBMs, enough to devastate the earth and make it a quick game.
In addition, for entertainment reasons, there will be a hard-fast treaty that no major land war will take place prior to Jan 1, 2110.   (10 years game time) this should allow for normal development and also give everyone enough time to get ready.   Of course, by then everyone will be well armed and it won't be a good idea to invade, just that it will be allowed. 

Oof, recording the podcast tonight but I'll try to jump on when it's over. Problem is that last time we did podcast and a game night, by the time I got online it was all over with. 2 minute chumps.


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