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  In the morning I will PM each of the teams screenshots from their empires.

By the 4/13 (1 week from today or 6 days from today, depending on timezone) I would like if the teams have figured out their own organization, figured out background material, decided on any special rules such as Espionage.

And which point the game will start on 4/13.   We will aim for at least 1 time a week on Wednesday/Thursday for me to run a turn. 

That means I am hoping and asking all the teams to submit the research orders. manufacturing orders, training orders, and so on by 4/20.   If the teams give staggered orders (Such as research X, then research Y) the turn will last longer.

In addition, I may stop it if something important happens (Like a launching of a ship, or if a team says for example "Stop the game when the ship reaches Io, and then broadcast this message" for RP reasons.

Happy weekend to all.

5 days till orders are due. 

North American Union turn has been submitted.
As soon as the Russian Confederation turn is submitted I will run turn 1.

One more proof that democracy trumps whatever the Ruskies have.

Even though we aren't democrats, I can bet you that we are better at this democracy thing than you are. ;)


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