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This thread is for entries of PUBLIC information.  This is for new players, people following the game, and to help the Admin know what is public info so it doesn't leak something he knows by being the admin in a role-playing thread.

Information can also be submitted in this thread

and I will source it accordingly,   If this gets big enough, I will make it into a file and put it on Dropbox or something.

For now there will be the following subcategories.  I might make more later.

Agreements and Treaties:
People of Note:

4/9/16 - Created
4/10/16 - FSA entry
4/17/16 - Russian Entry
4/21/16 - Added VSS Fajr entry
4/27/16 - Added place entry for  Vostochny launch pad
5/13/16 - Updated ships entry
5/14/16 - Updated Treaty to include UN registration treaty
5/17/16 - added Hathor MK 1 entry, updated UN registration Treaty.
5/24/16 - added Constitution of the North American Union, FSA
7/7/16 - updated Ships and equipment, updated persons, Updated events
7/18/16 - Updated ships and equipment with specs
7/21/16 - Updated Ships
8/4/16 - updated ships
8/9/16 - Updated Ships
8/19/16 - Updated ships, colonies
9/5/16 - Updated claims, ships
1/10/17 - Updated claims

Agreements and Treaties:

Free State Alliance constitution

--- Quote ---The FSA consists of it member nations, who have their own local government systems.   All matters of defense, foreign relations, capital regulations, trade, international arbitration, and research are handled by the FSA.

The FSA governing body consists of three organizations.

Ruling council:

Consisting of the Primer Minister, Head of the Army, Head of the Navy, Secretary of State, and all other cabinet ministers appointed by the Prime Minister.  They carry out the day to day running of the government.  By tradition, the Deputy Attache to the UN (Zambia) speaks for the FSA at the UN.

Lower house (Volksraad)
Consisting of one seat for every 4 million citizens, with a minimum of 200 seats.

Elections are held every four (4) years, unless a prime minister calls a snap election.   A new census is held at each 2nd election or when a world achieves the ability to vote for the volksraad.   Each world has it own vote, and seats are allocated proportionally.   A Prime Minister is named by the majority of the Volksraad.   A party must gain 2% of the vote to be seated.   All seats that remain due to parties not meeting the threshold and the handful of seats that cannot be equably divided go to the party with the highest vote total.   

Upper House (Senate)
Senators are named for life.   There are 20 non-partisan senators, and then at the end of each year new senators are nominated.   For every percent of voting, a party gains one point of "goodwill" at the end of the year.   When a party gains 20 points, they get to use it to name a senator.   (I check twice a year for senators to pass on, thus limiting the senate to 99 members  except for short term overruns.)

Who does what?
Ruling council makes day to day choices
Laws must pass the lower and upper houses. 
Treaties are signed by the Prime minister, and ratified by the senate.

Upon reaching 1 million persons, a colony achieves self rule, and can have local elections (simple 200 seat assembly)
upon reaching 4 million persons, a colony obtains a seat in the Volksraad.  These seats are allocated by the vote inside the colony. 

--- End quote ---

Constitution of the North American Union. is as follows.

--- Quote ---Constitution of the North American Union
Enacted 1st of August, 2077

Article 1: Congress

1.1 The NAU is a parliamentary republic. Congress holds the final say in all matters of the state.

1.2 Congress may, as it wishes, delegate part of its authority.

1.3 All decisions of Congress are taken by simple majority vote, with the exception of amendment to the Constitution or indictment of a President, which require a supermajority of two thirds of the entire Congress.

1.4 All votes shall last at minimum until one of the following three conditions has been met:

* the proposal has been approved by a majority of all members of Congress,
* the proposal has been rejected by a majority of all members of Congress, or
* twenty-four hours have passed.
1.5 A member putting a matter to the vote must label the vote with a short, descriptive, unique name. Voting is by adding your name to a codeblock, which MUST NOT be enclosed within a quote, and should include the name of the vote, the option(s) that have been voted for, the names of all previous voters associated with what they voted for, and your name.

Article 2: The Presidency

2.1 The President is the representative of the nation. However, he does not exercise executive authority unless that authority is specifically granted by Congress.

2.2 The President is elected by Congress for a ten year term. There is no term limit. The President may be dismissed from that post at any time by a supermajority vote of Congress.

2.3 When a Congressional vote is a tie, the President's vote is decisive.

2.4 The President must nominate a vice-President. If the President dies or is incapacitated (is absent from the game), the vice-President will replace him and complete the term. When a tie needs to be resolved and the President didn't cast a vote, the vice-president's vote breaks the tie.

   * * *

Explanatory note:
It is useful for votes to be visually set apart from debate, but in this forum software quotes cannot be quoted. Therefore we will use codeblocks instead. The markup for this is [ code]Vote name - name of supporter, name of supporter[/ code].

e.g. This is a valid vote.

--- Code: (This would be a valid vote) ---Amended Constitution
Aye: DIT_grue
--- End code ---

This is also a valid vote.

--- Code: ---(Grand Strategy) Isolationism:
(Grand Strategy) Balance-of-Power: DIT_grue
(Grand Strategy) Primacy:
(Grand Strategy) Chaos:
--- End code ---


A Bill to create the position of Ambassadors

--- Code: ---In order to facilitate negotiations with foreign power, Congress can appoint three ambassadors (to the FSA, to the RUS and to Non-Aligned Countries).
The Ambassador try to foster good relation with the nation he is appointed in, and negotiate treaties within the limit of what Congress decided.
If necessary, a single Congressman may be appointed to several Ambassadorship.
--- End code ---

Current Posting:
President: Point-Rouge (Red Dot)
Vice-President: Jonathan von Sheb (Sheb)

Ambassador to the RC: KKS
Ambassador to the FSA and non-aligned states: Jonathan von Sheb (Sheb)

Director of Intelligence (Also a fluff position): FrederickAlexander
--- End quote ---

Outer Space Treaty - Summary is at

Treaty of Réunion   After the Réunion crisis of 2097, the three major world powers agreed to not move major land forces on earth till 2110.   However it does not prohibit construction of new units or placing them outside of Earth.  It can be extended if all powers agree.   It currently expires on January 1, 2110.   It is a de facto cease fire.  (Game note: it is the only treaty that the admin will enforce.)

UN registration Treaty

--- Quote ----That clarity on what is being launched is essential to maintain the peace
-That national means of detection means that launches can be detected by other nations.
-That A UN registry of ships and probes shall be established.   The Registry shall list a Name/Hull number, and a general use (Such as but not limited to commercial, logistic, military, observation, cargo, liner).  In addition, the registrar of the vessel can add additional information if they see fit.   
--- End quote ---

Signed and ratified by: FSA, NAU, RUS, Non-aligned powers

United Nations Revised Treaty - Eliminated much of the existing UN structure.  The UN was moved to Geneva from New York.  The main goal of the UN is to provide a place for countries to speak and host peace conferences. 


Réunion crisis:  In January 2097 the Island of Réunion suffered a coup attempt for a number of factors.   The new junta requested that the Free State Alliance place troops to prevent France, Russian Confederation, or the North American Union from intervening.   North American Union and the Russian Confederation denounced this action as a attempt by the Free State Alliance to overthrow the legitimate government of  Réunion and take over the nation.  The Russian confederation moved troops to the the Iran's border (a FSA member state), and the North American Union ordered a quarantine of the island, not allowing FSA troops to land on  Réunion.    In addition, the increased military activity caused Russia and the NAU to increase flights over the north pole.

The world watched as a crisis that some viewed as the most dangerous crisis since the Cuban Missile Crisis came to a conclusion.   There are unconfirmed reports that on March 11, 2097 there was a "incidents" at the quarantine line and on the Russian/Iranian borders. In addition, it is known that a NAU fighter and Russian confederation bomber collided 500 miles north of Norway.  All on board were lost.  The next day the governments of all three major powers met at the UN and agreed to a ceasefire.   Troops would withdraw to not have more incidents, the Island citizens would have a vote to determine government, and no military forces would be allowed on the island.  The troop rules remain in effect till 2110.    The crisis re-established the UN as a major force for diplomatic efforts.

Peacekeeper Crisis - A 2101 attempt by the NAU to remove the nuclear weapons of the Russian confederation by the means of a Meson armed PDC.   This proved to be a major diplomatic crisis as nations reacted to the events.   It caused the fall of the then current NAU government, and damaged relations between the FSA and NAU to near Reunion levels after the FSA threatened the NAU with previously undisclosed TNICBMs to force a diplomatic situation.

The result was damage to FSA/NAU relations, a arms race as each power began to build TNICBMs in earnest, and closer rapprochement between the FSA and Russian Confederation.  The NAU government fell, and the FSA National Front lost a majority in the lower house in elections soon after.   It is rumored that in Russia, Jr. officers took command as the then current offical Russian leadership "froze".


Factions and Organizations:

Free State Alliance (FSA):  One of the three major powers in the world in 2100.  In 2067 when South Africans, tired of the corrupt rule of Zuma the III, overthrew their government and a Afrikaans speaking party took control.   Weeding corruption by the roots, other nations took notice.  in 2070 Botswana and Namibia joined with the pariah state of Rhodesia-Zimbabwe in asking for South African aid.   The Free State Alliance was born.   More nations joined the Alliance over the years (Zambia (2072), Mozambique (2073), Angola and Tanzania  (2075), The Rift Valley States (2076), African Mandate territories (2077), and Greater Nigeria and Kenya (2080)).   In each of these nations, tough anti-corruption laws, education reform, and capital and technology carried out something that the world never expected.  It unlocked the potential of Africa.  This Alliance is far from perfect, as many feel uncomfortable with its limited suffrage, song linkage of religion and state, and paternalistic view.   It's expansion into the Horn of Africa and Iran in 2092 was met with major concern, as it put the FSA on the border of Russia and North American Union investments in the middle east.  These concerns blew up in the 2097 Réunion crisis.   The FSA believes in a strong, paternalistic (some would say Fascist) state, the good of the many outweigh the individual, a colonial mindset, and each citizen duty is to God, Family, and the State.   

Free State Intelligence Service (FSIS): The main Intelligence service for the Free State Alliance.   It works in conjunction with the existing national agencies of Free State Alliance member states.   

Free State Space Administration (FSSA): Is a merger of the South African National Earth Observation Strategy (SAEOS), South African National Space Agency (SANSA), Iranian Space Agency (ISA), and the Trans-Africa Space Project (TASP).  The FSSA goals are, "To carry out civilian exploration, both robotic and manned, to licence and support the commercial opportunities of modern spaceflight, and maintain an observational ability to improve the environment, commercial concerns both on Earth and space, and in peacekeeping."   Staffing will include both military and civilian personnel.  Ships use the VSS designation.

North American Union (NAU):  Formed out of the chaos of the Second Great Depression of 2033, the initial economic steps of an enhanced North American Free Trade Accord (NAFTA) were so successful that further continental integration occurred in the 2040s and 2050s.  By 2077, all three nation-states of the USA, Canada and Mexico were ready to cede their sovereignty to the formation of the North American Union.  On 1 August 2077, the creation documents were signed by all three parties at the Geogrpahic Center of the Continent in Rugby, North Dakota.   The Rugby documents (the Declaration of Union and the Constitution) quelled the last reserves of the nationalists in all three nation-states and was a clear victory for the continentalist parties.   The North American Continentalist Party won the first North American elections on 1 March 2078 and has been in power for most of the latter part of the 21st Century.  The NACP has developed a platform of Enhanced Manifest Destiny for North America.   The discoveries of late 2099 has simply given them a new direction - MANIFEST DESTINY in SPAAAACE!

Russian Confederation/Russian Confederacy (RUS):  Kievan Rus', The Principalities of Chernigov, Polotsk, Galicia–Volhynia, the Grand Duchy of Moscow, the Tsardom of Russia, The United Soviet Socialist Republics, The Confederation of Independent States, the Russian Confederacy, names may change but one this is certain Russia endures, Russian endures.

The Russian Confederacy originally began as an economic block formed to built and reform after the second great depression of 2033, a semi closed market promising that the East would never again be dragged down by the greed of the Western money markets.

Initially consisting of Russia and her surrounding states, by 2048 the economic agreement eventually extended across the pacific to the markets of South America, amongst the countries that former had trade ties with Russian before the Depression.

As the economic ties grew into military and cultural ties, the member states demanded more say in the governing of the block, so the Russian Confederacy was formed in 2065 with the Zook Constitution with representatives of all the member states being allow a place in the Central Committee of the Politburo and a chance to run to Chairman.

This did result in a certain level of factionalism finding its way into the Central Committee with the Army, Navy, Civilian sectors and Technocrats all pushing their own agendas, but it is said in the maelstrom of the Politburo, only the strongest agendae survive.

Russia might be divided in means to achieve her aims, but Russia is always united in get goals, to be at the forefront of the world stage, Russia is still the third Rome.

What the Elections of 2100 will bring only time will tell, but at present it seems that Akim Davydov will secure the Chairmanship and seems to have the numbers to put an end for the factionalism for the time being and lead the Russian Confederation into the Trans Newtonian Age

Vrystaat Vloot (VSV): This is the Free State Navy.  It has also been tasked with the space related activities.  Ships use the VSS designation.   

Known assets:
         - Durban Academy
         - Classified number of ballistic missile sites.
         - Pre-Trans-Newtonian seagoing fleet tasked with anti-piracy and other naval tasks.

Vrystaat Weermag (VSW)   The land forces component of the Free State Alliance.

Known Assets:
         -Classified number of infantry and tank units.

People of Note:

Style: Name, Faction:  Info

Free State Alliance
    Bakhtiar, Rudi, FSA: Prime Minister of Iran
    De Boer, Nikki, FSA:  Deputy Attache to the UN (Zambia)
    Du Preez, Wimpie, FSA:  Foreign minister for the FSA.  Nicknamed "Don't call wimpy"
    Hertzog, Jolene, FSA: Head of the VSV (Vrystaat Vloot/Free State Navy), known as the "The Red Devil of Windhoek" for her role in the 2097 Réunion Island crisis.
    Mkapa, Johnathan, FSA : President of Tanzania
    Roos, Gerhard, FSA:  Head of the VSW (Vrystaat Weermag) the land forces component of the Free State Alliance.  From Durban.
    Van Resburg, Adele, FSA:  Prime Minister of the FSA.   Blonde, Graduate of Durban Academy
North American Union

Russian Confederation

      Akim Davydov, RUS: Chairman of the Central Committee
      Vera Bulgakov, RUS: Head of the Technological Institutes
      Alexis Kuzmin, RUS:  Konteradmiral, Chief of Staff, rumored to be a key member of central committee. 

United Nations

    De Souza, Isabella, UN:  UN Secretary General



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