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Security Council Meeting

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Welcome to the Security Council meeting. 

We are here to discuss the Issue's of the "Red Duncanite" threat posed to our nations.

the FSA proposes

1. Information exchange
2. all sides agree to build defensive measures to protect themselves and others from this threat, as still undetermined.

The FSA now offers the floor to any one that wishes to speak. 

"How do we know they're a threat to take seriously anyway? All they have whatever they looted from the Ark. That's colony equipment, not ships and weapons. I think they're using the old strategy of trying to get us to overreact and spend more on "defense" than what tey could cause as damage."

Aleksis Klimov arrives as a late entry to the meeting (it is rumoured the original envoy from the RC suddenly decided to take a vacation in the eastern parts of the country).

"The Russian Confederation agrees with the NAU sentiment that we should not overreact on this. At the same time we will apply a policy of caution. If nothing else to make sure that any future ideas of space piracy by private ventures will not be allowed to take hold. We therefore agree to points the FSA propose which we see as as sensible precautions. We will share information we learn about this "threat" and we will also commission patrol craft as a deterrence for any aggression against RC or allied shipping."

The FSA wishes to issue the following information. 

According to the questioning of our captive terrorists, and FSA engagements with our joint enemy.

1. Red Duncanites had two minelaying ships.  one of which has been eliminated by the FSA.  They do not have the capacity to build more mine laying ships.
2. They do have a secret base with a shipyard to build 1,000 ton or less ships.
3. The minelaying ship that was intercepted the FSA intel followed for some time to glean information.   It was returning back to it base which means the base is in the trailing Jovian trojan belt, or beyond Neptune in the area of survey markers 29-30. 
4.  The FSA will be eliminating the trailing Jovians as a base site though "Operation Havok" which will scan them for any indications of a base. 

How do we know this isn't a false flag? To get us to devote resources to anti-piracy while the FSA builds up their own fleets for the purposes of seizing our resources! The FSA does not represent Amer- I mean NAU interests and can't be trusted! I move to put observers on all FSA ships while they pursue their so called "anti-piracy" campaign! Furthermore I-

Senator Panopticon's mic was cut at this point and he was escorted out by the aids who had until now been frantically trying to get him to shut up, turns out he wasn't supposed to be there at all.


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