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(UNIT) 2052 - Naval Board meeting (2)
« on: August 01, 2016, 02:46:26 PM »
Now we can start the actual story.  ;D

New York  - January 1, 2052

The Statue of Liberty - Look at it.  It is a something to behold.   Those walls to hold back the rising sea cost 300 million US dollars.  Back when the US still existed.   My Name is Roger Wickerman.  You might know of me.  If you do not know of me as a UN Senator, you may know me as the "Potato Man".   Long story for those who are young.

You don't know the Potato man story?  You see, I grew up in the tough times.  I remember when the EMP hit and all the old electronics fried.  The day the cars died as some call it.  My grandma was a old timer.  Grew her own food, and had a potato patch in the woods.   Even when the government men came to steal our food and gave us worthless dollars for it, we had our potatoes.  we survived, and had enough to plant again.    Those old high quality pre-event potatoes were rare, since we had one that was immune to the New Potato blight that the terrorist released in 2021.  So that became my stock and trade,  The best potatoes in the UUC.   I became very wealthy, then sold it on and gave half the money to charity. 

I didn't do it for good works.  No, I knew I needed to be in government.  I never wanted to be like I was when I was 12, and watched the government men take our food away.  If that was going to happen I was going to to one of those men who ordered those government men.   So I turned all that money, which I knew could be worthless the next day, to be a non-partisan UN senator.    The 20 seats are reserved for those who helped humanity without any big political ties.  Here I was, a man who produced high quality food for the masses, then gave half of it to a charity for sick kids.  A true pillar of society. 

Now my job is simple, to make sure the government works for me, when I go, I want my son to take my place, and not only that, I want a ship named after me.  A big one.  the Sen. Roger Wickerman.   Normally, you have to be a political type to get that.  I am going to just make it happen.  Force of will folks.

Hold on a second, time to do the handshake and small talk.

"Deloris!, how are you! Yes I heard about Zan Cheung.   Who knew skydiving was so dangerous.  I suspect they will replace him with a Chinese, I always followed the theory that China would put one Chinese and one Korean in their senate slots, and Zan was most assuredly a Chinese.  Yes, will see you at the Naval board meeting."

Sorry about that folks.   I have to keep my southern charm going.  Everyone thinks of me as "Potato Roger" or "Talk to Roger to get things done. " Of course, I would prefer to be Praetor, but John Barrows has that locked up since he knows everyone.  It time it will be mine.  That said, there are important things afoot.  Zan Cheung was a jerk who thought that on the 7th day god created Zan Cheung.   However, one must be polite. 

Trans-Newtonian technology, image that.  Can take a ball, accelerate it to 1,000s of km/s, then stop on a dime.   Now we can do it with ships.  Of course, there are uses for it.  Greenhouses that are self-powering, industry being much more efficient.  Automated mines, new space fighters being detailed.   

And of course, this Naval board meeting about a surveyor.   Not sexy, not exciting.  But damn important.   We need to know where more minerals are at.   We need to feed are maw of industry.  And here we are.  Naval Board meeting.

Look, Deloris is making a motion that we add Sen.  Zan Cheung into the proposed name list.   I think it a wonderful idea, one day closer to the Sen. Roger Wickerman.   

"Deloris, may I have the honor to second that motion to our esteemed colleague. "

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