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Those Who Must Endure Post Mortem
« on: November 05, 2016, 08:18:56 PM »
Well, this story came to an end because I "accidentally" gave my brand new cloaking stealth destroyers over to an alien NPR, which went and wrecked the entire system. In hindsight, had I built missile ships, things wouldn't be so bad, because these guys have infinite ammo, and, at the very least, they could not bomb Earth due to atmosphere.

However, for some reason, both EU and USA absolutely hate my guts for some reason now, so uhh... yeah. I'll just have to end it here. BUT! I will start a new campaign right now, and maybe start serializing it into a story, once I got something cool going. I think this time around I'll focus more on missiles.

I originally started doing beam only fleets because I played missiles to death, now I played beams to death so... yeah, back to missiles. I will, however, use fighters again.