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This is the thread where people can follow the battle for earth.  I will run the battle in 2-3 hours so last call on any last moment orders. 

This is SNN (Sol News Network with a Emergency report.

Currently unknown ships are heading towards earth, Sol System forces are responding. 

Reports are that civilian shipping is burning from orbit in case they are attacked.

All across earth people watch as ships race to the heading of the enemy to engage. 

Hold on, Have to restart since Someone hit 5 days instead of 5 seconds...  ::)

NAU is pinging enemy hulls.  Warming up weapons.

Ships within 2 million KM.  Officers counting range. 

EU-FSA and RU ships are trailing behind the faster NAU ships

18:34 Reports of NAU ship hit by 1 point of damage on all sensors.
10 seconds later - Reports of 4 1 point damages on terror ships
5 seconds later - Reports of 2 size six explosions on NAU ships.  1 pirate sensor is offline.
10 seconds later - reports of 5 size 1 explosions on pirate ships.
5 seconds later - reports of 5 size 6 explosions on the NAU ships.
10 seconds later - reports of 3 size 1 explosions on the pirate ship.  Reports of 1 pirate and one NAU vessel crippled. 
5 seconds later - reports of 4 size 6 explosions on the NAU ship.

Going to pause till 12 noon EST to let the NAU give any sort of emergency orders.   Also will post their ship damage in their forums. 


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