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I needed a manual for this game, and couldn't find one.    The tutorials are pretty good, so I've compiled them into a PDF manual using Homebrewery:     

Manual V4: hxxp: homebrewery.  naturalcrit.  com/share/BkX3e0ltKl

Manual V4 (Printer Friendly): hxxp: homebrewery.  naturalcrit.  com/share/HyJs2Attg

The source code is viewable from those links, so feel free to make it nicer and post it.         

Hope this saves the next manual seeker the few hours I spent on it.         

Edit: Cleaned up some garbled text in the PDF version.   

If you feel like you could contribute something important which is left out, or if you feel you could write a section with better clarity, feel free to post in here about it, and I can add it in and update the links.   

Erik L:
Right around page 15 or so, you've got some seriously squished text.


--- Quote from: Erik Luken link=topic=9410.    msg101413#msg101413 date=1487789078 ---Right around page 15 or so, you've got some seriously squished text.   

--- End quote ---

Thanks! The code to add page numbers seems to have squashed it in a few places.     Reloading the links will fix it now, and I'll be uploading a new version of the manual momentarily.   

Edit: Hmm.   .   .    The generated PDF has an error not present in the online version.   .   .    I'll tinker with it and update the main post when I sort it out.    In the mean-time, please note any other messed up text, as it helps to track down the issue.

Edit2: Sorted for V4 

Manual V4:

Manual V4 (Printer Friendly):

Links fixed for clarity

Erik L:
I fixed those once... lol


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