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A Brave New Galaxy


I know I started a thread about this in the general news section of Astra Imperia but when I remembered we can post YouTube videos in posts here and given how long I plan on having A Brave New Galaxy be I figured it would be better to start a thread here showcasing it off as the AAR it is.

On my channel I upload three videos a week, first I upload one of my main stories, then I upload a reading of a book in the public domain (currently I am reading Sun Tzu's The Art of War), then the third video of the week is one where I sit down and have a chat with my viewers. I am currently running two main stories right now on alternating weeks, A Brave New Galaxy as this thread is about, and The Second Rise of the Roman Empire which is a Crusader Kings II AAR. Due to some scheduling problems I had last weekend I am pushing two weeks worth of videos together right now and even though A Brave New Galaxy's first videos went up two days ago, the next one will be coming out a week from this Saturday.

I will be posting the videos of A Brave New Galaxy as they come up, but given the fact that after next weekend you will only have one video every other week, I encourage you to go to my channel and watch my other videos if you like A Brave New Galaxy.

This is my first video and it is a welcome to my channel. In it I talk a lot about my channel and why I have made the choices I've made. I think its a very useful first video.

This is the introduction to A Brave New Galaxy and a bit of history about Astra Imperia. This is semi useful to everyone but worth checking out.

And here we finally get into it, this is the first story video about A Brave New Galaxy.


The second Part of Chapter I of A Brave New Galaxy is live.


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