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v6.20 Patch
« on: November 25, 2012, 07:43:58 PM »
Important! This is a database patch so if you upgrade you will lose your saved game. Don't upgrade if you want to keep playing the same campaign.

As of 21:00 GMT on November 26th 2012, this patch includes the v6.21 update.

This patch can only be applied to version 4.2 or later. To apply the patch, unzip the patch file and copy the files as follow:

1) Stevefire.mdb and Aurora.exe into the installation directory, overwriting the existing files with the same names
2) a11.jpg, b20.jpg and M24.jpg into the Planetjpeg sub-directory (if you don't already have them)
3) flag0390.jpg and flag0391.jpg into the Flags sub-directory (if you don't already have them) (12Mb)

This is a bug-fix patch to correct issues in v6.00. There are still likely to be a few bugs so please report them in the new v6.20 bugs thread. Thanks to everyone who has helped to test v6.00 and v6.10

This database in this patch contains my current Aurora campaign as an example game.

I've also taken the race image files put together by -Treebiter- and combined them with the humanoid aliens from the original race pictures (excluding the animal aliens) to create a new race image file with 349 images. To apply this just replace all the current images in the Races sub-directory. Note I am using this collection myself now so if you look at my example game without it, you may get some errors. (29Mb)

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Re: v6.20 Patch
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2013, 12:15:45 AM »
Have you got an file, XXX standing for the version number, probably 554 (I have only 491 downloaded and only used patches from there)?
If yes, unzip that file manually and put everything in your Aurora folder, overwriting existing files if the question arises.
Download the Aurora620 patch, unzip it into your aurora folder, again overwriting the existing files.
Download the Aurora621 patch, unzip it into your aurora folder, and yet again overwrite the existing file.

Now you should be set.
Ralph Hoenig, Germany