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SA Questions / Expendables and crated fighters
« on: September 08, 2015, 04:01:16 PM »
SBMHAWK-LT -LT2 etc..., crated F2(L), F2(G), and later versions of same technologies simply do not appear in the construction options for yards. even though they are all in the tech_systems and expendables tables and properly linked by IDs.

Anyone has an experience with that, or am I missing an obscure table entry somewhere which has to be set? I used existing techs as template for my values.

SA Bugs / SA Battlescreen, needle beams and the weapon resolver....
« on: April 07, 2015, 10:36:29 AM »
When you select a ship to fire which includes needle beams, and you want to shoot them untargeted as the foe still has shields up. the weapon resolver tosses out a message per needle beam involved. If some designs have multiple needle beams, that becomes very noticeable and annoying..

I also couldn't restore it, in the end I had to delete the ship and add it anew.. a pita in a running battle.

Starfire / Helium Assault
« on: August 23, 2014, 08:10:37 AM »
Here are the forces from the Battle between the Undines and their implacable foes. The WP is 400 HS, the Red fleet has not yet probed yet. I am curious if someone fares better. In a previous fight in deep space the undines lost a large fleet, and only got some courier drones back, including a warning about the lasers on the battle-cruisers, the AM missiles and apn with rockets. Well, what can be gleaned without survivors and sensor data. Their colonies though had a prime view, out of scanner range for  technological data.

Cartell ships: (3* Bloodmaker, 6* Creeper, 6* Carnage, 6* Obliterator, 6* Safe House, all ships average).
RM: 90, RD:45, RC: 04

BLOODMAKER II class CVS    AM2    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0x4AiAiZH(I)Pg(II)WaPgM7DDzWa(I)DzDzWaMgVx6(BbS)!2?2(II)LhQ(I)(II) [6]
45 RCP  6 FCP       Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1629.5/ 244.4
HTK 38   S0x4  Aix2  Dzx3  Pgx2  Wax3  Vx6  Mgx1  
90x SM, 24x fG, 72x fR
6*F0, 1*ast

CREEPER III class BC     AM2    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 8
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1934/ 290.1
HTK 57   S0x8  Aix8  Dzx5  Pgx6  Rcx5  Mgx1  
90x CM, 2x EDM (Mg)

CARNAGE IV class CA     AM2    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0x8Aix8HQ(II)WaPg(II)WaPgPgM3Dz(II)DzWaPgDzDzWaPgZiMg(BbS)?2!2(II)LhQ(II)(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1552/ 232.8
HTK 51   S0x8  Aix8  Dzx4  Pgx5  Wax4  Mgx1  
200x SM

OBLITERATOR II class DD        6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0S0Aix3ZHs(I)(I)PgM3Qs(I)PgPgD(I)DWaPgMg?0(I)Qs(I)(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +1        Cost =  618/ 92.7
HTK 26   S0x2  Aix3  Dx2  Pgx4  Wax1  Mgx1  

SAFE HOUSE class CT        3 XO Racks   16 Hull    TL 4
[2] SAAZH(I)(I)RaDMg?0Qs(I)(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +1        Cost = 238/35.7
HTK 14   Sx1  Ax2  Dx1  Rax1  Mgx1  
40x SM, 1x EDM (Mg)

Undine Ships: (6* Whiskey, 23* Victor(6*green), 24* Romeo (6*green), 1* dsb-India, 6* Alpha, 6*Bravo). All average except noted). 120 mine patterns, 120 IDEW-E. Repair yards are available 1 system back, multiple time locations.
RM:88 RD:78 RC:66

BC WHISKEY class BC     AM    16 XO Racks   80 Hull    TL 6
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost = 1629/244.4
HTK 71   S0x18  Aix18  Dcx4  Fx1  Rcx4  Mgx1  
90x CM, 2x EDM (Mg)

BC VICTOR II class BC     AM    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0x16Aix16ZHQ(II)?1(BbS)F(III)DDFWaM4DcDc(II)FDcDc!1FWaMgXrLhQ(III)(II)(III) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1714/ 257.1
HTK 70   S0x16  Aix16  Dcx4  Dx2  Fx4  Wax2  Mgx1  
100x SM, 16x CM, 6x EDM (Mg)

CA ROMEO II class CA        12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0x10Aix10ZH(BbS)(II)?1(II)QXr(II)Wax4!1M5Wax3Mg(II)(II)DcLhQDc(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1317/ 197.6
HTK 52   S0x10  Aix10  Dcx2  Wax7  Mgx1  
180x SM, 10x CM

DSB INDIA II class DD     AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 7
[2] S0x6Aix6ZHQs(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)DzXr(DCS)QsDz(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  624/ 93.6
HTK 27   S0x6  Aix6  Dzx2  

FG ALPHA III class FG     AM    4 XO Racks    22 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x4Aix4ZH(I)(I)(I)DcFDc?1Qs(I)(I) [7]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +2        Cost =  399/ 59.9
HTK 20   S0x4  Aix4  Dcx2  Fx1  

CT BRAVO II class CT     AM    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 7
[1] S0x3Aix4ZHs(I)(I)(I)?0QsFDz(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +1        Cost =  309/ 46.4
HTK 17   S0x3  Aix4  Dzx1  Fx1  

Red Fleet (6* Catapult, 6* Daiku, 6* Marauder, 6* Quickdraw, 6*Essex, 6*Jenner) all average, small craft may simultransit. 12 further Jenners and 60 further GBP on Survey ships are one system back and can be brought foreward as replacements. 3*SY on ships is available one system back for repairs
RM:88, RD:96, RC:88

SD CATAPAULT class SD     AM2    16 XOg Racks    130 Hull    TL 10
130 RCP  160 FCP       Trg:9    Atk +1  Bmp +6  Tem -2        Cost =  4078/ 611.7
HTK 140   S1x42  Acx42  Dcxx4  Ecx1  Rcx6  Mgx3  
109x CM-a, 32x CM LT2, 60x SBM-a, 256x fR-a, 64x fL, 256x fM2
16*GBP, 1*ast

BB DAIKU class BB     AM2    12 XOg Racks    100 Hull    TL 10
100 RCP  120 FCP       Trg:4  Bmp +6  Tem -2        Cost =  3194/ 479.1
HTK 133   S1x36  Acx54  Dcxx3  (HET)x3  Rcx1  Mgx1  
10x CM-a, 12x SBM LT2, 3x AFM, 48x fG, 96x fR-a, 48x fL, 96x fM2
12*GBP, 1*ast

BB MARAUDER class BB     AM2    12 XOg Racks   100 Hull    TL 10
100 RCP  120 FCP       Trg:9    Atk +1  Bmp +6  Tem -2        Cost = 3126/468.9
HTK 104   S1x30  Acx30  Dcxx3  (HET)x1  Rcx4  Mgx2  
60x CM-a, 12x CM LT2, 20x SBM-a, 12x SBM LT2, 48x fG, 192x fR-a, 48x fL, 192x fM2
12*GBP, 1*ast

BC QUICKDRAW class BC     AM2    10 XOg Racks    80 Hull    TL 10
[2] S1x24Acx24HQ(II)(III)(II)(BbM)Q(III)LxLxQDcx(II)DcxDcx!2M7LhQRcLxLx(Dec2)Xr?3Zi(III)Mg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP  100 FCP       Trg:8  Bmp +6  Tem -2        Cost =  2373/ 355.9
HTK 85   S1x24  Acx24  Dcxx3  Lxx4  Rcx1  Mgx1  
15x CM-a, 15x CM LT2, 40x fG, 120x fR-a, 40x fL, 120x fM2
10*GBP, 1*pn

CA ESSEX class CA     AM    7 XOg Racks    60 Hull    TL 10
60 RCP  70 FCP       Trg:1        Cost =  1129/ 169.3
HTK 44   S1x6  Acx6  Dxx1  Mgx1  
28x fG, 104x fR-a, 208x fM2
7*GBP, 12*apn

CL JENNER class CL     AM2    1 XO, 5 XOg Racks    45 Hull    TL 10
[1] S1x9Acx9H(II)Q(I)Wa(II)WaWa(I)?3M3WaWa(BbS)XrDxZiDx(II)QLh(I)Mg [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP  50 FCP       Trg:4  Bmp +6        Cost =  1318.5/ 197.8
HTK 44   S1x9  Acx9  Dxx2  Wax5  Mgx1  
120x SM-a, 15x SM LT2, 25x AFM, 80x fR-a, 80x fM2

SA Bugs / LWH cannot be saved as standard loadout
« on: February 27, 2012, 12:01:50 PM »
.. when the new supply and reload rules are in effect. LWH can be selected in the load out screen, but saving the loadout and clsing the window, they are simply not displayed under class loadout.

SA Bugs / Fleet ship list and empty hull value in ship_class table
« on: May 24, 2011, 11:04:30 AM »
Hi, it seems that if you use copy class in the ship design window, the ship_class table doesn't get a hull_type value for the new class. This leads to an empty list of ships in the fleet window, and the reorganisation window for the left fleet.

SA 7.03, I dunno if it's fixed with 7.10

Starfire / [SF] Theban Empire
« on: April 02, 2011, 03:30:02 PM »
Time has rolled along, and Paul McNeely and I decided to give a low economy approach a spin.  And we're curious how this will develop.  (given that the last campaign with6 player empires, and several strong NPR's went into a pile of money death situation with battles approaching late ISW4 piles of counters. . . . ).

- Build rates are halved
- Changes for more that 4 warpoints have been reduced significantly (makes those 12+ WP hubs somewhat rarer, but not impossible. )
- NPR chances have been lowered.  95+ for a high tech NPR, the others have 1% chance each.  (allthough we might agree to remove the low tech guys totally.  )
- Most significantly, we took the per turn growth rates and use them as the 10 turn growth rate, slowing down natural population growth.  doesn't prevent one from shipping out from the homeworld, but the colonies will take  alot longer to reach very large size.  Should also make population preservation a much higher goal. .   with a reduced economy.
- last, to prevent the DB from xploding. . .  no asteroid population emplacement.  (also, a system with multiple belts can get a very. .  huge income from the belt population alone ina standard game.  Belts still boost the economy, but you don't have to fiddle with 400+ populations ina  good system anymore. )

Any thoughts on this approach? I am certain planning on playing this out, and hopefully the gmae will get over 100 turns.  I exspect turns to be faster than a normal game, too.  And have more Stars at War sized fleets and empires. .  (vast, sprawling, sparsely inhabited expanses)


SA Questions / Pre 7.10 SA patchnotes?
« on: April 02, 2011, 03:18:57 PM »
In the past, the patch notes for SA were pretty good for figuring out some of the non standard things included with SA.  But with the original SA site being down, they are no longer avaiable.

I am now at a loss trying to figure out he new supply rules comming with SA 7. 0 +

Does anyone still have a copy, or does Steve still ahve a list of the patch notes over time?

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