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Mechanics / Moving troops between modules
« on: January 22, 2018, 04:12:02 AM »
Is there any way for ships to transfer ground units from a transport bay to a drop module while on the move? As best I can tell, the way it stands now with how orders work, it can only be done while the ship is at a static location. That seems odd to me; to use an example from my current game, if a Commonwealth transport takes two weeks to reach a Chinese colony on Io, why not use that time to prepare for a combat drop instead of waiting until it arrives and taking *another* two weeks to do so?

I wouldn't mind except for the fact that it takes so much time to move a battalion into its drop module; as much time, in fact, as it took to load up the unit and its equipment in the first place. Or am I just missing something here?

Bureau of Ship Design / The Commonwealth Space Forces of 2057
« on: May 04, 2014, 03:26:10 PM »
These are the designs I created at start in the game I just started.  I've had Aurora sitting on my hard drive for a long time, but this will be the first game I create that I intend to do more with besides just creating random designs and tinkering with the game.  (Well, second; I did have a short-lived game going on one of the version 5 releases that unfortunately didn't survive a hard-drive reformat. )

In my first try at starting this game, I had allowed the computer to spend my initial research points and design tech systems and classes for me, but after tinkering with them I was rather unsatisfied with the results.  So I restarted the game and spent my own research points, designing my tech systems and classes from scratch.

Some background on the game:

In the early 21st century, the various major powers of Earth united to form the Solar Commonwealth.  (I'm working on a timeline describing the political and scientific events that led to the formation of the Commonwealth and its push into space up to the start of the game, which I'm considering posting in the fiction forum(along with the events of the game itself, as it progresses) if people are interested in reading it.

After discovering several alien ruins throughout the Sol system conclusively answered the question of whether or not humanity was alone in space, the Commonwealth decided it would be necessary to build an armed force to supplement and protect the various commercial and survey vessels already in service in case more aliens were encountered.  The various militaries and space services of the Commonwealth's member nations were fused and reorganized into the ships of the Commonwealth Space Forces(abbreviated ComForce),  and the ground-based units of the Commonwealth Planetary Guard (abb.  ComGuard).  The game starts in 2057, in the early stages of the Commonwealth's initial military buildup.

In terms of weapons research, I concentrated on lasers, railguns, and missiles/missile launchers.  ComForce doctrine calls for any armed force to be able to fire a single overwhelming salvo at the outset of an engagement, so most offensive ships are equipped with both box launchers and standard launchers(in order to be able to continue the missile engagement as they close to beam range).  The idea is that the first mass salvo will hopefully saturate the target's defenses and, if not destroying the enemy outright, at least weaken their defenses enough to put them at a significant disadvantage if they choose to continue the engagement or can't withdraw.

I opted to create a small stable of (mostly) generalist designs, instead of the large stable of specialized, one-weapon designs that the auto-design feature comes up with.  All ships will be capable of both offensive and defensive fire; most ships are missile-armed, backed up by laser turrets and/or railguns.  The mix of these weapons and the balance between offense and defense will depend on the ship's size and intended purpose.  (For example, missile platforms will carry few or no beam weapons and light defensive batteries, while the opposite applies to command and escort ships, and the general, “middle of the road” combat designs will mount a little of everything. )

Since this is my first stab at an actual game in Aurora, I'm not sure how good/effective the choices I made in the design of my ships are/will be.  Some decisions (weapons mix, engine/sensor choices, etc. ) I made for role-play considerations as much as anything else, and may be changed as the game progresses as I find out what works and what doesn't.  I'm interested in any feedback the community has to offer, though I might not implement advice right away as I'm intending this to be a role-play campaign and any changes to doctrine in ship design or combat strategy and tactics might wait until events in the game show the Commonwealth leadership that it messed up.  All information presented below is current as of game start on January 1, 2057.

The document with my designs and the notes I made ended up being pretty big, so I'm going to split it into multiple posts following this one.  As I said, I'm eager for any feedback and/or questions anyone may have.

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