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Final Chance - Ch 1: Rebirth
« on: December 28, 2011, 03:56:06 PM »
The Journal Of Robert Duffy

January 1st, 2350

Or so that's what the ships computer says. I was woken from cryo stasis just a few hours ago. Turns out that my pod malfunctioned and wouldn't open with the rest of them. When I asked the engineers why it took so long to fix mine, they said that they were only able to get back to orbit a few weeks ago. They told me that the colonists landed on a habitable planet in the M55 Monoceri system. There were not enough supplies or people to support a modern economy until now. Atleast my neural interface still worked in the cryo chamber, I continued my research while in stasis. What surprised me is that while I was re-configuring the survey sensors in the ship, I found some interesting readings near the planets core. 11 different minerals, each never seen before, that emitted a very strange energy reading. As soon as I get off this ship, I will order a mine to be dug to these minerals to investigate further. I apparently an part of the government - its made up of council members that work together, and have complete control over their areas. For example, the The Director of Science has full control over research, the Minister of Security has full control over defending ships and garrisons etc. There are many "major" and "minor" council members, but each are equally important, and it is imperative that they work together. I, Robert Duffy am a American scientist that deals mostly with defense contracts. While I didnt help the Generation ship projects much, I guess Administration thought it would be wise to bring me along anyways.

April 27th, 2350

After showing the other members of the council of my discovery, they agreed to start digging a mine to find these minerals. Also, I had a look at the passenger rosters of the other two ships, turns out alot of my fellow scientists and many of the military officers are in the broken stasis pods. The current technology level of our little empire is rather saddening. The most advanced things we have is the datacore from ship 3, everything else is sporadic - pre-industrial, industrial and modern technology can be found in the same place. It's mostly due to us knowing how to make them but not having the resources to. This will make digging the mine even more painful.

September 4th, 2351

I am kind of starting to get used to this new life now. The council ordered the construction of a house for me. It's almost done. Looks like a Roman building - our cheif engineer seems to like the style alot and he based almost everything he built on their work. Seems to be rubbing off on everyone else now too. Anyways, to the point. We have drilled down 3 miles, that leaves only about 500 meters until we reach a suitable mining area. Life here is strange. It's relaxed, but with extreme determination.

December 30th, 2351

That was quick. Apparently the miners say that they have reached it. I'll tell the council after the new years celebration. But it's time to relax for now.

January 7th, 2352

The meeting was really long today. It mainly involved the Cheif Engineer and the Industrial Manager arguing about resource allocation. I miss my research labs, without them I have to do everything by myself, in my house! Oh yeah, it's finally finished. Really nice style actually. I have a team and supplies ready, the engineers are just finalizing the cargo elevator now.

January 10th, 2352

We went down the elevator today. Mind you, these elevators aren't the fastest things, it took an entire hour of waiting to finally reach the bottom. The minerals are indeed there, and we managed to find samples of all of the minerals I discovered.One of them's radioactive, and i'm going to need a actual research lab to study these minerals. Ah well, atleast it's an excuse to get one built.

January 12th, 2352

Great, my neural processor broke today. Oh well, it isn't much use here anyways - the only computers are out of range in the Generation ships or home made ones with no networking - a requirement for linking to them. There are some spares on the generation ships, but the only way up there is by space shuttle, and fuel is kind of low for it, so we can't use it.

July 8th, 2352

And my new lab is built. Now I can finally start analyzing those minerals. It's about time...

August 5th, 2352

The results are back, they are as follows:

Duranium - This mineral when refined into metal is a very durable material - such it's name. Practical applications as of now are ship and building structures.

Neutronium - An extremely dense metal with a high melting point, this mineral may be useful for armor and kinetic weapons.

Corbomite - These crystals have a unique ability to bend waveforms - making it almost invisible, and nearly undetectable by sensors. This may be useful for energy based sheilds and cloaking systems.

Tritanium - A very volatile mineral that make nuclear sized explosions from very small quantities of it. This may very well be used for next-generation nuclear missiles.

Boronide - Boronide is a highly conductive metal that will be very useful in high powered computers, reactors and capacitors.

Sorium - An extremely unstable radioactive isotope, after refined this could serve as an extremely efficient fuel for nuclear reactors.

Uridium - These crystals when energy is channeled through them produce gravity waves faster than light outward from the crystals. These could be used for next generation space-based sensors, and fire control systems.

Corrundium - Another crystal that can focus energy into extremely high powered lasers. This shows promise for decent energy based weapons.

Mercassium - This mineral, when in contact with an electrical current will absorb CO2 and convert it into oxygen. Obviously this will work well in life support systems.

Vendarite - This crystal while in contact with iron will send gravity waves in the opposite direction. This allows for extremely small engines, perhaps useful in fighters.

Galacite - This mineral is stupendously heat-resistant, and will be useful in engines and reactors.

These are all my notes, in a more basic form. This discovery is amazing, and I am sure that the Cheif Engineer will be able to design some next generation buildings that use these minerals.

December 3rd, 2352

We have harvested sufficient amounts of Sorium to fuel the shuttle a hundred times over. The cheif engineer has finished drafting some incredible works of architecture, and our factories are starting to be converted now. I will be going with an engineering team to the Generation ships to try and fix some of the cryo pods. Can get a new neural interface while im there too.

December 5th, 2352

We have arrived on the Generation ship. The engineers immediately set off to fixing the pods, and I headed to cargo storage. It was pretty empty, so it was easy to find the interface. Grabbing a few, I decided to bring a box of cerebral replacements too. Real weird technology, you could replace half of someones brain with it. The only catch was of course, no one could really save the memories stored in that part of the brain. After I came out, a rather startled Taylor Barber greeted me. He was also in one of the broken cryo pods. If I remember him, he was a energy weapons developer who lived in Britan. Laying down in one of the lounges, I fell asleep, we were leaving in a couple days anyways.

December 7th,2352


"This is Director Robert Duffy. Generations ship #3 has been hit by a asteroid. There is major damage, and the thrusters are not responding. Our orbit has destabilized, and we are falling towards the planet. We are going to burn up in less than a minute. We are abandoning ship."

Medical Record #1585
Patient: Robert Duffy
Status: Critical
Lacerations on the arms, legs and chest
Shrapnel embedded in skull and chest cavity
Severe blunt trauma to the head, heavy brain damage
Left lung punctured
Description: The patient was on Generation 3 while it was burning up. An engineer found him unconscious and carried him back into the shuttle, and they launched before the ship crashed. The patient was put on life support while diagnosis was being done. Immediate surgery was attempted, however patient is still critical. Placing patient into cryo stasis until a solution is found.

((OOC:So, do you guys like this new journal style? I have wanted to try a story like this, and I think it will give a better sense as to how the empire is actually doing. I will do military officer journals for ground combat, ship logs for ship combat, and council member journals for empire development.))
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Re: Final Chance - Ch 1: Rebirth
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