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C# Bug Reports / Re: v2.3.1 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Sigaur on Today at 01:18:56 PM »
Hello everyone.   
(First time posting so I just want to say that I f**ing love to play Aurora ! :) )

I have two small "bugs" to report :

1- The "assign fleet" option in ship combat does not check if weapons are destroyed before assigning to fire control. 
For instance if I have two ships (named A and B), from the same class using beams weapons. 
If A beam are destroyed, I can go to ship B and use assign fleet to have A firing again. 
This bug was present on older versions too (I plaid guilty I may have exploited this to cheese some fights ^^)

2- When building a ship, ordonnance is loaded in the ship whithout checking if said ship is able to load missiles. 
For instance I had a class of ship with magazines, missiles launchers and 200missiles in the class ordonance template. 
I copied this class and removed the magazines, and missiles launchers.   
When building the new class, 200missiles are loaded (even if the new class no longer has magazines). 
It is then impossible to unload the missiles at colony. 
C# Mechanics / Re: v2.4.0 Changes Discussion Thread
« Last post by Droll on Today at 11:27:37 AM »

Yes, unless some major bug pops up.

Just to clarify, 2.4 will not be released soon? I wanted to start the game finally after initial bugfixes, but that Jump Drive change is so sweet for my play style that i decided to wait.

Not in the immediate future unless some major bug pops up.

Quick someone break something! ;D
C# Bureau of Design / Re: My first try at ship design
« Last post by nuclearslurpee on Today at 10:34:54 AM »
Based on that screenshot I can confirm that raiders are variable between games.

Oh, neat, that must be a new 2.3 change!  ;D

Spoiler variety will keep us players on our toes and make it harder to cheese them by anticipating everything in advance.
C# Bureau of Design / Re: My first try at ship design
« Last post by Ulzgoroth on Today at 10:07:34 AM »
I had my first confrontation with a single raider ship and the difficulty bar went up considerably.
There was a total of 40 missiles going 21000 km/s. 6 of them were destroyed by railguns. Nearly half of my missiles went after a decoy. Before, a salvo of just half of this size would completely destroy a single ship, but this one is left crippled.
Based on that screenshot I can confirm that raiders are variable between games.

My raiders' only military class so far (three wrecked and salvaged to date) bring 4 20cm lasers and are a few hundred tons larger. They seem to have the same engines and also include decoys, which I discovered by salvaging them since I've been using railgun blitz tactics to bring them down.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v2.3.1 Bugs Thread
« Last post by smoelf on Today at 07:23:10 AM »
Did you modify the build queue after it was created?

Not in the described tests I ran. I did change the order at some point, which I think was at the same time that I had to reorder some new division HQ's described in my second post, but not since then.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v2.3.1 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Steve Walmsley on Today at 07:17:48 AM »
There is something funky going on with assignment of ground unit formations when building from organizations. For the first 20 years of game play it has worked just fine, but I have noticed that with the recent formations I have constructed, after the top level division is built, then the new formations are not assigned in a hierarchy under the newly built division, but are instead placed under the first available division in the OOB for that colony. I have attached images of OOB before construction, the garrison division in the organization page, and how it looks after building the 14th garrison division and the 12th PDC-PD, which is placed under the 1st Assault Division.

I have tried to rebuild the organization a couple of times, both by replacing the various elements and by deleting the organization and starting over, but the end result is the same in all cases. Also if I contruct an assault division, then the new Armored Brigade is placed under the 1st Assault Division instead of the newly constructed 3rd Assault Division.

Since this occurred after a while, I am not sure what could be done to replicate it, so I am instead attaching my database file, if it helps with debugging.

Did you modify the build queue after it was created?
C# Bug Reports / Re: v2.3.1 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Kaiser on Today at 05:19:13 AM »
I clicked on a 5 days increment and got the error below, when I closed the error window the I got a message that my jump construction ship had finished the stabilization of a Lagrange point on Uranus, so maybe it is connected to that.

The function number: 3673
The complete error text: Reference to an  object not set to an object's instance
The window affected: Main map
What you were doing at the time: Click on 5 days increment
Conventional or TN start: Conventional
Random or Real Stars: Real
Is your decimal separator a comma? Comma
Is the bug is easy to reproduce, intermittent or a one-off? intermittent
If this is a long campaign - say 75 years or longer - let me know the length of the campaign as well: 24 years

Ok It worked once the fleet arrived at destination, probably because I haven't researched the underway replenishment yet.

Cannot figure out how these orders work (if they work).

I have a simple colonization fleet with 4 ships, 1 of them is a tanker which has been given the order to "refuel own fleet", however it does not appear to be working, it should keep the other 3 ships at top fuel level, right?

Is there something I am missing here? Probably I misunderstood the logic of these commands.

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