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Stargate Command - Unofficial Garfunkel Congratulations Update Thread
« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2023, 08:15:52 AM »
From one recent PhD graduate to another, allow me to say 'Lovely Update Herr Doktor'

Mine got confirmed/awarded literally last Friday, 9th of June!

I am sure I'm not the first, but allow me to extend my congratulations all the same for this impressive accomplishment!  ;D ;D ;D

Although, if your experience is anything like mine and many others', you may feel less "impressive" and more "dead tired, ZOMG why did I ever think of doing this?!?" In which likely case, I assure you that it is indeed impressive, but also encourage you to take as much well-deserved rest as you can while you have the opportunity.

And then, of course, I further wish you all necessary luck, etc. needed to conduct your job search, assuredly some will be needed but not, I hope, very much!  ;)

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“Comms, get Colonel Overly on the horn.”

 “Comms, this is Overly. Get General Marchand on the horn.”

 get the President on the horn.”
So many horns.

Sadly I must also give you a ritual booing for "General of the Fleet". What madness is this? You'll be going full People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force next and at that point there is no hope. Anyway - Booooooo

, there was some hope that the Danakreg had run out of scouts and would give up trying to reconnoiter the jump point.
The former does not imply the latter, but you can see why SCG might hope it did. However this should not distract from their successful efforts of shooting fish in barrels while armed only with a massive tonnage and tactical advantage. ;)

In the meantime, let us appreciate this crafty writer’s technique which is surely not a shoddy excuse to stretch material across extra chapters purely to meet some imaginary word count requirement, obviously any such accusation would be blatantly untrue.
Absolutely, the word count requirement is far from imaginary.

Some might consider it horrifying that we have come so far, so quickly, but others of greater estimability and erudition will celebrate this moment as we all should.
I am indeed celebrating it, as is right, proper and fully lore-accuate.

Can I also add my congratulations and wishes of luck and good fortune to Garfunkel for their mighty achievement. As I am not a PhD graduate, recent or otherwise, feel free to discount these congratulations to the extent you feel is required.
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