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Introduction 6: Organism Nomenclature
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Fleet Organisation

Organism Shipping is handled by fully five of the Organism Divisions. Infrastructure, Construction and Transport are responsible for numerous independent support function Groups, such as Gate Construction Group #2. These Groups are usually attached to Sector Commands answering to the relevant Division but can be cross-attached at need.

Military vessels and installations are the responsibility of either Conflict Division or Security Division. Installations and strikeunits are usually assigned to a System Command, a subordinate unit to Security Division but can be attached to a Sector Command and come under the authority of Conflict Division if felt appropriate.

Most ships with similar mission and orders are assigned to a named and numbered Group often referred to as a Task Group. For example Courier Group #1 or Strike Task Group #3. These Groups may themselves be independent and often are if composed of only one ship or assigned to Forces or Task Forces, such as Battle Task Force #2. Task Forces are usually assigned to a Fleet. These Fleets may be named, numbered or both. It can be seen that with its subordinate Sector Commands, Fleet, Task Forces and Task Groups, Conflict Division is noted for having the most complex and yet flexible structure.

Ship Classification
The Organism uses ship classifications rather differently to many other races. Rather than re-purpose a naval nomenclature, they use a purpose built nomenclature. Their spaceships often fulfill very similar roles to that of other space-faring powers. Some notable classes include:-

GCT   General Cargo Transport
GTV   General Transport Vehicle (Colonists)
RTV   Rapid Transport Vehicle (Courier/liner)
GRV   General Recovery Vehicle (Salvager)
GMV   General Mining Vehicle (Asteroid Miner)
GCU   General Construction Unit (Gate builder)
MTV   Main Transit Vehicle (Civilian Jumpship)

TAU   Troop Assault Unit (Dropship)
TAV   Troop Assault Vehicle (Armed Troop Transport)
TTV   Troop Transport Vehicle (Freighter Troop Transport)

LCU   Light Combat Unit (Strikefighter)
HCU   Heavy Combat Unit (Gunboat)

LCV   Light Combat Vehicle (Frigate)
MCV   Medium Combat Vehicle (Destroyer)
RCV   Rapid Combat Vehicle (Fast Destroyer or Light Cruiser)
GCV   General Combat Vehicle (Cruiser)
SCV   Strike Combat Vehicle (Battle Cruiser)
HCV   Heavy Combat Vehicle (Battleship)
CTV   Combat Transit Vehicle (Military Jumpship)

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