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Advanced Tactical Command Academy / Re: Forward jump point defense
« on: March 19, 2017, 04:22:17 PM »
I suppose it really is affected by the tech level.  Things like sensor ranges, the relative effectiveness of point defense, whether box launchers are available.  And whether the target is (spoilers) or another race.

Actually, Detros has a point.  If the defenders have enough point defense to withstand long ranged fire, even AMM fire, everything but point blank, within 5-second travel time fire, then a forward defense would force the attacker to close to effectively zero range to transit past them. Unlike a conventional defense, where the defenders would expect to be at some range from the attacker (depending on tech level), but certainly not 10,000 km where they could shred them in seconds.

The conventional jump point defense, a slow beam defense fleet might just not do enough defense before the attacker got out of range.  But a forward defense, as long as they can win the beam duel at any range, they have enough firepower to prevent a transit.
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The Academy / Re: FAQ
« on: January 11, 2017, 08:37:01 PM »
To disrupt a minefield, you could have your ships with sufficient stealth that the typically myopic sensors on the mines can't pick them up.  Or you could use a sacrificial ship to draw their fire, as typically all missile mines will fire at a target that is within range.

Otherwise, if the minefield is in open space, have good enough resolution 1 sensors to pick them up and destroy them, as they are large stationary missiles until you get in range.

Hangars can rearm anything that fits in the hangar.  If you have a 4000 ton capacity hangar, you can rearm the box launchers on your up to 4000 ton patrol ships.

As far as the sensors questions, I would like to know as well.
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