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C# Aurora / Re: Colony Automation
« on: January 14, 2018, 07:28:38 PM »
What I want is a revamped economic system and a more involved civilian population and a bit more realism in planetary economic growth.

You as a player would still make all the hard choices but would not need to personally set up mineral runs or industrial ques,

Instead colonies industry would be civilian as they are in reality and have always been in history. The player who essentially are the state would concentrate in the state business.

You could subsidize colonies so civilians tend to develop them in a certain way. That would be industry in different forms.

You would then use contracts to build state property such as research facilities, academies, naval yards etc.. You should not be able to just hijack an entire planetary industry for military means. If you give out too many contract then civilian goods and morale should go down. If you put your faction at war status the civilian should be more willing to do contracts etc..

I don't see why civilian corporations could not do their own explorations and build their own colonies as well in the same manner they build mining complexes, that does not mean the player or state do the same or that you could restrict the civilian economy from doing it. But they would most likely do it much cheaper but you would not control where they build colonies.

What I propose will not take away choices, it would make the economy more interesting, add choice which would be less binary, it would be more dynamic and depending on more factors.

But that is just my opinion that a more involved civilian economy would be more fun and remove some tedious mechanics from players hands as you would easily automate the boring parts.
This really only caters to, again, a specific roleplay. What if I'm playing a hive mind? Or an incredibly autocratic society?

To expand, right now you can RP anything. If you want to say that corporations, for instance, play a major role in the defense of the empire (something I did in the one AAR I wrote up) then you can. The fact that you control them is unrelated to the RP aspect. It might be nice if there were some mechanism to allow your suggestion, but I don't think blanket forcing it on all empires is the right choice, because some people don't want to RP their empire that way. And once it's out of their control it can no longer be RP'd as something it isn't. I think that if we're going to add an expanded civilian sector it would need to be tied to something, perhaps government type or whatever and it could become really complicated, perhaps not worth the effort.

Frankly though, I think the large amount of control you have is the best place for the RP side. If you control things, you can make them behave how you want and thus roleplay them as anything you want.
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C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: January 12, 2018, 05:35:56 PM »
Guys, Aurora isn't real life, we can't even hope to try and figure out what the "realistic" behaviour and design of components made out of fictional materials in a fictional universe with fictional properties would be. The prime consideration here should be gameplay, whether we want a multirole pod or specfic pods or both and how they should be balanced to each other should be based on what is best for gameplay and what gives us the most viable choices without creating needless BS. Not based on whether the F-35 is an overbloated project that should have been cancelled long ago but wasn't because the US government is under the thumb of Lockheed Martin and the arms industry.
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C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: January 03, 2018, 02:00:08 PM »
Surely it being purely random would essentially make formations redundant though since it doesn't really matter how they're organised if they're just randomly firing at the closest thing?

One way to avoid players abusing a virtual front line with pairings to constantly get the best engagements is to make any shifting of a unit back from the front line to 1. take time and 2. give a status modifier like "retreating" that causes it to take significantly more casualties than it otherwise would (eg. eliminating defensive bonuses and giving it a penalty to attack) so that there is a price to pay for pulling your units back to the support line and then sending them back into combat.
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C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: January 03, 2018, 06:48:46 AM »
I agree it shouldn't be totally random nor totally most efficient. It should be weighted a bit towards targeting the right thing with a decentish chance of targeting the wrong type.
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C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: December 22, 2017, 10:20:37 AM »
Releasing it on steam would be a categorically terrible idea.
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C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: December 11, 2017, 01:32:28 PM »
Spaceports and Cargo Shuttle Stations can service any number of ships simultaneously but they do not stack. In effect they count as a single Cargo Shuttle Bay for any ship at the population.
Wait, does this mean there's no point in building more than one or am I misunderstanding something?
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C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: July 26, 2017, 10:33:50 PM »
I'm saying we do not need a GM at all, not that the GM should not have this responsibility.

I repeat, Dominions 4 does nearly this exact system automatically, without a GM.  Even over the internet.  And it is programmed by one guy.

Europa Universalis does variable-time multiplayer.  It goes with the slowest speed any player selects.  It works fine.  People do not generally play EU with random people, so they don't mind waiting for someone who needs a low speed.
Yes but that presumes that having a GM is undesirable. Why are you trying to eliminate the GM? It's the more convenient, less annoying system and can't be messed up if one guy just decides to be an obstinate dick.
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C# Aurora / Re: Progress
« on: February 18, 2017, 02:25:52 PM »
Completely pointless as the new version is a total rewrite and any bugs in 7.2 shouldn't even exist in whatever is coming. We'll have entirely new bugs to find! Also I imagine Visual basic might suck for what you're proposing anyway.
The new bugs will need to be reported and the rewrite is in C#. Unless I've misinterpreted which post you're replying to, I don't really see your point here.
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