Author Topic: Conditional orders, non-parasites and parent fleets, what went wrong?  (Read 262 times)

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Started branching out into surveying other systems, so set up TGs with 2 geo/grav dual purpose surveyors and a jump ship with extra fuel tanks (but not a tanker to avoid consequences).  All 5Kt.

Did a squadron jump, it worked, nobody died, result.

I then split the TG into 3 single ship TGs, sat the Jump ship on the point and set it as the superior formation.  One surveyor had default grav, the other default geo, both set with a conditional to join the parent fleet (if in system) once at half fuel.

Left them to it, but then got a ton of Error 5 messages.  Both ships had fired the conditional (all I saw was "join" in the order list), but one still had commands after in the list.

Only way I could fix it was to manually clear all orders/defaults and tell them to join the jump ship, which worked.  So I refuelled and tried again, same order/superior setup as before, but just braved the error messages.

Both ships, upon hitting the conditional, flew into the sun and dissapeared.

Any idea what the loving caress happened? the orders didn't seen that complicated, and surely you'd want to run a setup like I tried to at some point?

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You have to set the jump ship as a "parent" of the two other ships under the Naval Organization tab within the order window.
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