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« on: May 11, 2010, 03:34:33 PM »
A short preface and the first year - appreciate any and all feedback on my writing style, I haven't tried to write fiction before.

2020 - 2025

The Underground renames itself the Terran Federation with the mandate to defend all ‘Terrans’ from both the Precursors and the Menace. It states that all Genetically Modified Humans are entitled to the same basic liberties and that hence forth all Peoples descendant from Earth are to called Terran. The general population of the planet accept the new Federated government with great fanfare, 66 years of forced labor and relocation by the Precursors has blurred the once bitter racial lines.

The Terran Federation Navy (TFN) is created and headed by Vice Admiral Harrison Goodwin. Over the span of 5 years the TFN is expanded to 3 Cruiser Squadrons comprising of one Nelson and 2 Napoleon’s each.

The 3 GeoSurvey and 3 GravSurvey vessels that form the Terran Federation Survey Fleet (TFSF), Rear Admiral Francesca Lord commanding, complete a survey of the Sol system finding 3 Jump Points and a number of resource deposits on various orbital bodies. All survey knowledge had been previously lost and it is unknown why the resources in system were not fully exploited. A common hypothesis is that since no Human has ever been permitted to return to the Sol system the Precursors did not want any Human to be ’free’ in the Sol system outside of the surface of the Earth.

The Government Commercial fleet is created and headed by Rear Admiral Peter Clark and is comprised of 6 Freighters and 6 Colony ships plus 5 Terraformers currently stationed at Mars and 1 Jump Gate Construction vessel that is on standby.


Jan 5th

The latest round of promotions has been activated and all three Cruiser Squadrons have new commanders.

Both GeoSurvey Alpha and GravSurvey Alpha fleets are ready to explore outside the confines of the Sol System although Sector Governor Georgia Carey has overruled both the Planetary Governor Sarah Elliott and TFN/TFSF Admirals Goodwin/Lord stating that no expansion outside of the Sol System will commence until the city on Mars have been fully exploited and integrated into the Terran Federation.

Research into improvements to the algorithms controlling the construction sector have begun. Although there is no dedicated researcher in this area at the moment Jacob Lyons has taken on the role as lead scientist.

Navy planners have envisaged the design of a small attack craft and the first step in seeing this to fruition is research of a Boat Bay that will house and service such a vessel. John Sims will head this project as one of the most senior Scientists available.

Mar 1st

John Simms has completed work into the Boat Bay and has started work on a number of projects designed to improve the capability of the CIWS system.

There are currently 240k Martians living on Earth and awaiting the official founding of the first Terran Colony on Mars.

May 11th

The Keels for 3 Terraformers are laid down in the Ruan Shipbuilding Complex.

Aug 11th

4 new Garrison Battalions have finished basic training and been assigned their commanding officers.

The Callum Chambers Geology Team on Mercury has found a new deposit of Duranium. They estimate a vein of 4762 tons and an Accessibility Rating (AR) of 0.5. While this is not a great find it does vindicate the formation of the team and can only mean better things are to come.

Dec 31st

There are currently a little over 1 Billion Terrans on Earth, 1.24 million of them Martian. 5 Years of non-stop construction has brought the Terran economy to a stand still and a stimulus package has been injected in the order of 40 new Financial Centers to be constructed in the 1st Quarter of 2026. All other production except for Terraformers has been placed on hold.

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Re: 2020-2025
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2010, 11:48:57 AM »
Nice job, Beersatron!

I enjoyed this.  I also liked the prequal, too -- I always like the deep dramatic scenes that add charactization and interest.  Although that is admittedly hard to do when writing up a story based on a sweeping epic of a game that covers many, many years.  It's hard to keep the scenes connected.  

But good work, especially for your first go at fiction.  I look forward to reading more!
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