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Aurora Bugs / Re: Official v7.10 Bugs Reporting Thread
« on: Today at 04:05:19 AM »
Error 380 was generated by Aurora
Invalid property value

I accidentally started with parameters I did not want, so I hit exit, so I could start over.  And now I get an error 3201 because I can't add or change a record because a related record is required in table 'Game'.

And I can't close that pop-up without force quitting.  And then I can't play Aurora at all without reinstalling the 7.10 patch.  Or at least, if there is another way of getting past the endless popup errors, I haven't found it.

The Academy / Re: a couple of n00b questions
« on: Yesterday at 07:20:50 PM »
I saw the refit PDC, but no scrap option.   Oh well, an update.  So I got Aurora back working, made geosurvey missiles, and still can't load them.  I see them on the load from population window, but can't assign them to the launch, it says "select a missile type".

Well, I built it using the missile design tech, so it should be a missile.  Somewhere there is a button that does what I want it to...

Advanced Tactical Command Academy / Re: Forward jump point defense
« on: Yesterday at 03:54:49 PM »
I am just going by what I was able to do before Aurora packed up on me.  Geosurvey drones include an estimate of how many survey point they can do, based on the drone's endurance, which seems to be based on having an engine.  The amount of survey points they can do without an engine is zero, and it seems to be based completely on the fuel consumption time of their engine times their Geosurvey sensor points.

Given that you can get multiple years of endurance for .2 MSP (depending on your fuel efficiency tech), it seems a small cost when the sensor part of the buoy is likely to be in excess of 5 MSP.

I did notice something hinky.  Low tech missiles seem to have speeds locked to multiples of 100km/s.  I had a missile design that jumped from 0 km/s to 100 km/s with a couple tweaks, and another that was 200 km/s, I haven't done much experimenting yet.

Advanced Tactical Command Academy / Re: Forward jump point defense
« on: Yesterday at 03:15:19 PM »
Yes indeed, I mentioned that a lot of the tactical options are only available if the defender has at least 2 minute warning on missiles, which is a good deal.

Anything big enough to detect them at that range is going to be an enormous target.  But if all the defenders need is warning, not targeting, maybe a huge line of buoys with resolution 1 active sensors could work.  That would be a lot of magazine space, even if the buoys are cheap, and it would need to be something you could automate, because doing 100+ waypoints by hand would be ridiculous.

Also, the buoys would have to have enough reach to see a fast missile crossing its sensor reach, which would mean you need a lot of overlap.

For buoy design, you can apparently get ridiculous duration if you get a .1 msp missile drive with max fuel efficiency.

Still, if you are designing a trap for a higher tech (spoiler), and have the time to prepare and know the approximate vector the (spoiler) is going to approach the warp point, a buoy early warning net might work, while being hard to detect until the enemy got within its own AMM range.  And vs (spoilers), if you can get them to waste their ammo on buoys, GREAT!

Normally, I would argue for one big sensor, as a sensor 10x as big would cover 10x the range, so 10 little sensors in a line would only cover 60 degrees of arc.  But if you want your sensor ships to be able to withdraw as well from a big wave, while still have info about other incoming waves, that is a problem.  If you have high confidence about the vector the AI is coming in on, a 20 degree arc might be sufficient for tactical advantage.  If you are roleplaying a race that has a high sensitivity to casualties in offensive operations, especially vs (spoilers) that have ripped apart a fleet or two, might be a fun approach.

IF you can come up with a minelaying missile deployment technique that doesn't drive you bonkers.  Getting a buoy that can detect missiles across a 5 second flight time might be too big to be usefully deployed, however.  I would do some designs, but Aurora is currently borked, possibly because there is something wrong with my computer, or several things.  5-seconds would be enough for a warning system, as the buoy line would at least detect missiles moving past it, if there were decent overlap.

The Academy / Re: a couple of n00b questions
« on: Yesterday at 02:40:21 PM »
Can you scrap ICBMs, or can you only delete them?  I didn't see a scrap option for them from my shipyard.

The Academy / Re: a couple of n00b questions
« on: Yesterday at 03:57:24 AM »
Sounds like great ideas to try, but aurora is in pop-up death mode right now.  I can't start it, and I can't close the pop-ups, not even the task manager helps.  I can force quit, and restart, but I am having so many bugs that I might have to uninstall completely, again, and try again.  :(

Or wait for 7.2 or something.

The Academy / Re: a couple of n00b questions
« on: Yesterday at 03:41:52 AM »
No, I built a few.  I also noticed a bug in the missiles where they separate into their 2nd stage at 150,000, which is contraindicated for Geo probes!  I posted the corrected version in the thread above.

At least, I built ordnance factories, and completed making a few missiles.  I only made a few, factories and missiles, because the goal was survey on the cheap.

RP-wise, there was this massive shipyard (well, relatively speaking, in terms of employment) gearing up to produce survey ships, and this small ordnance factory was going to get the jump on surveying.  Which was all part of a plot to get more resources invested in missile tech and ordnance, of course, or undermining the corrupt status quo.

I wanted to build as small a geoprobe missile as I could that would do the job, because I figured it didn't matter if the survey itself took a long time, as long as it was done before I needed it and had the means to exploit it.  So I didn't build sized 24 missiles, but I thought you could fire smaller missiles in large launchers, just at the large missile rate of fire?

Advanced Tactical Command Academy / Re: Forward jump point defense
« on: Yesterday at 03:35:24 AM »
That sounds like a pretty cool set of battles, DIT_grue, got any more stuff like that somewhere?

The Academy / Re: a couple of n00b questions
« on: Yesterday at 01:18:26 AM »
Those are conventional missile engines, btw.  I figured that I would research them while I was working on Transnewtonian research in hopes of getting my propulsion scientist some leveling.  Didn't happen.  There was also an accidental race between building up my shipyard to build commercial surveyors and the development of reactor tech that would allow missile based surveying.  I actually timed it so Geosurvey sensors and the reactor tech completed in the same month.

The Academy / How to load missiles in conventional start PDCs?
« on: Yesterday at 01:02:28 AM »
So I wanted to try out survey missiles, experimented a bit, designed

Missile Size: 9.995 MSP  (0.49975 HS)     Warhead: 0    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 10
Speed: 200 km/s    Engine Endurance: 1,767.8 hours   Range: 1,272.8m km
Cost Per Missile: 0.7266
Second Stage: Size 2.995 Buoy(small) x1
Second Stage Separation Range: 0 km
Overall Endurance: 1701 days   Overall Range: 1272.8m km
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 2%   3k km/s 0%   5k km/s 0.4%   10k km/s 0.2%
Materials Required:    0.0165x Boronide   0.685x Uridium   0.0251x Gallicite   Fuel x5250

Development Cost for Project: 73RP

Missile Size: 2.995 MSP  (0.14975 HS)     Warhead: 0    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 10
Speed: 0 km/s    Engine Endurance: 39,062.5 hours   Range: 0.0m km
Geo Sensor Strength: 0.0274    Maximum points: 1070.3125
Cost Per Missile: 0.7016
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 0%   3k km/s 0%   5k km/s 0%   10k km/s 0%
Materials Required:    0.0165x Boronide   0.685x Uridium   0.0001x Gallicite   Fuel x250

Development Cost for Project: 70RP

Yeah, it could take 4 years to survey that 1070 points, but a .1 MSP reduced fuel engine gave that stage all the endurance it needed to survey forever.

But I can't figure out how to get them loaded into the ICBMs I started with, let alone fire them.  I keep getting a message that I do not have enough missiles to load them, which concerns me because I also only want to fire one survey drone per target.

I am having mixed feelings about missile based surveying. While the per survey cost is pretty cheap, the costs of shipping the launcher and magazine adds up.  For handling a dispersed survey, as distinct from asteroid belts, trojans or large moon systems, it seems economical.  And a survey ship design based on a reduced sized launcher and large magazines has a decent conversion to a minelayer.  At least it could do duty as a fleet collier.

It is attractive at the start because you already have the launcher and you don't need to ship it anywhere, (if I could get it to work).

Mechanics / Re: Fuel Modules
« on: March 21, 2017, 06:43:30 PM »
They are cheaper for the amount of fuel they carry.  Very important for tankers and sorium harvesters.

Aurora Bugs / Re: Official v7.10 Bugs Reporting Thread
« on: March 21, 2017, 05:11:40 PM »
Trying to reinstall after some 3201 bugs, got
!   C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\ Cannot open C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\
    The system cannot find the file specified.

I thought I could just start over, cause I thought I did something wrong in the installation, but I keep getting bugs when I try to replace aurora.exe with a fresh copy.

How do you start over if you bugged something?

Aurora Bugs / Re: "Error 3201 was generated by DAO.recordset."
« on: March 21, 2017, 04:45:07 PM »
Ugh.  I can't start a game, I can't delete a game.  I can't even reinstall the game it seems.  I tried changing the commander names, I tried no missile bases, none of the tips above work.

Obviously I need to start over, but I get errors every time I try to reinstall.

Bureau of Ship Design / Re: Odd duck designs
« on: March 20, 2017, 07:00:31 PM »
That satcab is sleazy as hell.  Especially if someone (not me) decided it was the cheapest way to have a long duration sensor platform on a jump point.

But it got me thinking, if you want a ship type to conduct first contact, a cheap long endurance fighter that can support a diplomacy team while the launching ship stays back at the jump point might be the way to go.

Especially if, with no military systems, it shouldn't require any maintenance.  Of course, that would mean no engines.

I really enjoy the idea of hangars being standard on fleet units and survey fleet, so that a fleet built for peacetime exploration can quickly transition to becoming a battlefleet, without needing much refit, just a different fighter load out.  I love the RP potential of the survey fleet coming back for vengeance, "You shot down our peaceful survey shuttle, now see its brethren armed and out for your hide!"

I also like Larry Niven's stories of peaceful humans, going out into the galaxy, and having to turn tech into military purposes.  Perhaps meson weaponry developed as a way of getting emergency power to isolated areas.  Precision is important in that, so yeah, the whole planet has a bunch of point defense PDCs called "emergency power narrowcast units" or some such euphemism.

Advanced Tactical Command Academy / Re: Forward jump point defense
« on: March 20, 2017, 04:39:33 PM »
Late game, once agility tech makes point defense so much more effective, and jump engine tech makes squadrons jump further from the jump point, conventional warp point defense becomes a lot more difficult.

However, this period is also likely to see a transition to point blank missile designs, switching from long ranged missiles for fleet battles to ones that arrive at their targets in 5 seconds, or at least only allow minimal AMM engagement time.  And a beam heavy forward defense fleet could get picked apart under those conditions.

Also, building slow beam ships for forward defense would work against AI, but would be suicidal against a player who could send in BOARDING PODS from 5 second flight time.

Where the main threat is long ranged missile bombardment, however, the difference between the flight time of the missiles and the time it takes to transit offers significant tactical options that do not otherwise exist for a forward jump point defense.

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