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Starfire Rules / Pre-Purchase Question
« on: February 19, 2017, 03:26:28 PM »
I ended up here via a Steam review for another game, which led me from here, to the Starfire website and rules.

I'm interested in buying the Starfire rules from "Starfire Design", but it looks a little shady.

I sent Cralis a PM via this board to ask a couple of questions, but he hasn't been here in a while and there was no response.  No surprise there.  Activity for Starfire is low here.

I've read some things about the Starfire community history and such things happen of course.  That isn't such a big deal for me as I have no favorite starfire version.

What concerns me about Starfire Design at the moment is that the owner seems to be using community members to do all the work on Starfire while he collects the checks for just himself.

Cralis seems to indicate he is not an employee, but he is clearly doing all the major work from what I can see via their board.  Apparently, people are submitting their scans of old products for Cralis to clean up and Starfire Design to then sell.

I would like to buy the product, but I'm not going to support a disreputable business.  It's great to support a product and game you like, but the IP holder shouldn't ransom his product for slave labor.  I wouldn't support that with my business.

Am I off in my assessment?

I apologize ahead of time for such an incendiary comment and question.  I would have preferred to simply ask Cralis privately.  I didn't think contact on the Starfire Design website would be private and asking such a question there publicly would be rude.

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