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  1. Skeleton Ship Designs/Dual Tooling
  2. Turrets and Barrels
  3. Add move button in fleet orders greyed out
  4. Shipping lines
  5. Ruins and NPRs
  6. Jump Mines for Dummies
  7. how do you gather intelligence?
  8. Interupted time increments.
  9. How fast do NPRs generally expand/explore?
  10. Civilian Gate Transit Interrupts
  11. Ground force organization question
  12. Cryogenic modules
  13. any way to "load all but # units"?
  14. Space Master
  15. question about worker shortages
  16. explain standard vs squad transits to me
  17. Can't load missiles from population
  18. Missile/Buoy/Mine Deletion Question
  19. how long do bouys/mines last?
  20. Merging dividing marines
  21. Can't Load Ground Troops
  22. Question on refit
  23. Exclude surveyed
  24. SM question
  25. Surveying question
  26. Questions on crew pool and ground forces
  27. Possible contact?
  28. Unassign all button
  29. Need help understanding PDC
  30. Looking for specifics of military/commercial distinction
  31. Galactic map not working properly
  32. Any way to edit or delete medals?
  33. Sorium harvesters
  34. Question on officers
  35. Conscript crew
  36. Ground unit clarification
  37. Getting Sorium harvester to work
  38. Fire control question
  39. Starting a game with conventional NPRs?
  40. Leaders Window and Assignment Colors
  41. Deleting Shipping Line
  42. Research not working anymore
  43. Question - how do I design and build (or assemble) a PDC
  44. New Jump connexion.
  45. Medals
  46. taskforce refuses to move?
  47. Genetic Modification.
  48. Mechanics inter planetary civil war, mid game. Possible?
  49. on the subject of attacking planets
  50. How to make a jump gate? (ver.6.21)