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  1. Exclude surveyed
  2. SM question
  3. Surveying question
  4. Questions on crew pool and ground forces
  5. Possible contact?
  6. Unassign all button
  7. Need help understanding PDC
  8. Looking for specifics of military/commercial distinction
  9. Galactic map not working properly
  10. Any way to edit or delete medals?
  11. Sorium harvesters
  12. Question on officers
  13. Conscript crew
  14. Ground unit clarification
  15. Getting Sorium harvester to work
  16. Fire control question
  17. Starting a game with conventional NPRs?
  18. Leaders Window and Assignment Colors
  19. Deleting Shipping Line
  20. Research not working anymore
  21. Question - how do I design and build (or assemble) a PDC
  22. New Jump connexion.
  23. Medals
  24. taskforce refuses to move?
  25. Genetic Modification.
  26. Mechanics inter planetary civil war, mid game. Possible?
  27. on the subject of attacking planets
  28. How to make a jump gate? (ver.6.21)
  29. explain ground combat to me
  30. does morale affect terraformers or sorium harvesters?
  31. Bridge on PDC
  32. Fire and forget?
  33. Constantly 60 second Increments
  34. Fighters on PDCs
  35. MOVED: What kind of processor/gaming rig is best for Aurora?
  36. Time On Target Synchronized Firing?
  37. Out of neutronium, civilian ships not being built
  38. how to train a fleet? and what does a carrier need?
  39. Monitor Design
  40. Transporting ammunition in civillian ships
  41. How to Control Unrest in Colonies
  42. buying fuel from civilians?
  43. Renaming my empire in Spacemaster mode
  44. more newbie questions
  45. Changing Alien icons in the Galaxy Map
  46. how to update a ship once i change it's class design?
  47. Is there a way to focus on mining a particular mineral?
  48. Commercial ships usually can't load auto mines
  49. How to See the Bottom of a Tab
  50. how to approach/investigate aliens?