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  1. My First Fleet Design [Magneto-plasma]
  2. Oh, the Humanity: Designs
  3. More love for ground formations.
  4. Missile Frigate
  5. Dirt cheap jumpgate sensor platform
  6. Is this Railgun FAC any good?
  7. 'Submarines'
  8. Misc. Primitive Fighter Craft, Shepherd Class & Tetra Class
  9. Serbian Armed Deep Space Survey Vessel Infinite Skies-class (Start Tech)
  10. Assault Ship w/ Fighters and Support Ships
  11. Design Assistance SSBN equivalency
  12. Gestalt Class Cruiser, Duranium / Nuclear Thermal
  13. Resolution Cruiser Class
  14. Built in Desperation: The First Warships of the Terran Federation
  15. Some designs, will they work?
  16. Ships of the Accord
  17. Feedback on my first task force?
  18. Dreadnaught Class War Cruiser Leader [quik n' dirty]
  19. Consolidated Class Patrol Cruiser [quik n' dirty]
  20. Pepperbox Missile Corvette, Improved Nuclear Pulse / High-Density Duranium
  21. Diligent Class Frigate, Nuclear Thermal Warship
  22. Ground Force Organization
  23. Rescue Ship
  24. Do you class by Weight or by Role?
  25. Real life military organizations, equipment and personnel.
  26. Science Vessel Design
  27. UECNS Nemesis in Aurora (Ridiculous Max Tech super ship/Fanart)
  28. Ship designs tonnage
  29. First Warships in C#
  30. Ultra-Low Tech Science Team w/ Transport
  31. Multi-Purpose Frigate Concept, Minuteman Class Frigate
  32. Container Carrier, a Universal Freighter Concept [Quik n' Dirty]
  33. Strategic Artillery Battalion
  34. PD Fighter Analysis
  35. Choosing an offensive beam parasite
  36. My first CV + Bomber
  37. Ships of the USSRE: The destroyers
  38. Independent Cruiser
  39. What to do if Flight Crew Berths are not sufficient?
  40. First serious attepts to build a fleet
  41. STO
  42. Fighters and how to make them?
  43. Jump Tenders - A Different Approach
  44. Stationary Jump Point Defence
  45. Carrier Strike Group Critique
  46. Missile centric fleet crtique
  47. STO Engineering: how much armor to use?
  48. Warp point assaulting I need a SBMHAWK
  49. Fleet Design
  50. When are reduced-size lasers worthwhile?