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Posted by: Paul M
« on: March 13, 2013, 07:13:14 AM »

I have fairly extensive lists of old components...but I often forget to reuse them.  Shuttles I think for the SCN are pretty much used up, as I have lots of space stations that use 9 shuttles each.  The RM have collected quite a few systems from refitting the Buer ships and I was looking at refitting their SS with those systems I just need to calculate better what I need to install.  But I think if I shift 5 SY to the rear I free up 400 HS and that should be sufficient to do a good job installing some defences (they have around 89 F's!).  Should work fairly quickly as they have a total of 40 yards between the two stations...490 HS per turn...200 to refit the 5 yards and 290 of 400 to build them back on...looks like around 4 turns for the pair of stations.  I just need to calculate the cost by hand.

The drakes on the other hand I'm really not sure where the heck their old shuttles are...I'm all but certain they are in the home system.
Posted by: Starslayer_D
« on: March 12, 2013, 01:17:54 PM »

Hmm..  dang.. i always forget to keep track of old tech removed.. I guess it just gets dumped into some wharehouse and gathers dust. :( shuttles included.

I guess if economies where much stricter it would matter more where surplus ends up.
Posted by: Paul M
« on: March 12, 2013, 09:56:27 AM »

Basically the only time this happens, at least for me, is when I am upgrading from shuttle to assault shuttle or adding in pinances then I end up with a temporary number of excess older smallcraft.  They get moved by the CFN to places that need them.  I would personally not worry about it unless you are talking about armed smallcraft of some sort or someone is clearly using them for colonization purposes.  Otherwise they should be absorbed by the players other units inside of 5-10 turns.

Again if someone is abusing this then you can charge them maintenance on the shuttles and back date it and put it in the misc cost area of the turn balance window.  I would charge them in this case the cost of a spaceport's maintenance fee for a PDC on highest population centre in the system.  Basically if they are using up space in the free civillian space port they pay.

I should also point out most of the time these systems, in my case, I have a PDC with a spaceport that can support the smallcraft so it isn't an issue for me (I'm paying maintenance on the spaceport and its capacity can support the shuttles).  For my NPC partners which had this issue I'm not sure this is always the case but they have a lot of bases and such that could be considered providing support for the excess smallcraft.  I'm not sure where the heck the shuttles ended up when I converted over to assault shuttles actually...their homesystem I think.

If the players are abusing the system it is worth doing something about it, otherwise it isn't I would think worth the hassel of bothering about.  A few gentle reminders should prompt the player to do something about the stray smallcraft...  As SM you can always delete them if they don't catch the subtle, gentle hint.
Posted by: Edsel
« on: March 12, 2013, 09:35:50 AM »

Starfire Assistant will allow you to build small craft and simply assign them to system items. Do these small craft require maintenance?  Normally small craft maintenance is considered to be covered by the cost paid to maintain their parent unit, but what about those assigned to a system that have no parent unit?
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