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Starfire Rules / Re: Raiding Rules?
« on: May 01, 2017, 06:01:23 AM »
Well, as the unified rules never got published I can't say, unfortunately.

What do the later SF rules editions say? (I've never got them as the tech trees and hundreds of dice resolutions didn't quite appeal to me. Also lack of SF assistant).

Starfire Rules / Re: Raiding Rules?
« on: April 29, 2017, 03:29:45 PM »
The raiding rules were published in Imperial Starfire, but I am not sure they even got an update with SM2. (at least not without rereading). Raiding in Starfire is difficult as unobserved point of contact usually only happened with closed WPs.

Starfire / Re: [SF] Theban Empire
« on: November 25, 2016, 11:36:19 AM »
Month 265, Undine Space, Helium System, day 9, once again into the breach...

First Warleader Giovanni Gambesone wondered what those charged by the capi de tuti capii to enter this system and help their undine allies might have thought when they met their doom in this expanse of rocks, asteroids, lifeless worlds all lit in a reddish glare from its orange primary and red companion. For real estate this system was pretty not much but for the wealth of its four substantial belts. But strategically it was priceless. Maybe it was foolish to return here, but the eight inhabited systems cut off from the main undine expanses had demanded attention. Ok.. seven systems now, the implacable aliens in their red hulled ships had apparently managed to find the isolated Neon system and eradicated it. But Tantalum at least was able to get updated blueprints and release its guarding fleet for a desperately needed upgrade by moving in here together with the retribution fleet of the undines.
Now the combined might of the Undines and the Cartell guarded the warp point towards Tungsten, where the whole long, drawn out war had started. Privately he was less sure about the wisdom of focusing here, as there were at least two other open points of contact. But also here was the only one where no fixed defenses had been emplaced. Maybe once the Undines got their disorganised selves to build some they could release the fleet gathered here. But having lost so many systems, the undines suffered financial strain.
Still, the foe behaved way less aggressive than before, retreating from the system before the combined fleet. Now, with the reinforcements liberated from Tantalum, it was a mighty force indeed.
The Cartell had brought a combination of the Undine support force and the now defunct Bullet relief force, with nine Killer IV Battleships, twelve Shotgun escort battle cruisers, six Creeper class battle cruisers, twelve carnage class heavy cruisers and twenty Obliterator IV destroyers. These guarded three Butcher class carriers with thirteen Bushwhacker IV light carriers and four Bloodmaker strike carriers. Together these provided 304 improved strike fighters, a few less than their full complements but some had been lost due to accidents.
(ok, somehow 43 fighters went awol... *shrug*. It didn't make a difference)
These were joined by the undines nine Tango Class battleships, nine whiskey class Battle cruisers, fifteen whiskey class battle cruisers, twelve Romeo class heavy cruisers and nine Alpha class light carriers, providing 108 prototype fighters.
now the fleets had settled in and waited, and a week ago the foe had probed the situation with at least one pinnace. having learned from past battle reports, Gambesonne elected to have his fleet stand somewhat back, at four and a half light second, with the heavy cruisers, destroyers and carriers even further back. No use having the enemy kill his lighter combatants right away. Admittedly, the capital force beams now employed allowed a more distant stance than before. The undines joined his stance, just their carriers stayed even further back, way out of reach from missiles. Anyway, as he watched the quietly humming activity from his flag bridge, something changed....
"Contact! Contact! One,.. two, .. three...  four...five.. six... multiple.. whohaa.. Sir... we have six heavies and  lot of small craft.. sensors overloaded by interpenetration glares."
The sensor techs sounded quite exited, but understandably so. Six dreadnaughts had emerged from the warp point, followed by forty-five destroyers, three hundred and sixty gunboats and two hundred and sixteen armed pinnaces. The gunboats were joined by a further 96 from the dreadnaughts racks, and though some died by interpenetrations, that still left almost four hundred gunboats and one hundred eighty one pinnaces on the warp point., swarming around the thirty-nine surviving destroyers.
Alert gunnery crews started to exchange fire with the leading dreadnaught, whose capital missile fire revealed it to be a catapult class ship, as his compatriots. They all focused on an undine Victor class battle cruiser, sending explosion after explosion into the hapless ships passive defences, stripping away shields and armour until an engine room died in the fire. In return, the Catapult was relieved of some of its massive shields, while the destroyers send wave after wave of missiles into the minefield, eroding them into nothingness.
"All ships, advance on course hundred twenty degrees from the warp point!" The allied fleet warmed up its engines and put some distance between itself and the point, making the small craft come to them. Lead by the pinnaces, who tested the absence of the minefield by advancing into it, the swarm pounced, followed by the destroyers while another six dreadnaughts emerged. This time demolishers. Apparently the foe only had its usual complement of heavies. But where did all those small craft come from? The war leader definitely was happy that he didn't have to meet this fleet in deep space, but maybe the two months his force had spend in Helium had been necessary for the foe to concentrate his force? still, this hinted at quite some fleets close by. Or maybe they had upset the red aliens own plans? Who knew?
Furious fire between the destroyers and the defenders left another Victor damaged, and four destroyers damaged and one destroyed. Such light craft had shown their uses against smaller fleets, but the concentrated firepower here was deadly. still, fourteen of the destroyers were of a new type with four advanced missile launchers each. Maybe the aliens had planned them for a use against tantalum, which utilised a lot of fighters in its defence? Next the allied fire shifted to the approaching gun boats, but range and them being difficult targets accounted only for twenty-two of them.
But this changed in the next exchange. One hundred and nine gunboats died, along with several destroyers damaged, and one Catapult loosing most of its engines. In return, only one Victor class battle cruiser lost its defences. But then the gunboats, destroyers and the evading allied fleet all converged.
The gunboats rapidly melted under the fire of the converging allied fleet, including the closing heavy cruisers and destroyers. After they ran out of gunboats the allies started to savage the red fleets destroyers. But it was not all one-sided, the destroyers and gunboats managed to get shots off themselves, and although not at point blank range, still it was enough to destroy four shotgun class battle cruisers and heavily damage a fifth and destroy three undine Victor class battle cruisers and damage a fourth. While the allied fleet continued to run before the still dangerous armed pinnaces, the launched Cartell fighters swept closer and the CAP dove into the pinnaces.
There they reaped small craft i droves, leaving 65 dead after them, but loosing sixteen of their number. Meanwhile the armed pinnaces picked apart the damaged shotgun class battle cruiser, and then went to eliminate a Creeper class battle cruiser. Together with the red fleets destroyers they damaged another two, including one whose main damage was having its magazines rendered inoperable by needle beams, but with the escorting heavy cruisers and battle cruisers, all destroyers and armed pinnaces were eliminated. But the foe now had twelve dreadnaughts and battleships and six battle cruisers of its own and another 260 gun boats on the warp point. Undaunted, the allied fleet drove closer, bringing all its weapons to bear but for the still closing fighters. Strangely enough, the red fleet transited out its beam armed Demolishers, together with their gunboats. The ensuing exchange of fire saw a Catapult obliterated and another damaged, but also lost the cartell two Creeper class battle cruisers. Then the surviving catapults transited out with their gunboats docked, followed by the twelve battleships and six battle cruisers warping out together before the allied fighters and the fleet approached into range to deal serious damage.

First Warleader Giovanni Gambesone saw tem leave with relief. Yes he could have killed even more heavy ships had they stayed, but also the hostile gunboats would have been able to pounce upon his ships and kill even more of them. But the battle had been costly, three Whiskeys destroyed and one damaged for the undines, and his own fleet five Shotguns and three Creepers destroyed, an obliterator gutted, and another Creeper unable to fire its main broadside launchers. For all this they had damaged three dreadnaughts and killed one, but then only 42 destroyers and four hundred gunboats and two hundred armed pinnaces. Privately he thought that the red fleet had once again done better, with its looses more easily replaced. On the other hand, they had shown that they could destroy huge numbers of gunboats and small craft with relative ease, and they had blunted a major assault, and retailed Helium as a hub system. Now they could stand down and deal with potential hostile populations on once undine worlds branching from Helium.

Ok, I tried a more cinematic style, not writing down each individual salvo for easier reading and faster write-ups. Hope its better. Also you know your campaign is different when the local hive mind simul transits OUT to save its ships.

Game/Book Reviews / Re: Stellaris coming soon
« on: May 27, 2016, 04:28:48 AM »
We got any nice ethos/governement trait combinations yet. i'm not to sold on pacifism... not after having several colony planets in early game blocked due to stone-age primitives living on them. 8The ones you can't even uplift :( ). any advise what edict I have to issue to allow that planet to be settled? Or do I have to learbn Uplift (allthough doesn't that onyl work on non-sentients?). on the other hand, smae game I found Sol inhabited by early space age humans. :) Now have to buold an observatory and teach them how to be spacefaring allies.

Starfire / Re: [SF] Theban Empire
« on: May 19, 2016, 03:31:01 AM »
(I'd trade your situation for the one the thebans are in in regards to the red fleet guys. I mean..  I have about 25+ habitable worlds within 2 jumps of the multiple contact points. :) )

Game/Book Reviews / Re: Stellaris coming soon
« on: May 12, 2016, 08:41:15 AM »
Well, I am happy, the game is not fast-paced but I am having fun. Right now still on first game and learning, I am certain next run through I'll avoid many mistakes, like buildinga  nmining station on every 1 resource rock etc.
also at least in this game habitables are scarce for me.

Links / Re: Stellaris
« on: May 10, 2016, 09:48:16 AM »
You can only govern 5 planets directly, for the otehrs you need to create sectors witha governor. Defence is still your concern, but the civilian stuff is done by the sector.

Game/Book Reviews / Re: Stellaris coming soon
« on: May 10, 2016, 02:10:44 AM »
Ok, downloaded yesterday, started playing a tutorial game.. 6 hours later at 2:00 am reluctantly tore myself from the PC.
Still indiscovery phase, created my first colony just before log-out. Researching colony ship was slowed down as I met so many organic riddles my social research was constantly interupted. But oh boy... ancient minder drones, ancient extragalactic railgun shots missing my ship, gas clod entities, space whales, crystal entities, precursor empires you caan reseach, space amoebas (killing them and then invstigating the wreckage gives nie new tech and research boosts).

There is so much to do.. so hard to say which decissions are positive and not...each of the events can lead to an event chain or new research etc. its just wow! WOW!

I am not sure how multiplayer will work out, as its definitely slower that say.. Endless Legend, but the game is rich.. very rich, and can keep you busier than a dog chassing his tail.

Starfire / Re: [SF] Theban Empire
« on: April 30, 2016, 01:48:44 PM »
Month 259, Theban empire, Irtisen Secundus system
*Another planet, another reassuring visit to the local colonists, another dinner, and back on the patrol loop.* Patrol Force Two was a fleet command, but not an exiting one
for Third Lay Magician Sekeret. For the last two years and five months he had been doing a loop of outlying systems, showing presence and hoping for a promotion away from this task. *At least the crew are happy, as they do get fairly often leave to visit a planet where the fleet is welcome, have a drink, see pretty girls, and be far away
before any father with a shotgun shows up. Anyway, time to descend into orbit.*
"Sir, local traffic controll is requesting our attention." "Yes, Communications, what do they have?" "sir, they are tracking converging inbounds." That was unusual...  when
probing a system, one tries not to seem threatening towards any local species. 2do we have a vector?2 2Sir, they seem to be heading for a meeting point about four light minutes off planet." "Ok, they must know we are here, but at a guess not our strength. Contact Captain Malingar and Captain Te-amun, they are to stay behind the planet with Setekh 15 and Setekh 16, while we stay on the inbound side. Maybe we can provide a little surprise."
soon the other two battle cruisers of the patrol force changed their vector and slid behind the fragile blue orb with 11 million theban colonists, while six unknown contacts converged slowly before closing in on the planet.

"Sir, we have an identification. These appear to be engines as used by the red hulled aliens we have hostilities with." Hostilities was a mild word for seven burned planets
and millions of dead, not to speak of three survey fleets and ships assembled in Pedise to support the Cannon Cartell. His choices were limited, though. Irtisen was just a 
small planet, but the warp point leading into the system was closed. Thus he could not retreat  and risk being shadowed to it, and besides.. eleven million people, and
those pretty girls.
It was time, the hostiles closed in. "Sir, we confirm, six light cruisers, and now detaching thirty gunboats." As the gun boats closed to five light seconds, the other two battle cruisers slid from behind the planet to join their flag-ship. Evidently caught by surprise, the gun boats where just three light seconds away, right in optimal range for the theban advanced missile launchers. The huge and expensive electronics on board of his flag-ship went into action, and with four salvoes spread across four wings of the incoming swarm of attack craft, enough were on target to penetrate their point defence and eliminate twelve gunboats in one exchange of fire. Cheers broke out on the bridge at this, only to swiftly abate as the crew returned to their duty.
"Heading sixty to port, engage in second degree engine modulation!" Aye Aye sir, sixty to port, modulating2 responded the helm. The modern theban cruisers were as nimble as their small foes, and now these had the choice to close in or suffer long range fire. Close in they did, but they also started to modulate to throw off the theban fire control. But this was not enough, only three scattered gunboats somehow evaded the fireballs which swatted their comrades out of the sky, their point defence negated by the sprint mode launch. Also, three theban SBM from their external ordinance racks slammed into one of the light cruisers. These also did not break of, most likely not to reveal their entrance warp point as well.

The light cruisers closed quickly, met by the theban battle cruiser, but their force beams could only scratch the shields of Setekh 16, while in return at just under two light seconds the theban missiles could be fired in sprint mode, penetrating the defences of one light cruiser and damaging the shields and armour on a second one. Undeterred, the enemy light cruisers closed in again but for the one which had lost engines, while the theban ships started heavy modulations again. Sudenly an astonished cry came from as rogation: "Sir, they are on ramming course on Setekh 15!" Again, the aliens had a surprise for the races of the galaxy, as five light cruisers tried to meet the wildly evading battle cruiser head on. Only one ship was on a directly convergent course, and despite some desperate close range fire, it crashed into Setekh 15 and both ships vanished into a titanic fireball. The slightly damaged one from before was whipped out by a sprint mode salvo, but another salvo failed to penetrate a third ships passives. Luckily the red fleets cruisers had to turn around before following the diminished patrol fleet, but as the Setekh class was only equipped with commercial engines, they stayed on the patrol fleets tail. Both damaged ships were slowed to a crawl by the first salvo split between them, but one of the undamaged light cruisers again proved to be very resilient and only lost its shields and a massive chunk of armour. In return, they eliminated the last armour from Setekh 16. again the last two swift light cruisers tried to ram, this time the flag ship, but failed. Both ships now lost their passives and some engines, but not their force beams, and thus Setekh 16 lost two engine rooms. But the hostiles were not on a convergent course, and thus the patrol force managed to gain some distance. This proved to be the last exchange of fire. While they managed a defiant last broadside of force beams into Setekh 16, damaging her further, their mobility and weapons were eliminated in the response, allowing the lay magicians fleet to mob them up at leisure despite some feeble attempts to close the distance. For the first time, the theban navy had gained a victory against the red fleet, and was able to inspect the wreckage.

Game/Book Reviews / Re: Stellaris coming soon
« on: April 20, 2016, 12:44:26 PM »
I wonder is its multi-player. And purchasers of the advanced packs can play as the arachnid omnivoracy.

Starfire / Re: [SF] Theban Empire
« on: April 12, 2016, 03:23:03 PM »
Month 257, Theban empire, Nun fleet base

The last courier drone from Lay Magician Khut had been quite expletive... he had cursed the cheap ass fleet bureaucracy for denying his ships the modern weapons and defences they could have used to .. die less one sided. But something had to be done to modernise the survey fleets, give that with a few months three had fallen to enemy action. in theory the concept was sound, but anti-matter warheads and advanced missile launchers might have made a difference, as well as maybe some more escorting ships. As a stop-gag, the Andromedan survey fleet could be split up to provide each survey fleet with two survey frigates with a force beam. But modernisation, especially of the fighters, was called for.
The contact in system 1962 had turned out to be another force of six red fleet light cruisers. But unlike the others, these had been armed with force beams. Small consolidation for the survey ships, which thanks to their damaged engines could not even attempt to outrun them. At least Lay magician Khut had sold the lives of hi command dearly, eliminating all gun boats launched at his ships and heavily damaging one of the hostile cruisers. But small salvoes of missiles did not do much against the advanced point defences and heavy passives of the hostile ships. Interestingly enough, they to seemed to have suffered some maintenance failures, as not all used their beam, and some had been slowed as well.
It might be costly, but to prevent a revolt among the survey specialists, it was proposed to add another escort carrier to each survey fleet and a trio of patrol battle cruisers including a command ship, as these could keep up with the survey ships due to sharing the commercial engines. At the least, this would handle any further attacks by small cruiser forces roughly. And provide a solid pool of well trained battle cruisers should the need arise.

Starfire / Re: [SF] Theban Empire
« on: April 02, 2016, 11:06:39 AM »
Month 255, Undine expanses, Chromium System

The joined fleet had raced into Chromium, only to find the system abandoned after the Lithium Fleet had raced through the system into Cobalt. The red hulled aliens had retreated before the combined fleet. Maybe they too were overextended? Nevertheless, Lithium fleet will remain in Cobalt and support the defences to be build there  on the Chromium warp point, supported by a carrier heavy expeditionary force from the somewhat overzealous but still allied fellow pinipedian life forms, the Church of the holy Seal, who thus joined the war alliance against the Red Fleet. The allied fleet returned to lithium to prepare for their foray into Helium to reconnect Tantalum.

Month 257, Undine expanses, Lithium
The allied fleet returned to Lithium just in time to encounter grave news. The Warp point leading from Lithium to Hafnium, a dead end worthless system had just been probed by a red fleet gun boat. Given the central importance of Lithium, all thoughts of leaving Lithium unattended were rejected, and although it hurt to abandon Tantalum, Lithium was even more important as it lay directly next to Ocean, the Undine home system.

Month 257, Theban empire, System 1962
The system 1962 had never received anything beyond a catalogue number as the Theban practice was only to grace habited systems or those found in their early explorations with a name. Also, the lifeless rock balls and gas giant moons of the system were nor really worth much given that the Thebans had found far more hospitable worlds elsewhere. But the system was a well travelled nexus, holding eight warp points leading to many systems with habitable worlds and within two jumps no less than seven other races. For all its importance, it was not in a core area of the empire, although close and connected to them by means of the warp lines radiating from it. and thus, it was not monitored regularly, given that the empire contained many such systems of importance, but had not the means to fortify al of them. But maybe monitoring might have been wise.
At least this was the thought of Ninth Lay Magician Khut as he watched the tactical display on his flag bridge. He was currently bringing back his command, the Survey Force 9  to the closest Yards at Nun, after having suffered maintenance failure staying overlong surveying Minkhat Secundus,a  rich prize indeed with several asteroid belts and a rich and benign world.
But now his fleet was in their passage detecting another survey force scattered over the system 1962, and just as he could observe them, the surveying ships converged towards a mutual assembly point somewhere ahead on his current course towards Nun.


Starfire / Re: [SF] Theban Empire
« on: March 12, 2016, 04:50:13 AM »
Month 254, Undine Expanses, Lithium system

wind lord sea Horse looked at his subordinate, considering what he should do about the newest report. "So after being newly assigned to survey fleet 2, you went over the local survey records? and you discovered that we had a warp point which was never probed, but also was not belonging to any known ally or contact?"
"Yes Sir! I immediately ordered a reconnaissance. And we found an unknown system beyond it, a binary with the main star being a clue giant. Thus we have a high probability of further warp points."
This was on one hand very welcome news, but.. to have overlooked this possibility faced with all the pain and losses of the last years... heads would certainly roll for this.

One week later, after the survey fleet had been dispatched into the new system, news came from the Chromium system, two jumps down the last intact old exploitation chain which formed the backbone of the central remnant of the undines realm. A contact had been sighted, and swiftly resolved into an invasion fleet from the red hulled aliens. again, the undine people had no resources at hand to stop the annihilation of their citizens. But the newest fleet for another liberation attempt for helium was assembling in lithium and was swiftly dispatched towards Chromium, hopefully in time to save the systems further down-chain from discovery. This force was almost twice as powerful as the last one lost in Helium, and included carriers from the Cartell and the Undines.

Starfire / Re: [SF] Theban Empire
« on: March 05, 2016, 12:02:12 PM »
Ok, that was a long one with holidays etc. interfering. 55 Corvettes and many small craft made it quite a bit of work to set up and resolve. Turn 255 will bring another fight, and maybe again one where the allies will do good. I guess the red fleet may have to rethink their standard fleet composition a bit. Still, for now it's an uphill battle for the universe, and the red fleet will remain a danger for quite a while, mostly as unlike usual, they didn't tart with a tech disadvantage, nor a production disadvantage. all the races arrayed against them definitely have more production, but with the supply network rules, applying it is harder. And so far local superiority has been with the red fleet. But more and more allied races are deploying fighters now, and the Cartell, Undines, and Norse Yeti have been able to reverse engineer some technology. The Cartell has had the best of it, only lacking the second generation laser torpedoes and F2s...

Starfire / Re: [SF] Theban Empire
« on: March 05, 2016, 11:55:20 AM »
Month 253, Cannon Cartell, Second Expansion Branch, Bullet System

With tension the defenders awaited the coming assault. That the Red Fleet would assault was a given, but when. For once the yet enigmatic aliens had declined to immediately follow up on a probe. Most likely they were formulating a response to the presence of Cartell fighters. But how would it manifest?
The Norse Yetis had send twelve battle cruisers and a staggering 54 corvettes to aid in defending the system, all crewed by superbly trained warriors. Unfortunately they were technologically obsolete by the standards of this conflict. On the other hand, they lend numbers to a defensive force which due to the local supply situation was rather small. Six heavy cruisers, twelve light carriers and fifteen destroyers reinforced the six Class 3 weapon platforms guarding the warp point. While the Yetis hung close to the warp point, only three light seconds of to bring their laser weapons to bear, the Cartell forces were further back, with the heavy cruisers at four light seconds and the bases at six, with the carriers and their escorting destroyers even further back to avoid being swarmed over by small craft.

But given the recent encounter in Bootlegger next door, all battle cruisers of the Red Fleet were priority targets to remove their advanced gun/missile launchers from the equation as fast as possible, and allowing the fighters the best chance to inflict damage.

The long wait ended quite suddenly and in an unexpected way. Twenty-seven destroyers blinked into existence on the warp point, and two immense fireballs announced that four of them managed to interpenetrate. Six more destroyers arrived conventionally. Then they started to take the Yetis corvettes under fire with three force beams each. These were those quite resilient ships which had given the undines trouble once, but used in a new way. Nineteen of the destroyers used their force beams to eliminate two corvettes. The corvettes which activated retaliated and destroyed a destroyer and damaged a second one with a laser each. But seven of the other destroyers fired anti-mine-missiles into the minefield and eliminated five patterns, halving the strength in that sector. Only six of the Yeti battle cruisers activated, but this was enough to eliminate two of these destroyers. The two Cartell Destroyer II class bases which activated destroyed a third one despite its deployed EDM missiles. The lone cartel cruiser could only clear away the crippled two gun destroyers, leaving four of them to recycle their launchers.

Six battleships arrived through the warp point and launched 72 gunboats, followed by another simultaneous transit of 72 armed pinnaces, ten of which interpenetrated, leaving 60. The disregard of their own lives displayed by the aliens here left the allied commanders somewhat stunned, allowing two the gun armed destroyer to link up and fire their mine-clearing missiles again, reducing the minefield strength to 30% in the sector. The reporting name Lynx was assigned to these, and Kirishima to the force beam armed ones.

Three Yeti battle cruisers then fired as once, and destroyed one of the two Lynxes, but the other one stubbornly kept at its task and reduced the minefield strength to 20% of what the field started out with. The Kishimas used the pause given by the destruction of the Lynxes to cripple four corvettes, slowing them down instead of eliminating them. The corvettes shifted to shooting at gunboats, killing  27of them. Three Cartell cruiser eliminated the two remaining lynxes, and three bases took out a Kirishima. The six Daiku class battleships crippled another three corvettes.
Then the Kigishimas advanced, sweeping through the remaining mines and closed some to the corvettes while leaving two of their number behind, and the Daikus also advanced slightly. Six more battleships arrived on the waypoint and disgorged their parasite crafts.
First to fire were the three destroyers who had not yet done so, and their surprise was a nasty one, they used primaries and destroyed two engine rooms on a Skadi battle cruiser doing so. It also made them priority targets. For reporting purpose, they were named the Sturmfeur class for their weapons able to pierce all armour. In return, a data group of Skadies eliminated a Sturmfeur. The Daikus responded, carving away at a Skadies armour with their beams. This merry exchange continued once more, destroying another two Sturmfeuers and leaving the Skadi slowed down due to the loss of three engine rooms. One Kigishima was crippled, and removed a crippled corvette with its remaining beam.
 Then the battle descended into an exchange of beams between the corvettes and the destroyers. The Six new battleships revealed themselves as Marauders by taking out the lonely Thief class corvette hovering just in range of its data-gathering sensors, and then another Hodur class frigate and a crippled one. It seems that the Yeti were not meant to gain technological data from this fight.
The Cartell cruisers damaged another Kigishima, and the bases ripped the shields and some armour off one marauder.

Then another five BBs arrived, followed by 42 gunboats, of whom 36 survived. The red fleets destroyers advanced by half a light second, modulating their engines while the six battleships already in system dashed ahead and started to unleash salvoes into the yeti battle cruisers. But even this titanic display of firepower only managed to remove one Yeti battle cruisers from datalink and damaging the armour on another. Both of these where then breached and slowed by the six marauders on the warp point with later torpedoes, while the yeti battle cruisers whipped a battleship from space and damaged another one. This now left four battle cruisers slowed down near the warp point. The cartel CA’s destroyed a damaged red fleet destroyer, and damaged another one, while the corvettes and destroyers engages in mutual slow erosion of their presence, hampered by both sides using evasive manoeuvring. The gunboats all stayed on the warp point but the armed pinnaces advanced somewhat into a position to pounce should the defenders still remain on the warp point. The final exchange was by the bases, but of fifty missiles thrown at a Marauder class battleship, only two managed to evade the point defence and scrap more armour.
while the Daikus pushed further, and the allied fleet moved off the warp point, six red fleet battle cruisers materialised. Finally the targets the allies had hoped to eliminate first were present, but no longer in optimal range for most of their ships. still the Norse Yeti were quick of the mark, initiating the exchange of fire. But the Daikus had gotten too close, and their data nets went down by jamming. The first BC to fire scrubbed more armour of a Daiku, in return a Skadi battle cruiser got seriously damaged. His comrades continues to fire, and heavily damaged the Daiku and stripped most of the armour of a second one. The Marauders targeted the bases, but for a lucky first salvo did not damage them, while the bases salvoes damaged a battle cruiser heavily. These revealed themselves to be Quickdraws by firing their lasers at the Norse battle cruisers for negligible effect. The corvettes focused on the Daiku with armour damage, but they didn't manage to breach its defences, with only 24 lasers hitting. Meanwhile the armed pinnaces swept over the slowed battle cruisers and slaughtered them wholesale with their mounted lasers. The destroyers managed only to damage two corvettes, and in return the cartel cruisers whipped two of them out, leaving seven in the fight.
Now the armed pinnaces turned away from pursuing the battle cruisers, towards the three bases between the warp point and the carriers. This set up a flurry of activity, with the corvettes and the cartel cruisers turning to intercept them, leaving the remaining battle cruisers and battleships to duke it out. The gunboats as well moved though the breach in the minefields, with sixty peeling off towards the other three bases and the remaining 213 moving somewhat indeterminate towards the battle cruisers. The Red fleets destroyers also moved off after the corvettes, trying to keep themselves in the play. Meanwhile, the Cartells fighters moved forward, nearing the bases from the other side. Also, another six battle cruisers arrived through the warp point.
Once again a Norse battle cruiser fired first, unloading into the battleships the corvettes had weakened from less than a light second. The battle cruiser hit with all lasers, ripping deeply into the battleships engines. In return, two battleships eviscerated a Norse battle cruisers. By the time the intense fire was resolved, only two unscathed battleships remained, and three undamaged Norse battle cruisers with a fourth having lost its armour. The Cartell bases stripped the passives from a newly arrived battle cruiser, but in return, after seeing one salvo defeated by the bases point defence, the red fleets Marauders managed to breach one base with laser torpedoes and remove it from its data group.
Then the Cartell heavy cruisers engaged the destroyers in close range with plasma guns and sprint mode missiles, and allocating fire a bit conservatively, destroyed dour of them, but with better allocation possibly could have destroyed more. still, this removed the destroyer force as a factor from the battlefield. And the cruisers advanced point defence took out seven armed pinnaces. Twenty-seven armed pinnaces managed to fire, then the corvettes had eliminated the ones still bearing arms unfired, and eliminated a few more. Leaving twenty-three armed pinnaces in space, but most likely unable to fire again at the bases. In return, ten corvettes lost armour and engines, but their sacrifice saved the bases.
But no, not carrying for their safety, the remaining pinnaces just raced on and hurled themselves like huge guided missile onto the three bases, trying to bring them down. Twelve were in targets, but only one on each base survived the defensive fire.
The Norse battle cruisers turned to run, prolonging the chase for the gunboats. The corvettes and the heavy cruisers followed the armed pinnaces to prevent further ramming, and the three still capable destroyers moved closer to the bases, as well. another three battle cruisers appeared on the warp pint, signalling a possible end to the number of ships still coming through. And the seven still capable battleships continued to chase the battle cruisers. The Cartell fighters as well dove into the fur ball around the bases. The battle cruisers and the battleships exchanged fire, leaving one battleship and one cruiser crippled, and another cruiser stripped of its armour. The bases fired on the damaged marauder class battleship, and managed to breach its armour finally. In return the second base group lost one base from its data link. And eight armed pinnaces died as the first base group focused all point defence on them. One of the destroyers fired on the bases, but this drew an immediate response from the Cartell cruisers, and they damaged the other two. One was able to return fire taking out the passives of a second base, but the other cruiser group then finally killed the destroyers, and the cruisers took out the last pinnaces with their point defence. with no other targets, the corvettes eliminated the wrecked destroyers with long range sniping from their lasers. Ina  final exchange, the second wave of battleships dealt with one Norse battle cruiser, and stripped the armour of a second one, leaving only one undamaged norse capital ship in the battle. In return, they had crippled five Daiku class battleships, notoriously hard targets, an almost unparalleled number yet in the known record of engagements with this implacable foe.

The allied battle cruisers managed to gain some distance as the red Fleer Daiku class battleships bunched up into a solid element, but only a total of six remained undamaged from the eleven they started out with. An exchange of laser fire between the two fleets lead to a damaged Daiku being almost scrapped and an undamaged one losing a chunk of armour, but crippled the remaining two battle cruisers. With the corvettes lacking a target right now and the fighters and gunboats still converging, the fight shifted to the long range sniping between the bases and the Red Fleet elements on the warp point. The Cartell Carnage V class cruisers rained down salvoes on the isolated intact battleship and eroded its shields, but some leakers from the battleships in turn did likewise to a heavy cruiser. Then the bases fired, but the first salvo of 20 laser-headed capital missiles was just targeted abysmally, and the sole missile on target was dispatched with contemptuous ease. The red fleets response was not much better, but their missile at least evaded the counter fire. Things picked up slightly but both sides having equivalent point defence allowed only singular leakers to pass the defensive fire.
The remaining 5 undamaged battleships turned back to the warp point, leaving the cripples to follow as well as possible. The gun boats maneuverer, trying to slip around the fighters, but these proved somewhat better at positioning and flanked the gunboats. The remaining 26 undamaged corvettes closed to within a light second of the gunboats, also on a flank. The heavy cruisers continued to distance themselves from the warp point, slipping out of capital missile range. On the other hand, the sixty detached gunboats closed into laser range of the second base group. Judging their HET lasers to be ineffective at the range to the corvettes, the battleships proceeded to melt crippled battle cruisers from the battlefield. Then the slaughter started. While the marauders and the first base group exchanged further missile fire, crippling the damaged marauders and removing he weapons from a second base, the other base group killed three gun boats but then was destroyed in a single pass of searing laser fire.
With the corvettes, cruisers and fighters engaging the gunboats and these using their point defence to engage fighters, 86 of the gunboats were destroyed, but taking 34 fighters with them, leaving 127 or 110 respectively.
Then the battle cruisers and battleships on the warp point advanced, now that the bases threatening their rear are gone, and the gunboats turn sharply around and flee into the firepower umbrella of the ships. The Cartell fighters decline to follow, and instead sweep round and over the crippled battleships, destroying them before joining the remaining 28 corvettes and the cruisers in high-tailing it away from the warp point. even though costly, this is the first battle where a fleet survived the confrontation with a detachment of the red fleet, and especially the surviving flight crews gained a lot of practical experience. The red fleet is slow to pursue and destroys first the crippled allied ships around the warp point before setting a course for the planet. Bullet, despite a valiant defence, had been doomed by the lack of sufficient supplies in-system to support a larger defensive fleet.

Second Expansion Branch, beyond the Bullet System

While the allies retreated from Bullet, the supporting systems for bullet started going up in flames, eliminating the support network for Bulet. But... this was not the work of the red fleet.

Theban Empire, Alexandria sector, Haremakhet Secundus
Haremakhet Secundus is a Theban system with a benign planet, though poor in resources. Only recently it had been settled by evacuees from Nun Secundus, removed from there before the red fleets advance from Pedise. The settlers were still rebuilding their lives when the planetary traffic control spotted an incoming contact. To the horror of the colonists, and soon of the Theban fleet command, the contact resolved into six red fleet light cruisers, which proceeded to wipe out the colony. This was grave news. The closest fleet concentration is just two systems away in First Katarakt, but it was there guarding against the incursion from Pedise. Now the quandary was, how many ships to split off to guard the systems reached from Haremakhet Secundus? Too many lay open beyond Akhab, the system accessed from Haremakhet Secundus to abandon it without a fight.

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