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C# Aurora / Cap Civilians?
« on: January 10, 2018, 06:42:18 PM »
Hi all,

we all hope that C# Aurora will run so fast that we could finally get our hands on 1000 or more systems games without problems.  Just in case, I was wondering if a cap on the number of civilian ships and civilian companies would mitigate the effect of overwhelming CPUs during late games.  the option could be optional or scaled up and down based on personal taste/machines.

What do you guys think?

C# Aurora / Diplomacy Overhaul?
« on: December 04, 2017, 03:37:45 PM »
Hi all,

I already posted more than a year (wow originally I wrote few months. . . time goes fast) ago on 7. 2 discussions and considering Aurora C# will be pretty much a 7. 2 if not an 8. 0 version I would like to submit my original request to the community along with Steve reply on the matter.

Hi Steve,
I follow you since 2010.   .   .   it was a long journey and I am glad seeing that now thanks to few unexpected let's play on youtube many are seeing the truth.    The truth is yours is a great game.   
I am excited seeing all the progress you have made so far and always keen on trying all the new balances/improvements you slowly add to the game.    I know very well what is behind all your choices because you told many times.    You do Aurora following your thoughts and how you like to play because first of all this is a hobby and you want this to remain a hobby.   
I have waited 6 years before trying to make a suggestion, just because I wanted to see where your free spirit would have guided us and this has paid off till now.   
Now that you are actually rewriting and adapting the code on a new platform could be good to have a sensible review on the diplomacy, but if something can be done on the 7.   2 version will be great anyway.    IMHO even if the game offers a lot of micromanagement it does lack in diplomacy options.    I like to play Aurora making up stories and Roleplaying with my heroes till the inevitable death and I would like to do so even while fighting our enemies.   
I know I am asking a lot, but the possibilities to make Federations, not only alliances; or some sort of cold war status where could happen to have a permanent war with border frictions not necessary causing an intergalactic war is always something in my mind while I play.    It is already a great game and I will survive even if it remains like that, but overhaul the diplomacy will be probably appreciated from the community.    The question now is: are you on the same page or you still thinking to keep this part on a side and remain focused on the core harpoon style game?
I know it is very reductive because yours is a much deeper title than harpoon; I was just trying to give my words an understandable meaning.

I agree that Diplomacy needs a major overhaul and it should be a lot easier to do in the C# version.  The concept of battles over certain systems rather than all-out war should be possible.

What do you guys think? And Steve if you there and already worked something out can you advise?


Italian Language Forum / Eccolo eh!
« on: March 12, 2010, 04:48:41 AM »
Ciao a tutti sono Maurizio appassionatissimo di spaziali 4x (GC II il mio preferito) ho conosciuto il gioco tramite il forum di NWI

Troooooppo immenso, troooooppo la cosa stupenda è che lo impari piano piano sbagliando ricominciando e provando.....servirebbe più tempo pero'!!!!!

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