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Pulsar 4x / Dev Progress
« on: November 23, 2016, 04:57:08 AM »
So things have been a little quiet on the pulsar front lately.
I've had some fairly heavy work commitments, which while I've still got a bit of time here an there to look at coding, it's not often for a good period of time which is long enough for me to sort out and understand a problem, come up with a solution, and write it.
I'm still here, doing little bits, poking at it here and there though, this may continue for some time, hopefully I'll be able to find a bit of quiet from time to time to actually sit down and write some code.

In other news, I'm looking to move my dev environment to linux, which means that I'll be concentrating on the gtk2 side of the ui a bit more. next year I'll likely not have access to my desktop, and since I needed a new laptop, have gotten a little tired of ms shenanigans, and I dislike what I've seen of windows 10, I've ordered a laptop which I know will run linux and have not bought windows. wish me luck I guess.
fortunately the ui library that we're using has fixed some of the problems I was having with gtk2, I'm starting to play around a little with the dev version, should get a stable version of that in the near future.

Pulsar 4x / Development Progress - Jan 2016
« on: February 03, 2016, 02:16:55 PM »
Progress was slow this month but is starting to pick up for february.

Pulsar 4x / Development progress December 15
« on: January 01, 2016, 04:36:08 PM »
Not a lot to report, progress has been slow due to real life jobs.  And Kerbals.
A little done on the interface. Nathan has been fixing bugs.   

Pulsar 4x / Development Progress - Nov 2015
« on: December 01, 2015, 01:20:06 AM »
We've made some really good strides with cross platform capability in the ECS branch using
Big kudos to Knitieli for the work he's done with that, including a good start on an openGL system view screen, nothing much to show yet, just a blank pane with some squares in it, however that was one of the major hurdles.
I've made a little progress in a network server/client setup, managed to get a client updating planet orbit locations when the server executed a new pulse which was good, there's still tones more to figure out with that, but I may shelve it for a bit and start trying to learn the ins and outs of creating Eto views, and get that up to where i'd got the WPF.
Fortunately the big thing with WPF is the Model View ViewModel architecture, which also fits well in Eto and means I only have to rewrite half of the UI stuff I'd already done.

If anyone has any radical ideas for UI layouts for different things, sketch something up and post it. 

Pulsar 4x / Development Progress - Oct 2015
« on: November 02, 2015, 04:37:18 PM »
Nathan is still working away at surveying.

I've got some good progress done on the in the ECS branch, it's all extremely utilitarian,
however one of the cool things with WPF and the MVVM model is that someone who's more artistic and less codey doesn't have to learn too much programing to mess with how a window looks (mostly just be familiar with reading xml, and getting used to the syntax of hooking up something in a view to a ViewModel ie hooking up a textbox to a string property). most of the hard programy stuff for how a usercontrol works is done in what's called the view model, the view is then just hooked up to properties of the view model.

Now that I've got a reasonable handle on the UI and the connect between the core game and said ui, I've moved onto attempting to create a basic network client, to make sure that will work how I'm expecting it too.

Other Games / StarLords3k
« on: October 28, 2015, 01:48:39 PM »
I'm having a bit of fun with this.
It's an single indie dev space empire 4x
The emphasis is more on politicking than just going all out war, in fact if you go all out war with everyone you'll find yourself behind economically. it's far better to trade and treaty your way through, while leaving battles for those times where politicking won't further your goals. 

At first glance it has the appearance of one of those empire building clone facebook games that were all the rage a few years back (farmville?) but it's totally not. it's nowhere near that dumbed down.
On the other hand it's not quite as complex as Aurora either, and the tutorial is pretty good and for the most part explains stuff pretty well.

It has the appearance of being turn based while being realtime, economy is run on a 10hr tick and ships have a cooldown period of 10hrs after they jump to another system. That can make the beginning of the game a little slow, but a few cycles in you'll find there's plenty to tweak and plan for.

It's looking for a dozen or so more testers to learn the ropes and get a proper game started.

Pulsar 4x / Development Progress - Sept 2015
« on: October 02, 2015, 03:23:13 PM »
Nathan has been working on survey stuff in the Main branch.
I've been working on getting all sorts of stuff in the ECS branch which has come along in leaps and bounds, planets and orbits now show up in the ECS system map, and we have a component design window which mostly works (create research project).
We've had a handfull of new additions to the team and people showing interest in helping;
ProgrammerHero has helped getting the math right for showing the orbit arcs/ellipses in ECS.
kniteli has started working on a linux UI which is great news!
iceball3 is a newbie developer who's trying to learn the ropes and help out.

Still looking for anyone else looking to help out, and sill looking for someone who's familiar with WPF and MVVM to get the windows side of the ui shiny, which would allow me to work more on getting the game logic in.

Pulsar 4x / Development Progress - Jun 2015
« on: June 30, 2015, 04:37:53 PM »
Excluding merges, 4 authors have pushed 2 commits to master and 74 commits to all branches. On master, 25 files have changed and there have been 2,426 additions and 247 deletions.

Despite being away with only spotty access to the internet, and the inability to use github properly when he does manage to get online, Rod has managed to do some good work on the ECS-Comms branch, and got the basics of an API down there.
I'll let him explain more on that when he manages to get online.
Rod and Snopy have been fixing little bugs and cleaning up stuff with galaxy generation as well as working through how the internal game lib/engine will talk to the rest of the app (gui layer etc).
se5a has expanded the JSON tool, which is mostly working for Installations and Techs, and just a tiny bit more work on the Ship Components.
Galaxy Gen has a file for changing how systems are formed, however before we let you loose on playing with that we need to create a gui for changing those settings, as well as saving and loading them.  (then work on displaying the resulting System as well)

I believe Rod should be back from his work trip sometime early this month, so once he's got is personal life sorted he'll be back online cracking the whip at us.

There are some easier issues starting to pop up in the github issues section, if others are keen to help out, pop into #Pulsar4x on freenode IRC and say hello!

Pulsar 4x / Development Progress - May 2015
« on: May 31, 2015, 12:13:37 AM »
Excluding merges, 6 authors have pushed 97 commits to all branches.
I'm unsure how Rod gets the other data for other branches.

Things were a little slower this month due to many of us having work commitments which got in our way, but we've made steady progress regardless.

On the Master branch, Nathan has been working on sensors and has some code nearly ready to push to that branch.

On the ECS branch;
Rod is hard at work reworking the comms between engine and gui. this is important to get right so as not to hamper future multiplayer development. We've gotten a start on the UI on this branch but it's slowed a bit till the comms is sorted.

se5a has been working on ship components and has the bones of how we'll get json datafiles into something the UI can read to allow the player to design a component with restrictions defined in the json datafiles. still plenty of work to do there though.

Snopy has done some good behind the scenes tweeks to various things with system gen and even some work on ruins.

Copernucus and Intercross have been working on a json file editor which is slowly coming along, this will make json data files a lot easier to create.
the json data files define things like Installations (ie the difference between a Factory installation and a Mine), ShipComponents, Minerals, etc.

Feel free to pop into #Pulsar4x on freenode and say hello.

Pulsar 4x / Missile Design and Engines.
« on: March 08, 2015, 12:45:20 AM »
We're tossing around the idea of simplifying the missile design.
Notably with lockable sliders, something along the lines of, lock the slider for "Size" at 5, then slide the Warhead slider up, and have the Fuel slider decrease automatically.

Which brought up whether missile engines should just be another slider, or a researchable item in its own right.
Arguments For a simplified engine approach:
Missile engines are not an component object in the way that ships are anyway, you can't build just a missile engine to speed up construction of missiles in the same way you can with ship engines.
It would make missile design easier, you wouldn't have to wait for an engine to be researched before you start designing a missile for it, It'd be a Power vs Efficiency slider and a Percent of Missile Space used (engine size) slider.  

Arguments for keeping them separate:
It'd remove the planning/decision to go with multiple already designed engines, vs spending time to make a new purpose build engine. (I guess this could really go in both arguments).

Regardless of what we decide to go with, we'd likely put the missile engine design into the missile design screen anyway.  just if we keep them separate, and you decide on a new engine, you'd get two research projects one for the engine and one for the Missile itself (both of which would need to be completed to build the missile ofc)  


Aurora Chat / Battle for NN 3076
« on: July 11, 2014, 08:45:05 PM »
I had captured a planet from the Mutunda Corporation,
this planet was meant to be a stepping stone to capturing a larger planet/base in the system owned by the MC.
After building up the captured planet, adding some construction facilities, fighter factories etc. and transporting a large contingent of troops on the planet, I started building some fast troop drop FACs capable of dropping a battalion each.
while these were being constructed, I decided to start probing the more heavily defended planet in the system.
I moved my main fleet a bit closer so the PDC on the captured planet could see and target enemy ships, bases etc. an oversight of not having an active scanner on the PDC to be rectified at a later date.
I had a size10 missile that I wanted to try. it was slow, but had two submunitions that had sensors. due to being unable to find how submunitions and sensors on missiles worked this was a bit of a test to see what would happen to it.
I fired the missile, and instantly started getting errors. I'd previously fired this missile at a ship to see what would happen, but got the same errors, I figured this was due to the intercept point being way out of the map, since the ship was moving. this time I was firing at a planet, so it should be able to intersept fine, but nope still errors.
I then killed the active sensors on the fleet which had moved closer to the target planet, just to see what would happen to the missile. would it fire it's subunitions, keep going, or just die?
it died when it couldnt see the target any more, and didn't seem to launch the subs. ok. I now know I need sensors on the first stage if I want it to keep going without a target.
I keeped playing, got distracted by a few things, and suddenly  I was getting attacked!
what!? where!? the captured planet, and the ships stationed around it were taking fire, I'd forgotten to move the fleet back to the planet, and forgotten to turn the active sensors back on. the planet had a missile destroyer and a missile PD frigate TG at the planet, but since these were new ships I'd forgotten to turn the actives on these ships on as well!
I quickly turned the active sensors on, and ordered the previous fleet towards the planet, then advanced by 5s
two 15k missile destroyers showed up on sensors. the ships that the MC field are far bigger than any of my warships, however my missiles outrange his by a huge amount, do more damage and my ships are a fair bit faster. my destroyers weigh in at 6kton they have reduced size launchers but have only a small magazine. still, one destroyer should be a match for two of these ships. I was also curious to see how my PD frigate faired, this new destroyer also had two more PD missile launchers than the previous design. I also launched a squadron of new fighters that had just recently been dropped at the planet. I set up the PD missile launchers to fire automaticaly and, since my fighters were still to far away to attack the ships, set them on area defence, most of these fighters had Railguns with a 30k range, my targeting speed however was well behind and being researched as top priority.
I started incrementing the time, and realised the fighters were not firing. messed around with the combat overview screen again, and eventually they started up (seriously this is confusing, I'm still unsure the correct order to click what buttons to get the fire control to do what I expect, it seems in this case I'd left them on autofire which reset the PD area defence mod I'd previously set).
the incoming missiles were coming at me in salvoes of 15. and my PD missiles were not doing as well against them as they should, the missile stockpile at this planet was a tad old, and it appeared that the enemy missiles were now faster than they used to be as well. half of the missiles were getting through. my fighters were pretty damn fast, however they were not well trained, so they were "Awaiting orders" far too long, otherwise I'd have attempted to get them to chase and follow the salvoes in, they might have been able to help if that were the case. instead I just had them follow the enemy destroyers, hoping that the increments would have the missiles fall into the range of the cannon. this happened once, and I think I managed to take out 5 missiles from the salvo. from memory they were getting a 23% chance to hit, hampered by the firecontrol speed.
not to worry, I had enough missiles outgoing now. the PDC had fired a pair of Warhammer IV, the destroyer TG at the planet had fired a salvo of 6, the larger fleet off the planet had fired two salvoes of 6 Warhammer II, and my 16 fighters were on the way.

time advanced and my ships and planet were getting pounded by the missiles slipping past my point defence, I lost the PDC, which caused the two Warhammer IVs to loose target and self destruct. pitty, I wanted to see how well these new missiles did. not to worry, the small destroyer group at the planet had fired another salvo of 6 by this stage. I was confident I'd take out the enemy destroyers, just not sure how much damaged they'd do to me.
the missiles were still incoming, when would he run out? I was loosing facilities left, right and center. I checked on my troops. they seemed fine. I hadn't lost any battalions. so far so good. my ships were taking damage, but I still hadn't lost any yet. I considered moving some of the non combatant ships off the planet, but decided  that they were better at soaking up fire. the enemy destroyers seemed to be switching from one target to another.

Then all of a sudden a bad situation got infinitely worse.
some how the planet converted back over to the MC. along with the ships orbiting it. I just lost a brand spanking new destroyer and frigate, along with some troop transports and a couple of other smaller misc ships. the MC did not have any troops on the planet, perhaps it was due to the population being MC? I don't remember the political status. I did have a large number of troops on the planet, and didn't notice any notifications about them getting hit.
at this point I ragequit and went to bed.
later, I picked up the game again, eventually the two salvoes of six missiles from the destroyer at the planet got to the two destroyers, (despite the destroyer now belonging to the MC) hit, and did damage, then my fighters got in knife range and picked them to bits before the salvoes from the larger fleet got in. however I seem to be stuck in 5 min increments.
the enemy destroyers have been taken out, my fighters are heading to the warp point to meet up with a transport carrier, and the fleet is also heading to the warp point. 
no missiles incoming or outgoing. 
anyone have any ideas? I guess it's possible there's a battle going on somewhere else that I don't know about, though that it happened at the same time as mine seems a bit close to coincidence. and it's been going on for a long time now.

Aurora Chat / slow missile overflow error.
« on: July 05, 2014, 12:23:18 AM »
so I designed a missile for a PDC to attack stationary targets at another enemy planet in the system, I fired one of these at a ship just to see what would happen (it has faster submunitions with sensors)

however I get
Error in CheckMissileInerceptions
Error 6 was generated by Aurora

every 5 seconds.
I looked around to see if there was a way I could either destroy the missile, or the enemy ship in SM mode just to allow me to continue playing, but I'm not seeing anything. I'm pretty sure I've seen mention of killing enemies with SM mode, but I'm not seeing it.

also, is there any decent threads that explain how to properly design missiles with warheads, and sensors?

Pulsar 4x / Improvements over Aurora
« on: May 31, 2014, 06:22:39 PM »
just a quick list of small things I'm coming across in Aurora that'd be good to 'fix' in Pulsar4x
(mostly so I don't forget if/when I actually start helping out)

Missing orders:
shore leave
overhaul should not disappear from the orders list till overhaul is complete.
rearm *from* colliers (you can tell a collier to reload a TF, but not a TF to reload from another TF with colliers).

inserting orders, removing orders etc from anywhere in the list (instead of having to recreate a whole orders list just because the first order can't complete)
conditional orders should insert themselves at the top of the orders list, instead of replacing all the orders (less micro manage survey ships)

auto add new research labs to a prioritised team.

better lifepod/survivor handling. currently if you order a TF to collect survivors, sometimes your smallest ship will pick them up, and have life support issues. then there seems to be no way to transfer them to another ship. in such cases the ship that has the best life support in the TF should collect them, and possibly they should be shared around the ships.

Other Games / Tactical Hex Newtonian Combat Sim
« on: August 10, 2013, 11:57:45 PM »
or THANCS for short.

I presume this is the right forum for err.. promoting other games?

THANCS is an game/engine that Nick has been developing over the last little while.

it's a turn based tactical (space) ship game.

you can design your ships, create a game against other players and fight each other
newton movement is simulated, so adding more mass will decrease your acceleration, till you add more engines to your design.
during battle components can be shot off if the hull they are attached to gets destroyed.
more advanced scenarios allow you to capture this loot and either weld it back to other component to form new ships, or simply scrap it for credits, and buy new components (or whole designs if you've got the credit)

here's a couple of pics to pique your interest:
This is a 'carrier' design for a 4 player game that we're currently playing:

an older pic of the game proper, in this you can see the main map on the left, next is SJ's big ship SJS-Vorcha which he slowly built during the game, the other two panels are my smaller ships attempting to make a dent in the Vorcha's shields - unfortunately they were not terribly successful, Fezzik and Hodor were designed as multi role ships which could drop their weapons pods and go collect scrap, whereas the Vorcha was designed purely for battle.  

the graphics is not terribly pretty as you can see, and when you start getting down to the little details the game does have a few nuances you need to learn, but considering I'm speaking to the Aurora crowd here I guess that shouldn't  count against it too much.

you can get the game client here:
you'll need:

to get in on a game you'll need to sign up at
we use PBW to distribute the turn files after the host server has processed them.

if I've interested you enough to do that, you should then join us in IRC at #spaceempires on freenode and ask about getting in on a game. talk to SJ, ekolis or myself. it *does* have a learning curve so feel free to just pop in and ask questions.

There is currently no single player.
The game is still in development.  

The Academy / system map screen only half displays
« on: January 04, 2013, 03:00:46 AM »
I keep getting this happen:
any ideas?
if I restart aurora it comes right, but after a few turns it happens again. not sure what's causing it.

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