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C# Aurora / Re: C# Ground Combat
« on: February 08, 2018, 02:57:51 PM »
Missile Size 8 r awesome BigShip Killer
 (Class Fighter and advance tech,obviously).

Lot of Sensor,aquisition,agility and fuel.

But Speed are the Core.

Aurora Chat / Re: What's going on in your empire/planet/battlefield?
« on: February 04, 2018, 01:50:12 PM »
An infrastructure shipment to a ruins/anomaly colony 4 systems away from earth was ambushed, all freighters lost. Strength-24 energy impacts are well in advance of anything we are capable of.
We haven't yet found any major colonies of the NPR responsible.

Admirality is nervous about stretching our forces thin - there's a precursor stronghold we can't deal with one jump away from earth, and it is currently unknown whether a stable wormhole 2 systems away is a threat.

Current fleet capability is focused almost entirely on beam PD and one decisive missile strike just out of beam range, all on slow ships with commercial engines. A fast wing of beam cruisers is currently under construction. The military is pushing for torpedo bombers to acquire some ranged strike capability, despite the total lack of ordnance reserves. The civilian administration wants a focus on boarding technology since everyone encountered so far seems to be ahead of us in weaponry.

Hard time! but interesting situation. Good luck

Aurora Suggestions / Re: Semi-Official 7.x Suggestion Thread
« on: February 04, 2018, 06:33:46 AM »
My opinion : 7.1 Suggestion become USELESS. Let stay in peace STEVE pls. See ya in Space.

Aurora Chat / Re: What's going on in your empire/planet/battlefield?
« on: February 03, 2018, 01:54:15 PM »
Started a new game recently after the previous one crashed and corrupted the DB.
The only thing I'm doing differently this time for the first time, is I'm not using real star systems. Don't know how that exactly changes the game, but so far this game is very weird compared to previous ones. Hardly any minerals. Most systems are devoid of at least 2-3 types of minerals, so almost impossible to build self sufficient colonies without the need of external material shipments. Lots of totally empty systems. Lots of systems where most of the planets orbit around the B or C star, 2-7 trillion km's away, can't even get there. Many wrecks but no NPRs so far. Lots of new connections between already discovered systems - earlier I've always gotten a new system every time. Hyperactive civilians, causing lot of trouble. Super annoying populations with insatiable need for PPV.
I don't know if this has anything to do with non-real star systems setup, or just pure bad luck on the dice rolls?

Totally really baddest..:)

The Academy / Re: Dumb newbie mistakes to avoid
« on: February 03, 2018, 01:32:46 PM »
One I've done more than once...

"Fire the Mark IV's!"

"Tactical says they've not been loaded yet. All we have are the Mark I's"

Well... there goes that speed/range advantage...


From a 1980 Sci-Fi novel..."In case of Fire..Breack the glass"...umm..."Sir..we got a problem"

C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: February 03, 2018, 01:25:04 PM »
ECONOMY..found :

From 2300 A.D. (site secure)

Please...@Steve check this rare PEARL...

Italian Language Forum / GameBoard : 2300A.D. >>> Aurora.
« on: February 03, 2018, 01:22:17 PM »
Nel 1980,parallelamente con Traveller@ di Marc W.Miller usciva un eccezionale e dettagliato gioco Strategico Spaziale : 2300 A.D. @

Ecco un sito che vi farà venire l'acquolina in bocca e che "probabilmente" @Steve Walmsley deve aver attinto parecchio :

Cosa ci può servire? In sè a quasi niente.
In teoria può darci una base RPG su Situazioni e soprattutto "Ship Design Concept"...ovvero se volessimo costruire un "Fast Missile Cruiser" l'esempio migliore è il CG "Kennedy" della Marina USA.

7500ton di dislocamento,ragionevole anche per Aurora, e 20 Missili Classe-SIM14 imbarcati in "BoxLauncher" system.

Quindi uno tra i più ATTINENTI scenari ed esempi da cui prendere spunto tra Boardgame-RPG cartacei e Aurora.

Non sto insegnando nulla sia chiaro..solo un pizzico di "approfondimento" per chi volesse ricreare un AAR o scenario personale.

E 2300 A.D. è fantastico. Offre migliaia di spunti.


C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: January 31, 2018, 09:50:38 AM »
Economics is complicated :)

It is isn't as simple as more tax = more money, because high tax can limit growth, increase tax avoidance or remove incentives for investment. I am fortunate to live in a low tax economy (some might say tax haven), with maximum 20% personal tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, 0% corporation tax (except banks - 10%), yet there is no state debt and we have the same public services as most European countries. Good quality free Health Care, Education, etc.

There are some differences, such as you anyone moving here require a work permit and has to work for five years before qualifying for welfare, yet crime is almost non-existent (local paper front-page headline when 20 pints of milk was stolen) and I have never seen any homelessness. Unemployment rate is 0.8% (not a typo). Raising tax here might damage all the above, if people and businesses relocate.

Aurora 'economics' is about balancing various industrial capacities, availability of workforce, mineral supplies, fuel, maintenance and wealth. Each of those can be affected by the player in some way to maintain the balance. Wealth for example is helped by building financial centres, investing in civilian shipping, creating lots of small colonies to boost trade, pop growth (which is wealth growth) and civilian mining (which requires pop of 10m in system). Tax rates are assumed to be generating optimum revenue as per the Laffer Curve).

"..It is isn't as simple as more tax = more money, because high tax can limit growth,
You can easily check ITALIAN situation : "Official" tax level : 47% (puah..fake) REAL (Commercialist groups and big financial groups research) speack another language : 68% (68% !!!!!)REAl Tax level. The Italy situation r controvertial : +2000 € Billion national LOAN...BUT..ppl money (bank) reserve are MORE than Nat.Loan debt., European Central Bank let in peace Italian governmt about loan AND tax level.

Its a really absurd situation.

Italian PIL : more than 1000 € Billions / Years revenue..but we spend : 70% PIL in Social expenditure and others.

So TAX rules are ridicolous.

Lucky..AURORA isnt Italy...lucky.

Otherwise Italian lifestyle,automotive,luxury products,meat and Wine are absolutely State-Of-The-Art...lucky for us.

C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: January 28, 2018, 05:11:37 AM »
" is fake.." ehehe...but no-money = death sure.

C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: January 27, 2018, 09:00:42 AM »
Ultimately though I think an entire in depth economic and political system would be a massive amount of work and AI coding plus tons of balancing and my view is that in the long run the benefit doesn't outweigh the cost. Even if it's revisited later on it should probably remain relatively simplified and along the lines of the current implementation, but just expanded.

This point of view IS aceptable. But TAX level (for Steve i mean) are so hard to implementing?

C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: January 26, 2018, 04:33:18 PM »
Everyone talk about physics,weapons...but : TAXES? Politics? 1 tax level by EVERY single planets,no difference?No settings allowed?..its really annoying.

C# Aurora / Re: Release date?
« on: January 23, 2018, 02:55:42 PM »
Any updates on progress? Really looking forward to this...

Am playing Aurora from start..(or 1.0..2004?)..and only 10-13yrs after (7.0-) r really stable and enjoyable. So..better Pray and retired in a Church.

Italian Language Forum / Re: Hardest Start - Un'Inizio durissimo
« on: January 20, 2018, 08:01:09 AM »
Rapporto Governatorato Terra-Nord America.
Comando Spaziale Interforze
RearAdmiral (LowerHalf) JAN PYSHER

"La nostra cronica mancanza di risorse Strategiche denominate TransNewtoniane,potrebbe essere ad una svolta cruciale, abbiamo ancora 2 Risorse in particolar modo a livello di guardia : Corbomite sotto i 695tons e Sorium 466tons.
Stiamo sfruttando un grosso Asteroide "Apollo" della Fascia Asteroidale tra Terra e Marte,in progetto abbiamo 2 Navi Trasporto per poter impiantare miniere automatiche su Europa,ma le scelte sono ristrette e assai difficili. Per il comparto Militare i problemi sono anche più gravosi da affrontare: La Ricerca missilistica è stata sospesa poichè il Gallio (Gallicite) non da sufficenti prospettive a lungo termine,al momento ne abbiamo 2381 tons in Riserva Strategica e sebbene l'Esplorazione sistematica del nostro Sistema Solare abbia portato alla scoperta di sostanziosi depositi,risulta lungo e laborioso il loro sfruttamento. Nell'immediato quindi puntiamo su armi cinetiche e Mesoniche."

Il rapporto non lascia sperare in decenni di abbondanza,tutt'altro , inoltre la scoperta di UN solo Jump Point se da un lato facilita la sua difesa,dall'altro pone gravi dubbi sull'Esplorazione ExtraSolare..

Dopo 160 anni la Popolazione Terrestre è salita a 4.142.800.000 anime e la Terra è riutilizzabile al 86% dalla fine della III Guerra.

Stiamo sfruttando inoltre l'UNICA fonte di Sorium scoprta allo stato "libero" : URANO. Difficile e lontano il suo sfruttamento ma talmente cruciale da non lasciare scelta. 4 Tanker Rifornitori di Sorium sono in orbita e fanno spola ogni 2 anni con la Terra.

Dal punto Tecnologico sui Motori siamo ancora fermi al modello Termo-Nucleare,sebbene ad alto rendimento. Ciò ci impone costruzioni limitate e con massa criticamente bassa.

La Ricerca conta ora su 12 Laboratori Avanzati.Impossibile se non a rischio di intaccare la Riserva Strategica,implementarne con altri.

Industrie Pesanti : 70
Industrie Manutenzioni : 75
Missili e Caccia : 25/5
Raffinerie : 30
Miniere a Cielo Aperto : 35
Automatiche : 15
GroundForceTrainingCentre : 6

Un singolo Spazioporto in Nuovo Messico

Per quanto riguarda i Cantieri Spaziali la situazione è questa :
US Navy Yard  : 1 con 2 Slipways (8000metricTons)
2 Cantieri Commerciali : Texas Aerospace e Siwek Commercial, capacità massima 31.000 metricTons

Navi Militari allo studio attuale ve ne sono,ma come premesso dovendoci basare solamente su Armi Cinetiche e Mesoniche e con Riserve Strategiche al livello ROSSO non possiam permetterci Classi maggiori di SystemDefence Boat o Cutter Armati.

Fine Rapporto
Stilato il 15 Gennaio 2297 SOLTERRA.

Spoilers / Re: Star swarm questions
« on: January 20, 2018, 02:08:25 AM »
Fast attack craft with shields. The "Sacrifice" doesn't need to die in order to be helpful. Fire a few rounds at their shields to see what their recharge rate is like. It will save you a lot of hassel down the road.

Most confortable tactic. Agree

C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« on: January 19, 2018, 11:54:17 AM »
Aurora is a 4X game, one explores, expands, exploits and exterminates.

Clearly, the proper response to having another nation swallow all your population capacity on a planet is to exterminate that other nation.
From 2004 ive "exterminate" only 2 Sentients Race. Abducted 4 and "swallow in mine" another one. Not so easy..:)

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