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SA Installation / Re: Installation pre-requisites
« Last post by JJPierce on September 13, 2023, 01:35:17 PM »
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many thanks.   .    that may have got me further (I'm not sure).   

after installing the runtimes and doing a re-install of 6.   00, I can get that to work with no errors.   .   .    I even get the graphic splash screen at the start.   

but v7.   00 or 7.   02 exes just give me the same mass errors. 

I have a vague memory of having to install a DLL file at some point, but I can't get any closer than that.    I'll see if I can dig anything up.    I don't think I did anything special when I installed v7 on my current computer.   

 --- By any chance was it a DLL file that you could get from some sort of simple timer / clock program, thing?

and that, for some reason was the issue.  .  .   even though I repeatedly overwrote the database, it was picking the original v6 database up (as I could tell from the test universes I created).  .  .   had to place the v7 mdb in a completely different location and point to it manually. 

Ah well.  .  . 

Anyway.   now to go and conquer the universe.  .  . 


Dave (formerly the 2nd ed guy.  .  )

Hi Dave,

Could you explain how you manually pointed the program to where you put the v7 database, please? I think this may be the solution to my own mass error message issues.

-- Jeff Pierce
SA Installation / Encountering Multiple Crashing Errors in SA 7.02
« Last post by JJPierce on September 09, 2023, 05:01:06 PM »
Howdy y'all,

Am returning to Starfire Assistant after a long absence, running on Windows 10 that is updated to current standards.   I've followed the installation instructions several times now, but when I run the game, I run into infinite error messages at certain points, such as when trying to create a new custom theme for a player race.   Does anyone have suggestions as to what may be causing these, or how to fix the issue?

More specifically, the errors are, "Error 53, File Not Found" first, then an infinite number of "Error 424, Object Required".

I seem to be able to run 6. 0 all right, but upgrading to 7. 0 causes the errors.

-- Jeff Pierce
SA Bugs / SA generates unlimited error messages when I try to create a new racial theme
« Last post by Jeff Pierce on September 06, 2023, 12:37:53 PM »
Hi all,

Coming back to Starfire Assistant after many years, and I was wanting to create a new theme for my game race, with custom class names, ranks, etc.  Unfortunately, when I try do that, it generates an endless number of error messages that forces me to close the program via Task Manager.  I was able to create new themes before, so I may be doing something wrong.  Any help would be appreciated.

-- J.  Pierce
Starfire Rules / Re: Quick Start Rules scenario COUNTERS
« Last post by Kurt on May 29, 2023, 12:14:01 PM »
Beautiful ships!
Starfire Rules / Quick Start Rules scenario COUNTERS
« Last post by Kiero on May 28, 2023, 03:44:22 PM »
Here are some counters that I've made for Starfire Quick Start Rules that you can download and play.

I have also added a PDF file for convenience.

Starfire Rules / Re: "Starfire" Small Fleet Action AAR (complete)
« Last post by Kiero on May 27, 2023, 01:43:16 PM »
So, I played out the scenario once again. This time with a human opponent.
I took under command the side that lost in the previous game, that is, the reds.
The game took us 8 turns.
From my observations: the green's corvettes made the same mistake as the reds once did, leaving the cruiser alone. An accurate salvo on one damaged its engines so much that its speed prevented it from joining the fight. The other was cornered and destroyed by my two, only one of which lost its shields and armor.
The cruisers were exchanging blows until the corvettes arrived, which, thanks to their speed and maneuverability, were able to fire at the green cruiser from point-blank range, quickly annihilating it. The green was left with one corvette crawling toward the fight.
An offer of surrender was sent to it, which was accepted.

Here is a final turn:
Starfire Rules / "Starfire" Small Fleet Action AAR (complete)
« Last post by Kiero on May 25, 2023, 09:10:42 AM »
ftp://So here is a setup for scenario "Small Fleet Action"

Red team:
[3] S×7 A×8 Q (I I) R Q (I I) R R Q (I I) R R Q R R Y (I I) R [4]

[2] S S A A (I) (I) Q L (I) L [6]

Green Team:
[3] S×8 A×9 Q (I I) Pt Q (I I) Pt Q (I I) Pt Q Pt Y (I I) Pt [4]

[2] S A A (I) (I) Q F (I) L [6]


First round:
The red team gets the initiative.
After the move, Heavy cruiser "Destruction" scored a first long-range hit on a green team Corvette "Lee" (4 out of 8 shoots on a 4 to Hit, tons of luck) taking one of its engine room.
Green Team Eisenhower was also shooting but with no luck.

Round two:
This one was unlucky for the Red team. CT "Ruin" was reduced to:
[2] XXXX(X)(X)XX(X)L [0/6]

Round three:
Red team "Despair" was trying to kill green CT "Patton" at point-blank range, and it did not go as planned. "Eisenhower" took the red CT with one shoot.
Another red CT was killed by a green CT "Patton".
CA "Destruction" decide to stay back and use its range.

Round for:
CA "Destruction" is desperately trying to catch up with "Eisenhower". On its way, it took green "Patton" CT.
Hits from green CA took almost all of its shields, and laser from CT "Lee" took some of its armor.

Round five:
CA "Destruction" almost got into an "Esenhover" blind spot. In the CA fire exchange red heavy cruiser took 6 damage from torpedos and inflict only 2 on the green CA.
After a shot from "Lee", "Destruction" started streaming atmosphere.

Round six:
A real good shoot from the "Destruction" inflict 7 damage from 8 possible to the "Eisenhower", unfortunately, it did not get through the armor.
One shoot from corvette "Lee" took out crew quarters, on the "Destruction".
Return salvo from the green team heavy cruiser destroyed red CA two engine rooms one missile launcher and also a crew quarters.

After this blow, the captain of the heavy cruiser "Destruction" sent a signal to the "Eisenhower" that he wanted to surrender.

So yes, corvettes should not move too far away from the cruiser, it seems that this was the main reason for the defeat of the red team.

For playing I use Roll20, if anyone would like to try it, I can arrange for some skirmish....
Starfire Rules / Re: Starfire 3'rd vs. Solar Starfire
« Last post by Kurt on May 24, 2023, 06:40:29 PM »
Well, when the first Corvette blew up, I was full of hope.
Initially, CT where very unlucky with scoring hits. But when they caught up with the FT, it was a massacre...
And when one of them managed to get in the destroyer's blind spot and take out some of its engines, it was over.

I wonder if it is at all possible to win this scenario as a destroyer?

Good question.  The destroyer is out-massed by the corvettes, which means it's in trouble from the first.  The only saving grace, from the destroyer's point of view, is that the corvettes will be distracted by firing at the freighters, allowing it to engage the corvettes.  However, given that the corvettes' primary mission is to take out the freighters, not the destroyer, they can do what I suspected happened here, distract the destroyer with one of the corvettes and send the other two after the freighters.  If the freighters are bunched up, the destroyer might have a chance to defend them, otherwise it's going to be a free-for-all for the other two corvettes.  This might be an interesting scenario for a newbie vs an experienced player, with the experienced player taking the destroyer. 
Starfire Rules / Re: Carriers
« Last post by Kiero on May 23, 2023, 01:42:30 PM »
Ok, you guys talk me in to it...
I'll come up with some rules for early fighters and carriers...

Pocket carriers for the win :D
Starfire Rules / Re: Carriers
« Last post by Steve Walmsley on May 23, 2023, 12:30:57 PM »
What is a purpose of an HTL1 carrier, since fighters can be developed at HTL8?
At a guess I'd say it's a fluke in the rules.  They have no real use until fighters are developed and are way more expensive than comparable warships. 


Kamikaze shuttles!
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