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Multiple System and Races generation start
« on: January 10, 2019, 08:05:13 PM »
Hi Steve,

forgetting SM which will allow doing pretty much everything as we know, what would be the best way to have Aurora to generate multiple empires from the beginning? And most important do you think you can do that at some point?

I know there is the option in the game setup, but that is quite random and I would like to have more control over the setup. Example 10 races, 3 starting TN and 7 Conventional or the other way round where the 7 TN are 2 advanced and 5 less developed (you can do that assigning more or fewer research points to spend on creation phase).I am asking it because I would like sometimes to get off the "classic" start and game paths and instead start dealing with casual scenarios to RP without actually spend 1 or 2 weeks to set that up. As Forrest Gump mum would say: life is like a chocolate box, you never know what you're gonna eat.  Also, these SM races don't spawn with multiple colonies or multiple systems knowledge/presence as their in-game generated NPR counterparts, meaning you have to do that manually again (or maybe they do and it simply never happen to me).

Eventually, the option already exists (out of SM) and I might never fully explored due to the "limitations" of the VB6 version in dealing with too many processes and calculation but I don't see this problem in C# or at least not yet ;-)

On a final note, what are also the chances to have the option for aurora to premade the whole galaxy map (I know what that implies no worries but for 100 system setups shouldn't be a great deal) and to get the not Sol system start a better-automated function without actually get us to create the galaxy and spawn the systems till we happy? Sometimes I feel that as sort of cheating.

My last RP game I ended up designing 20 core systems with 5 races all player controlled: 1 imperial race very advanced acting as the peacekeeper in the core and 4 races going often to the outer core (500 systems map as base game) in search of resources and planets to exploit. House rule was no military presence in the core and no mining/coloning except for the peacekeeping faction, but all permitted out of it. The 4 races needed to rely then on exploration and on their own home system only. Was fun, but took 2 weeks to set it up properly and still, I knew what I was dealing with! On the other hand, I could have Aurora generator to do that and I could just deal with whatever it comes up with. Could be fun and exciting to have that option; however, I do understand that it might be either extremely hard or not all for you to set up, hence the post.

Thanks for your time and I apologize in advance to all the people who might think the above is a big pile of crap, mine was just pure curiosity.
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