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Solar League June 1889 - Dec 1890
« on: June 28, 2007, 03:50:27 PM »
11th Jun 1889
With SF-B finishing their survey duties in three systems in the past 18 months, while SF-A is still working on their first system, Survey Fleet C is commissioned. This will be another gravitational survey fleet and consist of five Stellar class survey ships. Sadly, with current construction rates, The administrators at the Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft Yards estimate completion of the fleet in the spring of 1892. PM von Bismarck asks for ways to speed this up.

6th Sep 1889
Captain Silas Schnautz, commander of SF-A is promoted to Commodore.

1st Nov 1889
General Electric announces an advance in capacitor recharge rates. The new capacitors will be licensed to major energy weapon designers and builders.

16th Nov 1889
Marlin Arms announces availability of new Guided Torpedo Launchers which have the new, faster firing mechanisms. The Solar League Navy looks at refitting the Lexington class destroyers with the new launchers.

16th Jan 1890
SF-A discovers a total of four jump points in the Washington system. Commodore Schnautz orders the fleet to return to Earth for refueling and then to the New York jump point. SF-B heads to Washington to begin surveys of the new systems.

1st May 1890
FK Germaniawerft Yards announces they?ve increased skilled labor and streamlined construction practices. This effectively increases the rate at which the yards build ships, and as a result, FK Germaniawerft has shaved at least six months off of their original estimate for the completion of the new Stellars for SF-C.
In other news, construction crews around the world have been laboring to construct additional ground-based torpedo launchers. They bring an additional 75 tubes online, which doubles the defenses of the planet. An additional 150 are still under construction.

21st May 1890
SF-B transits into the Berlin system. The system is a single G2-IV star with no planets. Commodore G?rtz orders his fleet to return to Washington and proceed to the next jump point.

26th May 1890
Westinghouse announces the availability of the Westinghouse Improved Ion Torpedo. This improved design takes advantage of GE?s new capacitors to fire 33% faster than before.

16th Aug 1890
SF-B having transited into the London system three weeks ago, completes its survey of the lone planet. They find no minerals and proceed back to Washington and the last unsurveyed jump point.

11th Nov 1890
Bethlehem Steel announces a new type of armor for ships. This armor is lighter and stronger than the current duranium-steel alloy. New construction will use this armor as was announced in a joint SL Navy/FK Germaniawerft release.

26th Nov 1890
SF-B transits into the Chicago system. The jump point is nearly 14 and a half billion miles from the primary. With the current top speed of his ships, Commodore G?rtz estimates it will take him until September of 1891 to reach the planets. He exercises his discretion and returns through the jump point and heads back to Earth.

Summary as of December 1890
800.2m population
15 shipyards (FK Germaniawerft Yards)
600 Construction factories
150 Ordnance
150 Fighter
300 Fuel
600 Mines
120 Automated Mines
30 Research Labs
7 GF Training facilities
204 (of 225) Missile Silos
3 fighter bases
Level 4 DSTS

Titan (emplaced pre-start of game)
6.76m population
20 Construction
20 mines
52 automated mines
Level 1 DSTS

Battle Fleet
DE Aegean, DE Amazon, DE Amur, DE Bosporus, DD Albatross, DD Bat, CO Arbalest
Cargo Fleet
FT Fletcher 001 ? 005
Survey Fleet A (SF-A)
SS Aldebaran, SS Alpha Centauri, SS Alpha Crucis, SS Alpha Fornacis, SS Alpha Hydri
Survey Fleet B (SF-B)
SS Amber, SS Amethyst, SS Diamond, SS Emerald, SS Garnet
Survey Fleet C (SF-C) Construction phase
SS Alpha Mensae, SS Altair, SS Antares, SS Arcturus, SS Barnards Star
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