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Eras of Astra Imperia History
« on: April 09, 2012, 07:10:05 PM »
[ooc]From the master document of the history of the Astra Imperia Universe. Obviously the Word formatting does not carry through. These are just the highlights.[/ooc]
Eras of Astra Imperia History
Pre-Confederation (2000-2195)
Detailed in Via Astrum/Astra Imperia

Confederation (2195-2700)
1.   2195-2410 Detailed in Via Astrum/Astra Imperia
2.   2400-2450 Rise of AI
a.   Increased use of computer AI and Cybernetics leads to unrest and minor uprisings of AI, culminating in outright rebellion.   
3.   2450-2500 First AI War
a.   AI controlled ships and Cybernetic shock troops start attacking Confederation ships and colonies. War spreads to the NRC and TR.
b.   AI War brought to a halt when the Kal’Shak begin increased incursions into Human space.
4.   2500-2530 Kal’Shak Invasion
a.   Kal’Shak ships begin to move deeper into Human space. Incidents occur between Kal’Shak, Confederation, and Commonwealth units.
b.   Full scale invasion begins in 2530 of the Confederation, Commonwealth, Taurus Republic, and Ursae Republic.
c.   Confederation, Commonwealth and TR join forces to defeat the invading Kal’Shak in 2600.
5.   2600 Kal’Shak Invasion defeated.
6.   2640-2700 Second AI War
a.   With a fragile peace in place between Human polities, the AI (having retreated to Bolthole), surge forth and once again attack a war-weary galaxy.
b.   Confederation Senate begins to pull more power to itself and oppress the middle and lower classes.

Fall of the Confederation (2700-2850)
1.   2700-2720 Second AI War closed.
a.   After declaring martial law, and suspending normal democratic processes, the Confederation fleets manage to drive the AI back to Bolthole, which is blockaded.
2.   2725 Destruction of Bolthole.
a.   The Fleet Admiral in charge of the Bolthole Blockade performs a saturation bombing of the planet, destroying nearly all of the infrastructure and inhabitants.
b.   Minor outlying outposts formerly belonging to various pirate clans join forces with the AI and form the Obsidian Alliance.
3.   2750-2800 Increase in Senatorial power.
a.   Using the Kal’Shak, Obsidian Alliance, and the Ursae Republic as excuses, the Commonwealth Senate maintains its grip on power and martial law.
4.   2850 Fall of the Confederation
a.   An Obsidian Alliance cyber-commando infiltrates the Senate and detonates an antimatter device. Destruction of most of the north-eastern seaboard of North America is complete.
b.   A minor Senator from the Western Provinces of North America, Terrence Scott declares himself Prime Minister. With 99% of the Senate and Confederation civilian government scatters ashes, he maintains his grip on power.

Rise of the Terran Empire (2850-3000)
1.   2850-2875 Rise of the Terran Empire
a.   The Confederation Prime Minister consolidates his power with the Confed Navy and ground forces. He squashes any uprising ruthlessly.
b.   In 2875, he declares the Confederation dead and founds the Terran Empire.
2.   2875-3000 Consolidation of Empire
a.   The Terran Empire spends the next century consolidating its holdings in the Sol system as well as holdings outside of Sol.
3.   2950-3000
a.   With the Commonwealth still struggling to rebuild after the 2nd AI War and Kal’Shak Invasion, the newly formed Terran Empire steps in and takes over.
b.   After 50 years of battles and invasions of planetary targets, the Commonwealth ends and is absorbed into the nascent Terran Empire.
c.   A small fleet of Commonwealth ships flee to the Obsidian Alliance.

Terran Empire (3000-3800)
1.   3000-3200 Golden Age of Empire
a.   With things settling down across Human space and the Kal’Shak thoroughly defeated and humiliated, the Terran Empire slowly begins to relax some of its strictures on the common person.
b.   The Empire consists of the Emperor at the head, the Conclave of Lords as the successor to the Senate, and the Imperial Fleet. Most Lords in the Conclave are direct descendants of Terrence I’s allies in the formation of the Empire and are strictly loyal to the House of Scott.
c.   Research takes a sharp upturn as Imperial scientists continue to explore how the universe functions.
2.   3200-3500 Silver Age of Empire
a.   A tragic accident involving the Emperor’s personal cruiser kills most of the Imperial Family. A cadet branch of the House of Scott descending from Terrence I’s younger sister becomes the ruling Family.
b.   Efforts to determine the cause of the accident lead to increased restrictions. Emperor Harold II is somewhat paranoid and this seems to infect the Conclave of Lords as well. Political infighting becomes the norm.
c.   Empress Gena I forms the Imperial Inquisition to root out dissent towards the Throne in 3400.
d.   The next 100 years start to see a decline in the quality of living of the common Imperial citizen.
3.   3500-3800 An Empire Tarnished
a.   A series of weak and ineffectual Imperial heads leaves more power with the Conclave of Lords. Some Lords begin to cut out personal fiefdoms in the Imperial hierarchy.
b.   By 3700, the Emperor is a figurehead and all power rests within the Conclave of Lords. The Imperial Inquisition maintains its loyalty to the House of Scott, thereby extending the life of the Empire.

Decline of the Empire (3800-4300)
1.   Inquisition vs. Conclave
a.   In the early 39th century, the Conclave of Lords and the High Imperial Inquisitor are at complete odds with each other. The Inquisition begins a process of suborning and even removing Lords from the Conclave that oppose their views.
b.   Covert war breaks out between the Inquisition and the Conclave. Many Inquisitors and Lords are killed or otherwise disposed of.
c.   An upswing in the use of Riders to replace captured or killed members of opposing factions.
d.   By 4000, the covert war (with occasional spikes into overt) subsides. The Inquisition controls most of Terra and approximately half of the Imperial Fleet directly or through proxies. Inquisition agents are in place in nearly every outpost and ship throughout the Empire.
e.   The next 300 years sees increasing factionalism in the Conclave of Lords. Individual Lords increase their personal security and the standard of living among non-noble, non-Fleet, and non-Inquisition hits a 2000 year low.
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Re: Eras of Astra Imperia History
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2012, 11:47:23 PM »
[ooc]This section contains the outline for the Fall of the Empire and the Dark Age that followed.[/ooc]
Fall of the Empire (4300-4500)
1. The Fall
     a. When the last Emperor dies in 4322 childless, it leaves a vacuum that various factions scramble to fill. Within 10 years, open warfare between factions races across the Empire.
     b. 4340, the Taurus Republic is invaded by the Kal’Shak once again. However the might of the Empire is turned inwards and within 30 years, the Republic falls to the Kal’Shak.
     c. 4360, The Obsidian Alliance, fearing invasion of what little holdings they have turn to the Ursae Republic for assistance. They are rebuffed.
     d. 4362, The Obsidian Alliance turns to the Trit’ikk’it for assistance. The Trit’ikk’it offer slight aid, specifying unknown dangers on the far side of their space. The Obsidian Alliance turns to fortifying their holdings as best they can.
     e. 4375, The Kal’Shak begin to pick up outlying holdings of the Alliance. In desperation, the Alliance turns to the nearest faction in the Empire for aid. Seeing a chance to use the cybernetic technology of the Alliance to catapult himself to the Throne, the leader of the faction Pyotr Alexsimov agrees to aid the Alliance against the Kal’Shak.
     f. Alexsimov’s faction absorbs and easily holds off the Dominion. The Dominion takes this event with great anger.
     g. 4415, The Kal’Shak Dominion invades a majority of the Empire. Caught by surprise, most of the outlying worlds are snatched up by the Dominion. Attempts are made between factions to resolve things between themselves to face the Dominion, however with nearly 600 years of factionalism built up, most of the factions see the invasion as an easy means to rid themselves of hated rivals.
     h. By 4500 a majority of the Empire is under Dominion control, leaving the Sol system under Inquisition control.  Human holdings under direct Human control number the Sol System and the Ursae Republic.

Age of Darkness (4500-6000)
1. Dawning of the Darkness
     a. The 46th Century opens with most of the known galaxy under Kal’Shak control. Non-Kal’Shak entities include the Ursae Republic, the holdings of the Trit’ikk’it, and the Sol System.
     b. Most systems are restricted on travel to Dominion ships only. Smaller systems are ignored and gradually lose contact with the galaxy as a whole.
     c. By 4650, Dominion control is ironclad in the systems they maintain. Outside of the Dominion controlled systems, the smaller systems begin to backslide as their technology begins to fail.
     d. The Inquisition has a strong grip on the Sol system until a reformation movement begins in the late 4700’s. The Solar Reformation gradually begins to wean the Sol system out from under the Inquisition. This process will take nearly 1000 years.
     e. The Obsidian Alliance citizens are all AI or heavily cybernetic organics. Organic “hosts” are grown in cloning centers and cybernetic enhancements are begun before a year in age.
     f. The Ursae Republic maintains their silence and self-imposed internal blockade. No new information has come from the Ursae systems in over 200 years.

2. The Deepest of the Dark
     a. By the 51st Century, Dominion control over humanity’s former core systems is nearly absolute. Outlying systems are left to their own devices, to fall into the darkness or maintain what civilization they can.
     b.With the Reformation picking up speed in the Sol system, the Inquisition finally become aware of what is happening and tries to take steps to prevent losing their powerbase.
     c. The Obsidian Alliance, now simply calling itself the Alliance moves further from their organic roots. Each planet has its own information net that each citizen, AI or cybernetic is connected to all of the time.
     d. An Alliance probe attempts to gain entry to the Ursae Republic’s home system. The ship sustains heavy damage from what seem to be automated systems.
     e. The Trit’ikk’it have been reducing the size of their enclaves for nearly 700 years. By 5150, the only remaining enclave is on Mars, in the Sol system.

3. The Twilight of the Darkness
     a. By 5600, the Reformation has all but replaced the Inquisition in the Sol system. The civilian government and most non-military functions are now out of the hands of the Inquisition. The Inquisition still has a firm hold on the upper ranks of the military, though this grasp is weakening as younger officers move their way up the ranks.
     b. The Dominion has control over just a few systems in Human space by this time; Nova Terra in Alpha Centauri, Elysium in Barnard’s Star, Stronghold in Alpha Mensae, and Lupus in Wolf 359, and Novaya Ruskaya in 82 Eridani. All other systems have been abandoned by the Dominion and left to their own fate.
     c. The Alliance mounts a major probe of the Ursae Republic system 61 Ursae Majoris. A fleet of nearly 200 ships crewed by AI and cybernetic crew invade the system. After a long, fierce battle in which the Alliance loses nearly 75% of their ships, they break through the defensive perimeter and find the system uninhabited. No one in the Alliance is certain as to how long the system has been abandoned, but from xenoarchaelogical studies performed in the next 100 years, at least 1500 years have gone by since there were any inhabitants.
     d. A broken, limping ship enters the Sol system in late 5890. The ship is identified as Trit’ikk’it. It has suffered major damage in combat. Once the ship is in a stable orbit around Mars, the remaining crew of the ship joins the enclave. They tell stories about the entire Hegemony being engulfed in war and destruction. As far as they are aware, the entire Trit’ikk’it race is gone, except for the enclave on Mars.

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Re: Eras of Astra Imperia History
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2012, 11:50:38 PM »
[ooc]This section contains the formation of the Second Confederation[/ooc]
Rebirth of the Confederation (6000-6500)
1. Dawning of a New Confederation
     a. By the 61st Century, the Inquisition has completely lost all of their former power and influence, and has faded to history. The Reformation holds the first free elections in the Sol system in over 3,000 years. Each inhabited body in the Sol system elects a member to the newly formed Confederation Parliament.  This new Parliament begins to restructure the Solar societies from totalitarian to an elected democratic government. Over the next 200 years, individual freedoms are on the rise and the government limits itself to maintaining order and the Navy.
          i. Each body in the system is granted one elected member to the Parliament for every million inhabitants. Most of the local governments structure themselves to mirror the Confederation.
          ii. The members of Parliament elect from their own members a Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is removed from the day to day proceedings of Parliament, and his vacancy is filled by the colony he was representing.
          iii. The Trit’ikk’it are fully integrated into the Solar government and Parliament.
     b. The Alliance continues to study the 61 Ursae Majoris system for clues as to what might have happened to the inhabitants. Another force is gathered to explore the Ursae Republic’s only outsystem holding, Ursae Minoris. After penetrating the perimeter defenses, the system is also found uninhabited. Studies reveal the time period for the disappearance to be within 25 years of the disappearance from Ursae Majoris.
     c. The Dominion has been leaving everything outside of their systems alone to the extent that each system is de facto separate political entity, ruled by the local clan Warlord.

2. The Sun Rises on the Confederation
     a. By 6400 the Second Confederation has rebuilt its infrastructure in the Sol system to nearly the point it was prior to the fall of the First Confederation. Heavily stealthed ships are sent to scout the Alpha Centauri system. Finding the local Kal’Shak warlord effectively alone, plans are made to liberate the former Confederation/Empire systems from the Dominion. With methodical precision, the Confederation liberates and integrates a system into the Second Confederation before moving on to the next. This process takes nearly 250 years to fully drive the Dominion out of Human space.
     b. The Alliance, having claimed both Ursae Majoris and Ursae Minoris look on the new Confederation with hesitation. They maintain a strict no contact policy until 6630, when the Dominion has been nearly removed from every system in Human space. At this point, they make overtures to the Confederation for a non-aggression pact.


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