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Non-traditional ribbons (monochrome dots for a start)
« on: May 03, 2020, 11:06:30 AM »
Kudos, many thanks to Desdinova for producing this wonderful tool. It has led to...

(Why) While I was trying to hold back my post-1.0 Aurora impatience until the plasma pace of bugfixing, but savebreaking updates had slowed down at least somewhat, I began to play around with ribbonmaker, and produced a few traditional ribbons with standard fare stripes, bars, stars (two of them for a post-WWIII scenario I have as first item on my long C# Aurora shortlist are also in the attachment: 2 'Order of the Resurfacing' & plain 3+'Extraantarctic' Service Ribbons, but as is Aurorapparent, they could represent the 'Grand Amulet of the Dying Star' or the 'Kitchen knives of a dishonourable petaQ' elsewhere). That was before the latest ribbonmaker version where you can add your own devices came out. Soon, I began to wonder why a future or alternative past Earth, let alone civilizations of reptiles/fungal blobs/cybernetically enhanced giant furry things/hobbit AI subroutines/... in distant star systems, should use patterns that were in use for a few centuries of Earth's history, or medals/ribbons for awards at all. So, just using multiple bars of various width, I experimented to produce a few, just slightly non-traditional, pseudo-futuristic designs.

(What) These six or seven designs I produced, each with several variations for different classes/levels/ranks/castes/anything for a total of 66, are still traditional ribbons in form (it's called ribbonmaker after all), most of them even use the "Draw Texture" mode. They feature very simple squares, triangles, lines and dots in monochrome/two-colour designs. Nothing special, I just had vertical, horizontal and fixed-angle bars to play around with. Some were made with the latest version, but still in the same manner as before. Others may have a more daring, and at any rate different imagination for their Aurora universes. And there are definitely people around here with much more visual and technical talent than me, but sometimes even those can do with some external "Oh, but I can do much better than that" example input to prompt them to produce something great themselves.

(What for) So, if you are looking for that, want to laugh at someone else's limited skill/strange notions or have the desire for some slight variation from vanilla Earth, but are just too lazy (but it's really easy and quick to do yourself with ribbonmaker), download these, glance over them, delete them again, use one that fits your current campaign or in the best case: have an idea, click that ribbonmaker and produce your own ribbons to fit your universe and your style. And if you feel like it, please present your own non-traditional ribbons. Or just your ideas for what an award for a hamster artillerist, a fleet admiral AI algorithm or a space corsair of Umbar should look like.

(Filenames) The ones in the attached zip have nondescript (series/session letters+number) file names beginning with 00, 01 or 009 in order to automatically show up first, and so that I can shift-remove them easily en bloc when they are out of use to avoid clutter. But in case you want to keep some of them, you may want to rename them to whatever suits your Aurora\Medals folder, so they do not interfere with the order of your existing files, or to assign them a specific meaning.

(ModNote) Because these were made with your ribbonmaker, and wouldn't exist without it, I posted here; but if you want to keep this subforum for strictly technical/utility stuff, my apologies for that, move me. I haven't posted anything on any forum for many, many years and am rather out of touch with net culture and mores these days, so I'm somewhat disoriented here at times (still more than by nature's whims to begin with)...

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