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The Long Wait - The Early Years
« on: August 20, 2021, 06:51:30 AM »
Year 4000

The first year of Planetary Governor Michele Divers 10 year Plan, is to increase the construction capacity of Aquarian Prime. Including the building of a 5000 ton Military Shipyard, however it will be some time before the Research divisions build the components for space flight.

Brigadier Weston Kampf oversaw the raising of the 1st Planetary Regiment, this consisted of the standard 3x3 Infantry Company, Battalion Mix with Supply, Artillery and SAM Elements.  Since the Aquarians have for sometime lived peacefully within union of each other these forces were built for the purpose on future discoveries and protection to exploring and research teams sent into space.

The Research Teams saw development of the first Nuclear Thermal Engine, with Production contract going to Tien-Fairchild for production, this will be used in the Survey Vessel that currently in blueprint stage. This vessel is still missing many components to get a full design spec yet, however it role will be to Survey both geological and Gravimetrics.

Vice Admiral Everette Deckelbaum oversaw a the creation of a new force called Fleet, however at this stage it nothing more then dreams and paperwork. It will be a number of years before she see her first warships come off the slips.

Calendar Entries of Note

4000, 15th June       - Luis Henrichs completed research into geological Survey Sensors
4000, 6th July          - Shears Steel Military Shipyard is completed in orbit above Aquarian Prime
4000, 9th October    - 10 Construction Factories complete bringing the total on Aquarian prime to 490
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Re: The Long Wait - The Early Years
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2021, 08:01:21 AM »

The next couple of years flew by with the people slightly disappointed in the governor. They were thinking they would be atleast spreading their wings in the solar system. But yet everything was still on drawing boards or research facilities. The start of a 10,000 ton Civilian Ship yards was completed, however without ships the population only grumbled on the lack of progress.

The research teams progressed on finishing both Jump Point Theory and Gravimetric Survey and Thermal Sensors, but without seeing a finished product in use much of the excitement is contained to back page stories.

Calendar Entries of Note
4001, 7th April                  - Ten Automated Mine Production finished bringing the total of automated mines to 106 (Miners were upset by the government spending time on the development of robotic mining, instead of creating jobs)

4001, 26th July                 - Elliott Vandervoot research team finished the design of a Small Boat Bay (The Research team had a display model mocked up and luncheon, however the Vice Admiral got "Called away" and could not attend)

4001, 9th October             - Marcello Vantassell research team completed Jump Point Theory (Physicists Monthly, devoted a 10 page spread, for the 1241 people worldwide that subscribes)

4002, 26th January           - Luis Henrichs team improved on the Active Grav Sensor Strength hitting the big 12.

4002, 16th May                -  Georgina Fairbanks finally finished Thermal Sensors, actually developing something the Navy needed for a change. Weedman Electronics pick up the contract to develop a 250ton Thermal Sensor that will be mounted on the Survey Vessel.

4002, 4th July                  - A Repair yard had completed construction, this had many of the population scratching their heads, considering we still do not have a single spacecraft. The Governor assured people these are all the necessary steps before we can make the leap into space.

4003, 10th February         - Brigadier Kampf and Vice Admiral Deckelbaum were on hand to witness Antonia Sobotta rediscovery to Mighty Visible Light Laser. Questions were raised when they could be used against the sand people. Ms Sobotta did not share Brigadier Kampf love of old Earth movies and could only stare in confusion.

4003, 10 June                  - Elliot Vandervott team created a bigger boat bay, and created an even bigger party to get the recognition he deserves, unfortunately for him Lincoln Cordy research team had finished the work on Gravitational Sensors on the same day, putting the final pieces into the design of the Survey vessel Class called the Aberdeen. Suffice to say no one once again came to Vandervotts party.

Code: [Select]
Aberdeen class Survey Craft      2 495 tons       60 Crew       371.9 BP       TCS 50    TH 75    EM 0
1503 km/s      Armour 1-16       Shields 0-0       HTK 21      Sensors 30/0/1/1      DCR 2      PPV 0
Maint Life 5.76 Years     MSP 186    AFR 25%    IFR 0.3%    1YR 10    5YR 143    Max Repair 100 MSP
Commander    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Morale Check Required   

Tien-Fairchild Nuclear Thermal Engine  EP75.00 (1)    Power 75.0    Fuel Use 81.65%    Signature 75.00    Explosion 10%
Fuel Capacity 500 000 Litres    Range 44.2 billion km (340 days at full power)

Weedman Electronics Industries Thermal Sensor TH5-30 (1)     Sensitivity 30     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  43.3m km
Geological Survey Sensors (1)   1 Survey Points Per Hour
Gravitational Survey Sensors (1)   1 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes
This design is classed as a Survey Ship for auto-assignment purposes

4003, 21st October            - Marcello Vantassell research team improved on fuel consumption 0.9, it was reasoned after he developed the first engines that they would not be able to even visit half their solar system. However its a long way off before we can visit the outer planet using a smelly rag as fuel.
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Re: The Long Wait - The Early Years
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2021, 09:57:29 PM »

The 3 years see the struggle of early space flight, most missions are taking 6-12 months and required constant overhauls and fuel between each mission. Research Teams are making headway and construction yards are getting bigger. The population is a little happier now they are seeing some progress and each spaceflight the PR departments expose, with images and data that had been lost for generations.

The leadership positions are still stable, even if there is grumbling in the lower ranks where there is nothing to do.

Calendar Entries of Note

4004, 4th March                 - Marcelo Vantessel Research team while working on fuel efficiency, made a huge mistake however presented as a major success to to Joint Chiefs, they have created Minimum Engine Power x0.4. The Joint chief questioned Marcelo, "So your research give us the ability to make our ships even slower." To save Fuel added Marcelo. The Joint Chiefs were far from impressed.

4004, 7th June                   - Bob Leasure wrote up a thesis for Mountain Warfare Capability, this is now forced reading at Military Colleges around the planet. Mainly because if not forced no one would of read it. *Yawn*

4004, 12 September           - The Word State of Aquaria Fleet Forces launched it first vessel named after it Class Aberdeen. Commander Tyler Rudolph was given the honour much to the disgust of many of the senior officers, who have served longer. However he did have a PHD in Surveying and Astrophysics. The Vice Admiral gave the AFF Aberdeen the task of surveying the local planets, for resources.

4005, 9th February            - Pamela Borghese made efficiency improvements in construction bringing it up to 12BP. Governor Divers impressed with Pamela  effort immediately got her to work in the mining sector.

4005, 4th April                  - AFF Aberdeen completed it first mission discovering a huge amount of minerals on Aquarii II. Governor Divers impressed upon the shipyards to increase the commercial ship yard to expand it capacity so we could build freighters to use automated mining methods to extract such minerals. There was no great concern however since our stockpiles compared to usage had no been a concerns. She also requested 500 automated mines created ready to ship out when the time was right.

4005, 26 July                     - AFF Aberdeen returned from mission, it was quickly discovered that unless we developed some new means of travel, the survey vessel just did not have the capacity to really map the solar system let alone future explorations. But persist it must as there was nothing else at hand. However the population was happy and the PR made it into a event. The first successful survey of a planet outside Aquarian Prime.

4005, 28th November       - A New Research facility added to Aquarian Prime, bringing the total to 25. Construction of the 500 Automated Mines has now begun

4006, 15 February            - Making the best out of his last best seller thanks to the Government, Bob Leasure created a new Text Jungle Warfare Capability. Can't wait for his new book coming to a Military Library near you.

4006, 2 April                    - Marcelo Vantessell grabbed a step closer to a new type of engine, developing the Improved Water Reactor. There is no use developing more Aberdeen Spacecraft they are just not good enough to the job.

4006, 31 July                   - Perry Heffen was excited to show off the 12cm Railgun design, explaining it will be able to protect space craft from small asteroids. Joint Chiefs were thinking of other purposes for it.

4006, 12th October          - Once again Governor Divers was happy with Pamela Borghese team, and set her to work looking how research teams can be more efficient, however she knows she going to get a lot more resistance from these teams and it going to take more time.

4006, 28th December    - The inner system has been surveyed, an abundance of minerals only found on two planets, however they will be difficult to mine.

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Re: The Long Wait - The Early Years
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2021, 11:14:02 PM »

Calendar Entries of Note

4007, 18th August                 - Marcelo Vantassell improved on the Nuclear Thermal Engine, now set to work with Tien-Fairchild to upgrade the Aberdeens Engines.

4007, 17th October                - If I didn't think bob work could get much drier his new book of Desert Warfare really nailed the experience.

4007, 11 December                - With the Tien-Fairchild new engine complete, the Aberdeen Class saw and upgrade, giving it some extra fuel storage a faster and more efficient engine seeing it range expand to 63 mKM. Instead of refitting the current Aberdeen which is on mission to Aquarii V. The Navy saw fit to develop a new ship.

4008, 25 January                   - AFF Aberdeen never even made it to Aquarii V, it had burn more the 50% fuel before needing to turn around and come home. Even the current upgrades will not be enough to reach the outer systems yet. More Fuel efficiency and more fuel tank will be required.

4008, 11 July                        - AFF Aberdeen has run out of fuel a stone throw away from Aquarian Prime, this is a disaster as AFF Moors is still 6 months from completion. The World holds it breath wondering in the Aberdeen can hold out 6months before a rescue can be mounted.

4009, 2 February                 - Pamela Borghese has been throwing into ways to increase efficiency in ship building to squeeze out the better ship build production to perhaps save a few days in the building of the AFF Moors. Ground control has go the AFF to extend it food supply for a little longer. However the crew is starting to find it tough.

4009, 25 March                   - The AFF Moors Launched and brought AFF Aberdeen back into the spaceport. The world sighs relief. Head would of rolled otherwise if this was not a success, however serious question remain over the Vice Admiral. However for no she remains in place.

4009, 4 April                       - Elliott Vandervort team develop a new Large Fuel Tank, however when showing his designs the Fleet purchasing officer said "Naa we want it bigger". Dejected Elliott went back to the drawing board.

4009, 29 May                      - Bob Leasure Rift Valley Capability series, did what much of the military personnel have been hoping for for a long period of time. Government order no more on the series interested in investing elsewhere. There was much rejoicing.

4009, 13 June                    -  AFF Aberdeen had been refit, and now task in exploring gravimetric points.

4009, 18 June                     - AFF Moors just finishing it first gravimetric survey point identified a Jump Point only 7 bKm near Aquarian Prime, Damn that is close. It gave everyone a bit of a shock.


On a side note I only just noticed my planets are not moving in orbit. Even though it is turned on in game settings not sure what going on here.
(HAHAHA Nevermind just noticed is take 313 years for a full rotation of the star.)

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Re: The Long Wait - The Early Years
« Reply #4 on: August 21, 2021, 07:45:02 AM »

Finally this three year period has seen some light that perhaps the Aquarian people are destined to travel a bit further a fields the new design of ships now in production will finish off discovering the solar system.

The Governor still has another 10 year term before she need to retire from the position. This next 10 years she is focused on the deployment of mines on other planets. If she achieves it that will be her contribution to the Aquarian people.

Calendar Entries of Note

4010, 16th February        - Luis Hendrichs team continue to work on sensor technology, the Fleet feels this would be appropriate as they do not want to bump into anything.

4010, 17th May               - Marcelo continues to work on Fuel Consumption however finding tweaks are now becoming more time consuming and Fleet want new engines. He has been told to work on new technologies, it time to put Science Fiction into Science Fact. Marcelo cautious nature, say "okie dokie, let see if I can figure something out"

4010, 31st July                - Elloitt Vanbervort sent his designs of a very Large Fuel Storage to the Bureau of Ship Building, a bottle of Scotch was sent back with thanks, pity it was address to Elliott's 2nd in charge. Elliott drank it out of spite without sharing.

4010, 10th August            - Ella Torchio working on Jump technology worked out a way for a squadron of three to jump together. Once done however her team handed to Truman Regalado, a new Jump theory wizkid. To say she was slightly miffed was an understatement. The Director of Research's car was firebombed that weekend, however Ella had an alibi.

4010, 25 October              - Pamela Borghese finished reorganising the ship building department, increasing it to a rate of 560BP. Governor Divers thought Pamela could use a break and hoping Pamela could provide the Governor with life coaching. This life coaching seem to happen early into the hours as Pamela was seen leaving the Governors residence early each morning.

4011, 13th January           - Turman Regalado completed research into Max Sqdn Jump Radius - 50k, the maths looked impressive but nobody could tell if it is correct or not. Hell Aquarians have not even built a Jump Capable Ship yet.

4011, 4th March               - Luis Henrich completes research into EM Sensitivity, unfortunately his team wishes he completes another type of sensitivity training, apparently he is Stubborn, Inflexible and Dogmatic, that was said by someone who has not left his team, yet.

4011, 11th July                - Marcelo finished his work on a new style of reactor a Pebble Bed reactor, this will allow him to work on a new type of Engine called the Nuclear Pulse Engine. He is hoping this will get Fleet off his back and give them no more excuses not to pump out ships and explore the rest of the Solar system.

4011, 16th November        - Elliott once again releases his new designs for a Cargo Hold - Large, however once again on the same day, Truman Regalado team releases their new maths on Jump Drive Efficiency. Elliott also notice everyone has gained a science medal for their achievements except him. He wrote to the Director of Scientific Research, the response that he got sent him on a three day drinking binge. Apparently 'draftsman' are not eligible for science awards. Elliot now looked at the most scientific thing he could do in logistics to show them all. However he will need to kick his growing drug habit for this to work.

4012, 9th April                 - The Commercial Shipyard has finally reached it 40,000 tons goal, with 3 slips, Marcelo assures Fleet that new Pulse engine is around the corner and to delay construction until it is complete. Fleet puts on hold four months before pushing ahead with the Freighter designs.

4012, 14th May               - Marcelo works so hard he is having blood pressure issues, if he is not careful his doctor says he might not be around much longer.

4012, 28th July               - Marcelo achieves the research into the Nuclear Pulse Engine, while he was researching this Truman Regalado finished two researches into power boosts. Truman  is now been promoted as the senior propulsion expert. To satisfy Marcelo he was given the Order of Aquaria, at 33 with 15 Discoveries on his belt. He has not yet been put out to pasture however moved to Tenure at the leading Academy in Aquarian Prime.

4012, 7th August             - Truman helped Jarette Turbine produce the commercial version first. The 1250 ton EP100 will help push the new Adelaide Class of Freighters. The is slow as hell but at least they can get to the planets fleet needs them to at the moment. Three Ships now in the slips ready to pump out.

Code: [Select]
Adelaide class Freighter      35 969 tons       107 Crew       408.1 BP       TCS 719    TH 600    EM 0
834 km/s      Armour 1-97       Shields 0-0       HTK 39      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 1      PPV 0
MSP 7    Max Repair 50 MSP
Cargo 25 000    Cargo Shuttle Multiplier 4   
Lieutenant Commander    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 3 months   

Jarette Turbine Commercial Nuclear Pulse Engine  EP100.00 (6)    Power 600    Fuel Use 7.83%    Signature 100    Explosion 5%
Fuel Capacity 1 000 000 Litres    Range 63.9 billion km (887 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

4012, 20th November - Retooling for the new class of survey ship the Brecon Class. At 400 tons larger, taking from the design flaws of the Aberdeen class it is now deployed 2 years longer have double the range, and slightly faster. This means less time in dock more time exploring. When retooling finished 3 ships will be produced and the two Aberdeen class ships retired there is thought in turning them into museum pieces.

Code: [Select]
Brecon class Survey Craft      2 965 tons       70 Crew       430.4 BP       TCS 59    TH 120    EM 0
2023 km/s      Armour 1-18       Shields 0-0       HTK 26      Sensors 40/0/1/1      DCR 4      PPV 0
Maint Life 9.69 Years     MSP 362    AFR 18%    IFR 0.2%    1YR 7    5YR 105    Max Repair 100 MSP
Commander    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 36 months    Morale Check Required   

Tien-Farichild Nuclear Pulse Engine  EP120.00 (1)    Power 120.0    Fuel Use 24.11%    Signature 120.00    Explosion 7%
Fuel Capacity 500 000 Litres    Range 125.8 billion km (720 days at full power)

Weedman Electronics Thermal Sensor TH5-40 (1)     Sensitivity 40     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  50m km
Geological Survey Sensors (1)   1 Survey Points Per Hour
Gravitational Survey Sensors (1)   1 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes
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Re: The Long Wait - The Early Years
« Reply #5 on: August 22, 2021, 12:02:10 AM »

The Solar System is now buzzing with activity, with more Jump Point discovered. The mining on Aquarii III is close to useless the 0.1 ability to mine, and the slowness of transferring the automated mine means this is a Government PR exercise not something that is useful.

The Research departments are still outstripping other departments as far a usefulness however the other departments claim we just do not have the research to achieve the goals of our first Jump. The Governor is putting a priority on this in the next 3 years, if it does not happen the Fleet Chief will be forced to retire.

Calendar Entries of Note

4013, 16th February             - The three freighters came off the slips, AFF Adelaide, AFF Dongara, AFF Rushcutter. With assignments in place. their tasks were to deliver automated mines to Aquarii III.

4013, 28 February               - AFF Moors detected another Jump Point, and  within 40 years Aquarian Prime the Jump Point will be with spitting distance.  Fleet is now getting a bit worried about the protection of Aquarian Prime, perhaps some Orbited Defence Satellites will be useful. A Request has been made to to looking into developing some.

4013, 14 May                      - Fleet requested Perry Heffen to create some point defence missiles, due to Dr Heffen pacifists nature they told him it was to protect Aquarian Prime from rogue asteroids. Dr Heffen happy with his work developed a missile with a small warhead charge. The Defender AAM missile was born but it only had a tiny range of 7.82 million km. Interception was terrible , however for slow moving asteroids it was perfect. They really need a new Kinetic weapons specialist.

Code: [Select]
Missile Size: 1.00 MSP  (2.500 Tons)     Warhead: 1    Radiation Damage: 1    Manoeuvre Rating: 10
Speed: 10 800 km/s     Fuel: 125     Flight Time: 12 minutes     Range: 7.82m km
Cost Per Missile: 0.52     Development Cost: 52
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 108.0%   3k km/s 36.0%   5k km/s 21.6%   10k km/s 10.8%

4013, 15th September        - All components were build for the Guardian Defence Satellite.

Code: [Select]
Guardian class Missile Defence Satellite      434 tons       9 Crew       67.1 BP       TCS 9    TH 0    EM 0
1 km/s      Armour 1-5       Shields 0-0       HTK 3      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 0      PPV 3
Maint Life 19.78 Years     MSP 48    AFR 3%    IFR 0.0%    1YR 0    5YR 4    Max Repair 24 MSP
Magazine 20   
Lieutenant Commander    Control Rating 1   
Intended Deployment Time: 120 months    Morale Check Required   

Wender Precision Arms Size 1 Box Launcher (20)     Missile Size: 1    Hangar Reload 50 minutes    MF Reload 8 hours
Mckenzie-Sponsler Missile Fire Control FC9-R1 (1)     Range 9.6m km    Resolution 1

Amacher & Lannigan Sensor Systems Active Search Sensor AS6-R1 (1)     GPS 24     Range 6.8m km    MCR 609.3k km    Resolution 1

4013, 4th November                     - Elloitt Vandergott gathered the Joint Chiefs together as well as the Director of Science. This was his big moment. In a airport hanger he prepared for his demonstration at one end, a machine with lights and cylinder that spun. On the other end a Huge Water truck. He waited till everyone to be quiet. Flicking a switch the machine hummed and swirled faster and faster until the truck started to move towards the contraption. Then he powered down the machine. The crowd was unsure what they witnessed and muttered quietly amongst themselves not knowing what they witnessed. Elliott got frustrated, until a Colonel rose his hand up, "you developed a big magnet".  Elloitt lost his cool "No it is not a BIG MAGNET. It is a Gravimetric Attracting Device. It uses gravity to pull, not magnetism. The colonel still bemused said "would it not been easier to grab tow rope and pull the truck" Just before Elliott head exploded, one of the Fleet officer said "I know what it is, it is a Tractor Beam" the crowd said a collective Arrghh. Then there was a smattering of claps. Afterwards as the crowd dispersed for food The Director Science approached Elliott. "Ethan, this will get your Science Award now, Well done. Now I was thinking how about you take a trip down to the islands relax and soak in the sun for a bit. I need to shift some funds to other projects, so you have time up your sleeves. Well done on your tractor beam thingy. Beam me up Jonnie." And gave him a two finger guns as he disappeared off to the food. At this point Elliot just released he had been sacked or shuffled sideways. "Oh well I got my damn award, he muttered".

4013, 24th December            - The launching of the 3 Becon Survey ships completed, this signalled the end of the Aberdeen missions. They had surveyed atleast half of the grav points. The ten year old ships would see a graceful retirement as museum pieces.

4014, 26th January               - Alan Danis impressed Fleet and Ground with a new High Density Duranium Armour.

4014, 17th June                   -  AFF Nantyglo discovered a new Jump point very close the the Sun, it was not thought possible to have a jump point this close to such a large mass. New Physics equations were now being prepared.

4014, 7th September            - AFF Blaendulais surveyed Aquarii V, they have been retasked to refuel and do Aquarii VI however that is as far as our space craft can reach currently. One thing to Note about V is can sustain an outpost with a Colony Cost of 3.24, mainly sue to the planet being -88 degrees C.

4014, 17th September         - Deposits of Uridium is exhausted, we have 40,000  tons available so it not a dire situation but we need to keep an eye on it.

4014, 2nd October               - Alan Danis continues the impressive work with thermal reduction to engines 75% of Normal is expected outcome. The Government keeps funding in Defensive technologies.

4014, 27th October              - The work in the Sensor Division is progression at a great rate of knots. Lincoln Cordy and Luis Henrichs teams, increased Active Grav to 16 points and Beam Fire Control to 32,000. Making laser more viable.

4014, 14th May                   - Bob Leasure used the opportunity of the new discovered armour to get funding for Power Infantry Armour. Completing this a new Company of Power Infantry is in the works.

4014, 25th May                   - Bob Leasure put on this new infantry unit on display, he called them Rangers. Bob hated anything to do with the Fleet so he made sure there were not call marines or space marines or any other Scifi Bull crap. The Joint chief were impressed and wanted to field a company for now. A Ranger Company fielded 120 men broken into 10 Squads or 2 Platoons. They had an impressive firepower and durability. Bob was given another research project as a reward.

4015, 17th August              - Bob created two support Vehicles the Engineer LAV and GSV (Geo Survey Vehicle, not as impressed as the Powered Armour. However the contracts that were awards the building od said units were very happy. Bob also had a number of shares in said companies. I think new laws need to be drafted around this.


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Re: The Long Wait - The Early Years
« Reply #6 on: August 22, 2021, 06:13:32 AM »

Calendar Entries of Note

4016, 17 January            - Dr Marcelo Vantassell helped with the design of the first jump drive, since Dr Truman Regalado was hard t work improving the Pebble Bed reactor.

4016, 15th February       - Another three Freighters came off the production yard, brining the total to 6.

4016, 17th February       - Auqarii VI Geosurvey complete. this is far as we can discover in our current solar system. Aquarii VII is atleast 89 bKm out, not enough for our current survey ships. All the way up to Aquarii XV which is 6010 bKm. The Solar system is massive.

4016, 18th March           - Dr Truman Regalado finished his improvement to the reactor, and now working on an Improved Nuclear Pulse craft. This will see upgrade in our current Survey vessels and Freighters.

4016, 16th July              - Dr Pamela Borghese worked on increasing production of the Satellite and once again failed to disappoint. To celebrate the Governor announced her engagement to Dr Borghese. It was good PR for the Governor all around.  Meanwhile else where Alan Danis finished work on Damage Control system s and quietly went about working on other verntures.

4016, 16th October         - AFF Penmarc signalled the last Grav point has been surveyed. The Survey fleet need an overhaul. Waiting for the next mission which might be a couple years yet.

4017, January 22             - Ground Forces welcomed the 1st Engineer Company and 1st Survey Company. These are to be deployed on Mining Base AIII, once suitable transport can be found.

4017, 15th June               - Although retirements happen often and normally to Freighter captain or unassigned personnel Cdr Vicki Donmoyer of the Survey Veseel AFF Nantyglo retires perhaps the fact there is currently no survey mission available or being away from Family. Either way there is a reduction in Naval personnel as we also increase in ship , there might be a need for recruitment around this area soon.

4017, 22 December         - The New York and Washington Jump Ships were launched. These were designed to jump with another survey craft and provide fuel and support. They are not to stray from the gate and hold position. Vice Admiral Everette Deckelbaum was very pleased she would keep her job.  Explorer Fleet Alpha was created with AFF New York and AFF SV Blaendulias

Code: [Select]
Albany class Jump Ship      6 956 tons       165 Crew       544.1 BP       TCS 139    TH 120    EM 0
862 km/s    JR 3-50      Armour 1-32       Shields 0-0       HTK 33      Sensors 80/0/0/0      DCR 5      PPV 0
Maint Life 3.47 Years     MSP 344    AFR 77%    IFR 1.1%    1YR 44    5YR 656    Max Repair 150.4 MSP
Cargo Shuttle Multiplier 2   
Captain    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 36 months    Morale Check Required   

Ditty Turbines J7000(3-50) Military Jump Drive     Max Ship Size 7000 tons    Distance 50k km     Squadron Size 3

Tien-Farichild Nuclear Pulse Engine  EP120.00 (1)    Power 120    Fuel Use 24.11%    Signature 120    Explosion 7%
Fuel Capacity 1 580 000 Litres    Range 169.5 billion km (2275 days at full power)
Refuelling Capability: 50 000 litres per hour     Complete Refuel 31 hours

Weedman Electronics Thermal Sensor TH10-80 (1)     Sensitivity 80     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  70.7m km

4018, 3 February           - Captain Shae Pesa on the AFF New York surveyed the Nely discovered system of  3 Canum Venaticorum, a mouthful, but for now call Canum. The Massive Red Giant which is 88 time bigger then the Earth sun, however only half the size of Aquarii solar G Star. The 7 planets that rotated it, with the furthest roartion being 15 bKM in orbit from its star make this system tiny. Captain Pesa detatched the survey craft to quickly survey the system.

4018, 28 June               - Dr Turman Regalado finally finished work on the Imporved Nuclear Pulse Engine. With the new thermal reduction tech, these will be even more improvements to the Survey craft and Freighters.

4018, 12October           - SC Blaendulais while surveying Canum IV, was stuck from the surface with 18 Energy Weapons destroying the vessel, without any communications from the ground forces that attacked it. There was no thermal reading prior to the destruction no warning. 23 survived out of the crew of 70 hopelessly floating in space above the planet without means of any rescue. A dark day, our first system we explore peaceful only for that to be destroyed by what ever lied in wait. The Aquarian will take there revenge on this atrocity. All major exploration operations have been put on hold.

4018, 27 October           - Cdr Carla Swearengin final broadcast was received before her oxygen ran out. She has message for her family, and a message to the Aquarians to stay strong and remember her crew sacrifice. She was awarded the Defence Medal for the Fallen, given to the brave in service of their nation.

4018, 26 November        - Dr Elloitt Vandervort SM, yes he now been styling his name with the SM (Science Medal) at the end. He could not believe the resources thrown at him, for years he has been scrimping on small budgets, now he has 20 out of the 25 research labs working on a Commercial Hangar for the future transport and Drop Ships that will be headed to Canun.

4019, 5 April                 - As the Ranger Company was turned into a Ranger Regiment, Elliott has finished his commercial hangar, he was tired and need a rest. The research facilities swung to other needed requirements.
4019, 10 April               - Dr Alan Danis completed work on Composite Armour, this would help protect our vessels on landing.

4019, 1 June                - The 3rd Naval Shipyard is build this is to expand into a line of warships however it will take 6 Years to reach the 10,000 ton capacity that Admiralty is seeking. The 2nd Year is aimed to pump out the 2500ton Drop ships.

4019, 11 July               - The Final piece to Troop transport and Dropship puzzle had been put to bed. The Troop transport would take the drop ships within 150 million miles of the planet and then the drop ships would launch and drop a full battalion, creating a bridgehead.

Code: [Select]
Albuquerque class Dropship      2 971 tons       43 Crew       316.9 BP       TCS 59    TH 75    EM 0
2525 km/s      Armour 4-18       Shields 0-0       HTK 11      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 1      PPV 0
Maint Life 1.45 Years     MSP 66    AFR 71%    IFR 1.0%    1YR 35    5YR 519    Max Repair 112.500 MSP
Troop Capacity 1 500 tons     Drop Capable   
Lieutenant Commander    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Morale Check Required   

Mikesell Improved Nuclear Pulse Engine  EP150.00 (1)    Power 150.0    Fuel Use 192.90%    Signature 75.000    Explosion 15%
Fuel Capacity 10 000 Litres    Range 0.31 billion km (34 hours at full power)

Code: [Select]
Alexandria class Troop Transport      29 995 tons       214 Crew       1 526.1 BP       TCS 600    TH 450    EM 0
750 km/s    JR 2-25(C)      Armour 6-85       Shields 0-0       HTK 54      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 7      PPV 0
MSP 222    Max Repair 100 MSP
Hangar Deck Capacity 6 000 tons     
Commander    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 12.2 months    Flight Crew Berths 120   

Godspeed Aero Engines JC30K Commercial Jump Drive     Max Ship Size 30000 tons    Distance 25k km     Squadron Size 2

Jarette Turbine Commercial Improved Nuclear Pulse Engine  EP112.50 (4)    Power 450.0    Fuel Use 6.01%    Signature 112.50    Explosion 4%
Fuel Capacity 1 000 000 Litres    Range 99.8 billion km (1539 days at full power)


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Re: The Long Wait - The Early Years
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The amount of waiting to be done in this section, a whole year went by without anything interesting to write, and when it did boy was I disappointed. It was as quick a boy's first prom date escapade.

The research area which continue to grow seem to only lead to more frustration, as no sooner does the Aquarian research something then they require something else before they can launch a specific class. The Aquarian also need to figure out some way of spying on a planet before launching an attack.

Calendar Entries of Note

4020, 10 January              - Governor Diver retires from her position service her 20 years. The New Governor Anthony Borgmann takes over he is cautious and a bit of an environmentalist. But is happy to push ahead with the previous Governor Divers objective of an invasion into Canun IV.

4020, 26 April                    - Dr Perry Heffman has been convinced by the Fleet that they need defensive weapons in regards to a CIWS system, the good doctor is happy to help out with looking at gauss upgrades.

4020, 25 July                     - Dr Bob Leasure has finished the Heavy Powered Armour, however at this stage there is no plans currently the field them. Ground Commander want to see what happens in the field with their current soldiers.

4020, 6 April                     - A test run in dropping A ranger company onto Aquaria Prime was successful. Within two year we should be able to deploy the Ranger Rgt to Canun IV.

4020, 14 August                - The Mineral Mercassium has been exhausted, however we have huge stock in this so there is no concern currently.

4021                               - Just flew past with very little other then shipyard changes and waiting for ships to come off the line. The Population is getting complacent all this talk about war and yet we still not put a single soldier on the enemies planet. Hell we do not even know who the enemy is. The new Governor may not last without seen to do anything.

4022, 5 February              - Dr Bob Leasure development Fighter Bombardment pods. Until we have adequate transport there is no use even fielding these.

4022, 7 March                 - Corbonmite has been exhausted, great stockpile of 120,000 the mineral exist. No cause for great concern.

4022, 13 July                   - Pamela Borghese has completed research into Jump Point Stabilisation Module. It seems good old Pamela is taking someone else credit what the hell does she understand about Physics. She is a glorified accountant at best.

4022, 1 September            - We have enough dropships for a battalion of ranger, but still no Troop trasnports they are not slate to arrive until Sept 2023.

4023, 15 March                 - Dr Truman Regalado continuing in improvements in Jump Engines minimum size, hoping to create jump capable warships that are not reliant on a mothership of sorts.

4023, 4 April                     - Cpt Shane Presa former of the AFF New York, retires. Frustrated that nothing has been done to revenge those fleet personnel lost. It been 3 years of waiting, Shane could nto wait any longer. A week later he pulled out his service revolver and ended the nightmare in his head.

4023, 7 August                 - Dr Antonia Sobotta been given the task to create the main laser gun on the soon to be design frigates continues to work hard on turret tracking and increase size of the weapon.

4023, 21 October              - The wait is over the three Alexandria ships have been launched. To test this requirements a Survey Team will be dropped on Mining Base AIII.

4024, 18 May                  - The Drop was a success, and the next stage was on.

4024, 17 August             - Dr Truman Regalado finished his work on Minimum Jump size 10.

4025, 6 February            - Combat Drop started, on entry 004 holding the 1st Tank platoon exploded. However The other three dropships  set down their troops.

4025, 122 February         - It was a slaughter, the ground forces were lost in 7 days, over 500 men gone. The Alien species know as the Rakhas, standing over 8 feet tall and resembling a humanoid version of a dinosaur destroyed the ground units. General Staff has no idea of the number of troops on that planet, the destruction of our armour was a huge blow even before the landing on the ground.  Not a single ranger survived the first battle.

Before we throw more troops at them a planetary bombardment need to be achieved. The Ground force chief will need to hand in his resignation. This was a total botched operation. We need to somehow work out how many forces they have before we even try again, we are lucky then do not have space forces else we the Aquarians might be someone lunch soon.

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Re: The Long Wait - The Early Years
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4025 - 4030

The Aquarian now reequipped their force to go back, spend much time on a naval force that could lay down some cover with a rain of the New ASM developed. The Aquarian Economy as slowing down however the Governor was working on building the research capacity, soon he will look at growing the economy.

Calendar Entries of Note

4025, 17 February            The Transport Fleet had been sent home. Nothing could be done to retrieve anything from the mission.

4025, 8 April                    Near Ultraviolet Laser worked on by Antonia Sobotta Team gave the extra range needed for the range of frigates that were getting designed.

4025, 18 April                  The Sorium mines have stopped on Aquarian Prime, watching all these mines stopping is giving pause to how long will the stockpile last.

4025, 27 September         Brigadier Weston Kampf took responsibility for the Cancun Operation and retired from service. Brigadier Numbers Voth is now the Chief of ground Forces.

4026, 19 August              Missile Expert Dr Guillermo Kothakota developed the Ankrum Armaments Avenger ASM, this missile is to be included on the new Frigate. It has a decent range of 35mKm. Dr Ankrum is also upgrading the Defnder AAM to include a higher interception rate.

Code: [Select]
Missile Size: 3.00 MSP  (7.500 Tons)     Warhead: 4    Radiation Damage: 4    Manoeuvre Rating: 14
Speed: 8 267 km/s     Fuel: 1 250     Flight Time: 71 minutes     Range: 35.42m km
Cost Per Missile: 1.8362     Development Cost: 184
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 115.7%   3k km/s 38.6%   5k km/s 23.1%   10k km/s 11.6%

Between 4027 and 4028 was the component building of the Frigate Ameins. Sure it was Slow, hardly and punch power and un armoured, but it was the best the Aquarian could come up with for now. They had weight restrictions on the ship building and jump drive. But perhaps three of these could stand off Cancun IV and strike at Planet laser Batteries before the next assault. Still they did not have the Fleet cargo capacity just yet to get a Division of troop across. The shipyard were churning out what they could.

Code: [Select]
Amiens class Frigate      6 994 tons       196 Crew       1 013.4 BP       TCS 140    TH 120    EM 0
1715 km/s      Armour 3-32       Shields 0-0       HTK 44      Sensors 80/0/0/0      DCR 14      PPV 22.8
Maint Life 3.30 Years     MSP 362    AFR 98%    IFR 1.4%    1YR 50    5YR 755    Max Repair 189 MSP
Magazine 81   
Captain    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Morale Check Required   

Tien-Fairchild Improved Nuclear Pulse Engine  EP120.00 (2)    Power 240    Fuel Use 13.80%    Signature 60.0    Explosion 6%
Fuel Capacity 285 000 Litres    Range 53.1 billion km (358 days at full power)

Twin Farina Armaments 15.0cm C3 Near Ultraviolet Laser Turret (1x2)    Range 180 000km     TS: 5500 km/s     Power 12-6     RM 30 000 km    ROF 10       
Echevarria CIWS-120 (1x4)    Range 1000 km     TS: 12 000 km/s     ROF 5       
Beam Fire Control R192-TS9000 (1)     Max Range: 192 000 km   TS: 9 000 km/s     95 90 84 79 74 69 64 58 53 48
Improved Pebble Bed Reactor R12-PB20 (1)     Total Power Output 12.1    Exp 10%

Wender Precision Arms Size 1 Box Launcher (12)     Missile Size: 1    Hangar Reload 50 minutes    MF Reload 8 hours
Roberge Armaments Company Size 3.0 Missile Launcher (3)     Missile Size: 3.0    Rate of Fire 30
Missile Fire Control FC14-R1 (1)     Range 14.6m km    Resolution 1
Missile Fire Control FC38-R10 (1)     Range 38.6m km    Resolution 10
Ankrum Armaments Defender II AMM (12)    Speed: 13 600 km/s    End: 9.6m     Range: 7.8m km    WH: 1    Size: 1    TH: 68/40/20
Ankrum Armaments Avenger ASM (23)    Speed: 8 267 km/s    End: 71.4m     Range: 35.4m km    WH: 4    Size: 3.00    TH: 38/23/11

Amacher & Lannigan Active Search Sensor AS47-R10 (1)     GPS 1890     Range 47.3m km    Resolution 10
Amacher & Lannigan Active Search Sensor AS7-R1 (1)     GPS 21     Range 7.3m km    MCR 658.1k km    Resolution 1
Weedman Electronics Thermal Sensor TH10-80 (1)     Sensitivity 80     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  70.7m km

4029, 15th October           Dr Truman Regalado advantaged Engine Technology into the Ion Drive stage. However with ship construction underway, it may not be worth it for the current range of ships.

4029, 9 November            Dr Truman Regalado after seeing a medical Doctor went home to his new wife to tell her the very sad news he had cancer. Knowing he did not have long to live he quit his job working with his government, to spend the remainder of his days with his wife. He was on 38, perhaps working with all those engines brought this on he will never know. A Sad day for the Aquarians.

4030, 5 Februrary             Dr Marcelo Vantessell finished of the array of engines even in his poor health, and at 51 he is grateful to be back in the game and design things.

4030, 6 June                    FF Paris and FF Bordeaux moved within 5.4mKm of Canum IV, and identified the Ground Forces with a signature of 15,300 tons. Captain Hunter Ohagan fufilled his first part of the mission. his Second part was to launch a Salvo on the new ASM missiles at the ground forces and see what impact it has.

         6:51:55pm             6 Size 4 Nuclear Blasts were detected. Post Analysis detected 1 Battlewagon and 1 STO-PD destroyed.
         6:55:00                 Captain Hunter Ohagan authorised the release of teh rest of his nuclear missile aimed at ground forces 36 Missile stream towards Cancun IV. Hunter looked on from the bridge at the plots stoic and unflinching in what was about to happen.

        7:05:00                   Post Analysis estimates the Planetary Defence HQ was taken out, 3 Rakhas STO-PD, 2 Battlewagon, 2 STO and a number of Warrior units. Hunter was happy just a pity he could not turn that ice ball of a planet into slush. Mission Complete he now headed back to the jump point.

4030, 23 November          Captain Hunter Ohagan, comes back to Aquarian Prime to a huge celebration, he achieved both the newly formed CCM Cacun Campaign medal and Distinguished Service Order, likewise the Captain of the FF Paris Captain Coleen Freytag also was awarded these medals as well.

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Re: The Long Wait - The Early Years
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4031 - 4039

This block of ten years turned into one of exploration. The Aquarian hoping to find a new planet to settle only found more aliens. The Economy almost collapsed however quick response put it back on track. The planning for the invasion was put back 10 years because there was just not enough capacity for lift.

Calendar Entries of Note

2031, 24 March                    After further analysis the campaign has been postponed, it has been estimated that a full division if not more need to be landed on Cancun IV. It has been decided that the Aquarian should launch into other jump points to see if a better options can be located.

2031, 8 April                       Dr Vantassell completed more efficiency into Jump Drives and continues to have a second lease in life in the Research Field.

2031, 3 August                   JS Washington and 2 Survey craft jumped into Jump Point 3 and discovered the new system of 2 Bootis. Now referred to the Fleet as Bootis. A quick analysis of the system includes ten planets orbiting a G9-III Yellow Star that almost ready to expand then die. There is two planets of interest however Booties III would be perfect except for the amount of Ammonia in the atmosphere. Still it worth exploring and surveying the system.

2032, 21 March                  Dr Vantassell upgraded the Commercial Jump Drives, this allowed an upgrade to the Troop transport ships. Greater speed and range, with more maintenance modules. Included are some Point Defence CIWS and increased armour.

Code: [Select]
Alexandria II class Troop Transport      30 480 tons       250 Crew       1 762.5 BP       TCS 610    TH 600    EM 0
984 km/s    JR 2-25(C)      Armour 7-86       Shields 0-0       HTK 62      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 9      PPV 0
MSP 825    Max Repair 100 MSP
Hangar Deck Capacity 6 000 tons     Cargo Shuttle Multiplier 2   
Commander    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 12.2 months    Flight Crew Berths 120   

Godspeed Aero Engines JC30K Commercial Jump Drive     Max Ship Size 30500 tons    Distance 25k km     Squadron Size 2

Jarette Turbine Commercial Ion Drive  EP200.00 (3)    Power 600    Fuel Use 3.54%    Signature 200    Explosion 4%
Fuel Capacity 1 250 000 Litres    Range 208.4 billion km (2450 days at full power)

Echevarria CIWS-120 (3x4)    Range 1000 km     TS: 12 000 km/s     ROF 5     

4032, 29 July                     Dr Elliot Vandervort worked hard on finished Replenishing Underway 20%. The Fleet was more Supply Ships then Fighting force currently but a ship like a Missile Collier would help, since the Frigates had such small magazines. Dr Elloitt was surprised to be given more funding straight after this effort. Maybe after all this time his efforts are being recognised.

4033, 3 January                 10 Financial Centres build due to decrease in the economy.

4033, 26 March                  Aquarian intelligence services employed Dr Luis Henrichs to work on a special project developing a Electronic Intelligence and Analysis Module. They plan to create a special ship for such a venture. A Special Naval Shipyard has also been established just for Intelligence services.

4033, 17 October               Dr Pamela Borghese completed more efficiency in the Construction Industry to 14BP. She then got set to work on a real interesting venture for herself, an Orbital Mining module. This would make asteroid mining a possible venture. As a few Asteroid in Bootis was discovered to have some wealth.

4034, 14 Feburary              Dr Elliot Vandervort after completed his Military Hangar Design, was desperate for a night out. Tonight was the Desperate & Dateless Science Single Ball. However Joint Chiefs phoned in and request he come straight away for a briefing. After the brief was laid out he was thinking why the hell was he brought in do these guys just like to screw with him. The Military just wanted a Very Large Fuel design something he given then many times before. Huge Sigh, no date, no fun.

4035, 26 May                    The 2nd Ranger Regiment had been created, around 29,000 ton in shipping. A Ranger Regiment now consisted of 3 Battalions. A Battalion consisted of;
          - Two  Heavy Ranger Companies, these were Heavy Power Armoured Troops
          - Two Ranger Companies which were just Powered Armoured Troops, each has a couple of Challenger Tanks for AT ability
          - A Field Battery Unit,
          - A Supply Unit
          - 5 Medium Tank Destroyers aimed for Heavy Vehicles.

4035, 31 July                    The Survey craft in Bootis was starting to think this was an end system as no jump points were located. However on the third last jump Point survey the discovery of a Jump point was detected.

4036, 22 May                    Dr Pamela Borghese developed a Jump Point Stabilisation Module building on her smaller module. However The Shipyards are at capacity still planning the invasion of Cancun IV. No production can be spared for a ship like this.

4037, 15 May                   The Aquarian Economy almost crashed and burned however an injection of 50 Financial Centres and Dr Pamela Borghese on Wealth creation saved it the economy from tanking. It was a very close think only 262 credits separated it from Debit before it turned around.

4038, 20 March               The Snow White Intelligence Vessel was created, sure it is slow. But the Aquarian are making it as Stealthy as we can. To Avoid combat.

4038, 1 September          The newly created Jump Ship Chicago jumped into the Jump point 2 in the Bootis system. This lead to a new System named 27 Ceti.  This system had a perfect habitable system on the second planet from the K0-III star. A slightly tinted orange star. # times the mass of Earth Star however much smaller then the Aquarii 10x Star. Ceti III and IV were temperature habitable without all that Methane. Capt Jarvis Puebla was concerned the system might be already inhabited, and did not want to lose a survey craft. It was decided to check out Ceti I and III, before considering II

4038, 2 September           The Jump Ship Los Angeles jumped into a new system know as 9 Bootis, because of the naming issue of having two bootis system the system was renamed after the captain, as per the chartered guidelines. The system is now know as Wisor. Captain Weson Wisor looked at the two lonely planets, and shrugged at the system now given his name, being a bit of a Philosophy Buff he could not come up with the adequate statement for the system and his name. Atleast the Star a K3-III was quiet beautiful to look at. He had not issues sending in his survey ships it looked  like quiet system.

4038, 19 September           SC Betwsycoed in the Ceti System detected a super fast ship heading for them, no more then 6m km away. The Survey ship was hovering over Ceti III Surveying and the ship came out of no where. Commander Julia Barbas stood on the bridge as urgency spread, she had a history of not listening to her subordinates, apart from being distant and a little malicious. Julia ran through the various options, running was no good, they did not have a diplomacy module, but let hope the alien ship would try and hail them. Cmdr Barbas sent a signal to Chicago advise what to do however the message would not come back for some time.

       12.45pm                   Alien Vessel hovered 50km away, however communication is not established. Cmdr Barbas thought she will finish the survey and head back to Chicago these Aliens might be friendly.

4038, 23 September        Three more alien vessel were approaching, registring on TacNet as a different class. Communication attempts were made which have resulted in limited progress. The speed of this alien species is concerning as they are travelling double to triple of our fastest ships.

4038, 1 October              Significant Progress has been made with the Ceti aliens in regards to communications.

4038, 13 October            Cmdr Barbas was decided to move the ship to a jump survey location in space closer tot he Jump ship to see if they would follow however away from Sc Llanfairpwllgwyngyll or as the the shipboard crew call SC Leny.

4038,  22 October           A Alien vessel was heading towards the Chicago, So far the aliens have not been aggressive. however Captain Puebla was unsure if he should jump away or hold position. He was cursed wishing the Jump Ship had some type of weapon. Why did Ship design Department not give this ship any combat power was beyond him.

4038, 23 October           One ship contact became three ships.

4038, 2 November         Six Ships now surrounded JS Chicago and not all looked peaceful. That was enough for Capt Puebla to call a recall of the two Survey Vessels.

4038, 19 November        JS Chicago jumped back to Bootis and headed back to Aquarii Prime to share the news and request a Diplomatic Vessel to be created to talked to this Alien Species.

4038, 28 May                JS Chicago returned. It will refuel and head to Wisor to help out there.

4039, 26 June              A Jump point detected in the Visor System

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Re: The Long Wait - The Early Years
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4040 - 4042

The Second Battle of Cancun IV end much like the first complete humiliation. However we made friends with the Ceti Aliens. However they did blow up our diplomatic vessel, for now we will pretend to forgive, only because we are so weak, however that will change. The Aquarians are not liking this hostile environment not once have they started a war. But in the End they will finish it.

Calendar Entries of Note

4040, 18 February          Captain Jarvis Puebla jumped into the new system, only to discover this linked to the Ceti System. Of all the dumb luck Captain Puebla was back here again. However this jump point was a little further out then the Bootis one. it was now a tactical nightmare. Two Jump points that could enter into the Aquarian space. Lets hope these Aliens are peaceful. On another the aliens have stabilised the jump point to the Bootis system.

4040, 18 April               Dr Luis Heinrichs had decided to retire on his 61 Birthday right in the middle of a project. He said that assistant Dr Milford Delph was more then capable of taking over. Joint Chiefs decided not to get him a card, what a A-Hole.

4040, 5 October            SC Penmarc discovered a jump point in the Cancun System. These Aliens in Cancun IV must not be space bound however they have great technology for ground forces but obviously not discovered the ability for space flight. Leaving them to themselves is an option however the Joint Cheifs want one more crack at the planet.

4040, 10 October          Dr Marcelo Vantassell now at the rip old age of 61 and still in poor health managed to battle through and come through with some upgrade jump drives. Already achieved several medals including the order of Aquaria, ten, Twenty and Thirty Years Service Medals, and Science Medal . A New award was created. For an Outstanding Contribution and service to Aquarian People, Dr Vantassell was awarded the Companion Order of Aquaria. The good Doctor had completed 35 Projects.

4040, 14 November      Dr Georgina Fairbank also retired at age 61 in the middle of a project. The Join Chiefs shook there head what is wrong with these civilians. Dr Karol Resch has taken over.

4040, 27 November      The Wisor system has been fully surveyed, unfortunately the route does not help us achieve any new linked outside systems we already know.

4040, 2 December       Dr Bob leasure has been working for years on a special project in regards to developing a Mech. This Basilisk assault Mech is 132 tons, mounts a Heavy Anti Vehicle laser Cannon Mount on one arm and a Medium autocannon mount on the other. Displayed as demonstration the Joint Chiefs were greatly impressed and decided to field a unit of 10 as unit in the upcoming operation.

4041, 5 February          Dr Bob Leasure awarded the Order of Aquaria, after completing 30 projects. The 62 Year old was happy as he celebrated with his wife and a number of friends afterwards.

4041, 5 February          After going through the personnel record we were missing a Dr Elloitt Vandervort. He must or retired or died. No one knows. (The narrator did not even see the event. LOL)

4041, 21 August          Diplomatic Vessel Volendam enter the Ceti System via the Bootis system. They current hold at the jump point if not contact is made they will head to Ceti II.

4041, 21 August          The Govenor Adalberto Revis Gave a speech to the !000's of troops on parade. 1st and 2nd Ranger Regiment was being deployed to Cancun IV, the time was hear.  Brigadier Hurrell and Coard were on hand to witness, there was a real lack of trained officers some of the units were incharge with Captains. Also Chief of the Army Brigadier Luanne Hurrell was going with her Troops. At 52 Years of age she was going in on that Combat Drop.

4041, 11 September      Dr Bob Leasure and Dr Pamela Borgese both retired on the same day, they were not involved in any projects . The Join Chiefs were super happy and provided a huge bash forboth of them. They reached 62 years of age, both have been famed celebrities of Science community.

4041, 1st October         IS Imushbim sat outside Cancun IV gather intelligence.

4041, 16 November      DIP Volendam went to Ceti II, and was destroyed in Orbit. 184 Ground Borne lasers destroyed it. Perhaps we did no understand the protocol. We should try again with another DIP vessel. We cannot afford a war with another alien species. We must try and communicate. We have communicated to our population it was a shipboard accident not ground fire that destroyed the DIP vessel.

4042, 22 March            JS Washington decided to have a little peak into the Un explored system. Sigma Phoenicis, now known as Sigma-P was a frightening experience the Jump point was only 89million miles from the B3-V Blue Giant that was 11 time the mass of Sol and 6 times the Size. The system had a single planet in the habitable zone however it was a very cold planet. But with 8 planets a hue amount of moons. it was an interesting system.

4042, 11 April 8:45AM  The 6 Frigates open fire on the Ground Forces as a huge wave of missiles headed inbound to the planet. Following the missiles were the Dropships of Battle Fleet all 2 Regiments ready to land.

          8:52                  First Wave of Size 1 Missile hit only doing a small amount of damage
          8:57                  The ASM hit with 3 battlewagon one combat Wagon and a AA Tank as the first casualties
          8:58                  1 Battle Wagon 2 Combat Wagons 1x battle wagon HQ and 1 AA Tank
          9:00                  3 Battle Wagon and 2 AA Tank. However no STO this going to be a rough right for the dropships.
          9:16                  DS 31, hit and damage but not destroyed. The 9th Heavy Ranger Co breathed a sigh of relief. The laser attacks were weak at 200,000 distance.
          9:16: 35            DS 36 Hit with 4 weapons but survive
          9:17                  DS 28 Destroyed 14th ranger Company Destroyed. DS 2troop transport destryed this might mean 5th Ranger Company Also wiped out.
         9:17:35              DS 5 Destroyed losing 1st Rgt Field Battery 2nd HAV Mobile Battery and 3rd Ranger Bn HQ.
         9:18                   DS 31 Destroyed. The troops however are down and digging in.
         9:26                   DS 17 and 37 also exploded
         9:34                   Due a Dropship losing power instead of the fleet continuing it halted for whatever reason we lost so many drop ships. Until the drop ships headed to The Battlefleet. 11 Drop ships laid in scrap and ruin around the planet. We only lost 2 going in however 9 going out. DS 10 recued many crews

4042, 16 April              Intelligence reports. 327x Battlewagons, 59x Combat Wagons, 39x AA Tanks, 1500x Warriors 20x AA Team
The Rakhas have attacked our small Beachhead, we set everyone into defensive formations. The Basilisk defenced against the war wagons destroying a single unit even with the 24 hits. For the full defence the enemy lost 1 Battlewagon, 2 warrirors and 1 AA tank. Whereas the Rangers were devastated once again, 164 heavy rangers, 12 Challenger Tanks, 8 Basilisk 5 Engineer LAVS .

Five Day Casualty Report

Second Attack Report
Enemy Casualties: 1 Battlewagon, 4 Warriors.
Our Casualties: 145 Heavy Rangers, 11 Rangers 6 Challenger Tanks

Third Attack Report
Enemy Casualties: 1 Warrior
Our Casualties: 60 Rangers, 60 Heavy rangers, 9 Supply Trucks 8 Field Guns, 2 Challenger Tanks 1x T-2 HAV Krait

Fourth Attack Report
Enemy Casualties: 5 Warriors
Our Casualties: 72 Heavy Rangers, 21 Rangers, 1 T-2 Krait

It goes on and on for 2 attack per day for 5 days, our forces are not going to hold and we going to lose 2 Full Regiments 10,000 men. For the enemies loss of a handful of Warriors  and few battlewagons, plus the complete loss of our Ground Officer Corp. Our ships had not even left the system and there was requests to withdraw. Fleet could not go in and withdraw these troops. It would mean the loss of the fleet. Army Command was so sure they outnumbered in tonnage 2 to 1 the opposition, but they were wrong. It was another slaughter. It was at this point Fleet said no more, we cannot continue to waste fine men on this dung heap, we will build some huge assault ships and glass this planet in the future.

2042, 28 May                It was all over. Every unit loss.

2042, 21 September      Aquarian Prime were shocked as a Ceti Alien Ship orbited the planet considering they blew up the Diplomatic vessel the shear arrogance to do the same over our home planet was amazing. However the Aquarian govenment let it happen they had just lost all 85% of their ground forces and The Fleet had not returned from Cancun and refitted.

2042, 1 October            The Aquarians have established Contact with the Ceti Aliens know as the Mobile Imperium. They no longer consider us hostile, which is nice and we have a neutral relationship.