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The Long Wait - The Mobile Imperium War
« on: September 30, 2021, 04:56:42 AM »
4075 - 4075

The Battle of Ceti and Bootis, was a small series of battles that took place in the open parts of the war.

Calendar Entries of Note

4075, 16 February             Commodore Jere Segars, stood on the bridge of DDG Amur, confident in his mission, he proceeded forward, wanting the Mobile Imperium to see his force but not placing his fleet to farfrom the gate to run. The Objective was to give the MI a bloody nose. Jere Martial Arts training kicked in as his was totally at peace. He was self confident in his ability to engage the enemy and extract his ships. Two target appear on screen these were survey vessels. Cmdre Segars did not panic he knew exact how to play this. He was going to use the jump point as way to split the missile attacks of the enemy. The destruction of the two survey vessels would release the Enemy fleet from the protection of the planet, his priority was to destroy a fleet, without the loss of his own.

4076, 16 February            Missiles launched from the frigates, sending two waves of 24 missiles toward the Survey Vessels.

               3:23:10pm       First wave hit the fast Survey Vessels, however the craft avoided the majority of the missiles with only 3 hitting there target on the first wave. These missiles the frigate was using was the older type and there performance was far from good. Segar ordered another two waves, but would need to keep even these older missile types reserve for the enemy fleet later.

               3:23:30           The second wave was only a little better with 4 hits, however one of the SC dropped to half speed of 4kkm/s

               3:25:45           The Frigate expended all of there missiles much to the Commodore anger, obviously his orders were misunderstood. However this should finish off these Survey craft and it seemed that the Frigate obsolete missiles would be useless against military vessels. (I forgot I had automate on and it kept launching until dry was not fast enough Damn it!)

               3:35:25           Both Survey craft was destroyed, not being monsters and seeking the same blood that was spilt with the Aquarians diplomatic vessels, we detached Search and Rescue craft to pick up the survivors in life pods.

4075, 20 February           1st Fleet held position outside the jumping of Bootis system, Segars wonders how the Mobile Imperium would respond to this attack.

4075, 21 February           Dr Ollie Ormonde complete research into Soft X-Ray Laser, for his first project he was rather proud of it.

4075, 21 February            Only three destroyers running at 8,443km/s sped towards the jump point. The commodore, smiled sure they were fast, however three ships against his fleet should be an easy enough task.

         22 February            Segars detached the Searess ships and sent them through the jump point, to protect them in case the enemy saw they as combat vessels.
                      1:43:50     The three destroyers now within 50 mkms away, Segars was happy to now launch now and see how the new missiles would handle these fast ships.
                      1:44:20     100 Missiles launched at the first target Blood on the Scales 004 from the 5 DDGs
                      1:44:50     100 Missiles launched at the target Epiphanies 003 from the 5 DDGs, however our electronics are fuzzy they are somehow jamming our locks a little this is new technology we not actually researched or though possible, later to be named ECM which they were giving a rating of 20 when latter analysed.
                      1:45:20     100 Missiles launched at the target The Eye of Jupiter 004 from the 5 DDGs, a cease fire as giving from the commodore, let see how they handle this.

                      2:09:20     Delighted saw the three Destroyers turn and run. The commodore was wise to wait until they were well within range, however it might be close with the fuzz they were give us, not sure how much the ECM would give, he ordered the Fleet to chase the enemy. The Sensor offer yelled we had a wave of missile inbound however the speed way huge at 49,000, this was concerning, as our laser weapons were rated for 20kkm/s intercepts. Damn them, if we jump we lose hits on target however if we stay this might hurt. Segar had to know what his fleet could do, he decide they would fight.

                     2:12:50      The Frigates launched their anti missile, however they only had a 13% chance of hitting the old AAMs, as they came into range Segar relaxed slightly his sensor operator got it wrong and corrected the spread at 16 missile per wave.
                    2:13:15      The bridge cheered as the Older frigates AAM took down 4 missiles, much better then Segar expected.
                    2:13:20      Twelves more were destroyed in the next wave   destroying the first wave. Segar confidence rose.
                    2:13:25      The FF last wave destroyed 5, however the slow loading DDG AAM, only got off a single missile for intercept. Segar quickly ordered for 1 missile per target.
                    2:13:45      The DE fired in the final defensive phase against 12 missiles that slipped through the antimissile threat.  As the triple turret Ultraviolet lasers swept into action, they had a good 41 to 43% chance of destroying the missiles. All twelves missile were destroyed. There was a collective sigh on the bridge.
                    2:13:55      4 missiles destroyed from the DDG AAM barrage that was linked to 1 missile to 1. Segar confident in his point defence guns now pushed forward.
                    2:14:00     Not a single hit as point defence from the DE were equal to the task, Segar detached the Frigates that were now spent of AAM and ASM with only there small 15cm laser, would not be crucial to any fight.

                   2:25:15      The chase was on, however the enemy DDG's were testing us like we were testing them so it seemed. An additional six waves of 16 missiles were inbound, however Segar was confident, perhaps a missile or two would make it though but, his missiles were closing in on the 3 destroyers.

                  2:27:25       The DE Mountain Class triple turrets were doing a great job, they destroyed the slightly thinned waves of missiles. Segar sensed he could take double the waves if required.

                 2:28:00        All waves destroyed , and still not a single hit.

                 2:32:50        Our missiles finally ranged onto the enemy destroyers, the first wave on 100 missiles got 39 on target hits, after hammering the target they got 10 penetrating hits. Reducing the speed of this fast vessel down by half. 4221 km/s
                 2:33:25        The  Epiphanies must have thicker armour, as it was hit 44 times, but only 7 penetrated.
                 2:33:55        The Eye of Jupiter went up in Nuclear fire as the Bridge exploded in cheers, even though this could of been the fate of every naval personnel on this vessel. It must of hit something serious as only required 17 hits but a secondary power system exploded at Strength 44.

                3:18:30         The Enemy desperately tried to fire another wave of 4 missile but were picked off with much ease. Segar dispatched Searess ships to pick up the enemy lifepods, as he watch the second DDG Blood on the Scales  break in half. The final DDG was running but it would be too late, it would not escape the next wave 100 missiles.

                3:21:55        Combat now resolved as the final ship destroyed, Commodore Segars clearly happy with taking out the enemy squadron, it was not a fleet however they had tested the mettle of the enemy and found that with superior tactics they had a chance.
                7:28:55        Searess 1 picked up 269 Mobile Imperium Survivors and was giving the ok to head back to Aquaris Prime

4075, 25 February         After 1st Fleet battle, Segar waited a 2 days, seeing what next the enemy would send,  He still had 64% ammo stocks, then enemy shocked him by sending 12 Diplomatic vessels, when really only one would do if they needed to talk. Cmdre Segars, did not want to have anymore innocent blood on his hands, and decided to exit the system, he did what he came to do. The Mobile Imperium now knew they could not push us around and the Bootis system was ours.

4075, 3 March              Three more enemy DDG jumped showed up 100 million km from the Jump Point inthe Bootis system, did they jump in or were they always in the Bootis system. The system only has two Jump points, they must of always been here but where. But it was no concern it would be 3 hours before they got into range, this time, we would wait once again till they reached there firing range. Now they would find out the surprise.

         3:31:25             250 missiles launched at one time, as well as 100 missiles from the DDG River Class ships. What the Mobile Imperium did not know was the new developed missile pods, that the DDG added to the rear of there vessels were missile platforms/pods could be detached this is something they did prior to entering the Ceti System. The missile pods were all equipped with the current ASM 3 box launchers and latest Sensor platform that was equal to the DDG in range. The small crew could abandon these platforms if required to be picked up by Searess craft, which was the main reason this crafter was included in the fleet, but already they seem to have had quite a role in pickup enemy survivors. We have now unwrapped the Thunder Pods.

Code: [Select]
Thunder class Launch Platform      2 744 tons       62 Crew       879.5 BP       TCS 55    TH 0    EM 0
1 km/s      Armour 1-17       Shields 0-0       HTK 15      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 3      PPV 22.5
Maint Life 8.49 Years     MSP 601    AFR 20%    IFR 0.3%    1YR 15    5YR 223    Max Repair 324 MSP   
Commander    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 120 months    Morale Check Required   

Wender Precision Arms Size 3.0 Box Launcher (50)     Missile Size: 3    Hangar Reload 86 minutes    MF Reload 14 hours
Cowans Electronics  Missile Fire Control FC83-R10 150 (4)     Range 83.4m km    Resolution 10
Ankrum Aramaments Avenger .48 ASM 6 (75) (50)    Speed: 20 933 km/s    End: 60.9m     Range: 76.5m km    WH: 6    Size: 3    TH: 160/96/48

Amacher & Lannigan Active Search Sensor AS81-R10 450 (1)     GPS 3240     Range 81.9m km    Resolution 10

            4:06:00           131 explosions from the 350 missile launched saw  The Eye of Jupiter destroyed and the other two DDG seriously crippled. Segars thought it be nice if we could storm these ships and take them however, he had not specialist craft or rangers to do it. Something to bring back to Admiralty.

           4:14:10          Firing enough missile to destroy the two remaining Destroyers, that were just floating. The enemy still seemed to have enough fight to send 7 waves of 6 missile each. Even though 1st Fleet has now tractor the Missile Pods, the slower speeds he was unconcerned knowing the Destroyer Escort would do the required job.

         4:30:00          The enemy squadron is now quiet destroying the two remaining DDGs

        5:25:00           The Enemy jumped through and fired a brace of missiles at one of our Searess class ships, that was on mission to pick up the enemy survivors, the uparmoured ship took the blows, but survived

       5:45:30           Another brace of missiles destroyed the Searess that had just rescued the enemycrew. What the hell is wrong with this enemy targeting rescue ships and not the fleet another Searess headed for the 7 crew that survived. Firing again on that crew however a number of AAM took out the missile, and the remain missiles miss the dodgy little craft. The Commodore made note of the bravery of Lt Commander Audrey Arnspiger, and would put him up for a medal of valour when they returned ok. The Magazine were dry and they had another squadron on their tail, but he had faith in the escort defensive lasers.

4075, 7 March         A number of Colony ships and escorts were heading direct towards 1st Fleet, Commodore Segars, scratched at his face. He then plotted a course 90 degrees to the two fleets. It seemed the enemy was not ready to risk anymore vessels, as they moved away. They obviously respected our Destroyer Escort defences.

4075, 29 April          1st Fleet returns with a fanfare, with medal handed out Commodore Jere Segars. 6 DDG destroyed, 2 Survey vessels and a diplomatic ship on Aquarius System, for the loss of one Searess vessel. joint Chiefs were very happy but concerned with the amount of traffic in the Bootis system, he wanted after a small period of rest to search the Bootis system for a colony and then commit to an operation to take that colony. The opening shots of the war was underway now the ball was in the Mobile Imperium side of things and see what they are about to do.
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